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    Khitariada-97. ABSTRACTS


    Magmatic systems, fluid magmatic interaction, melts properties


    Litvin Yu.A., Chudinovskikh L.T., Zharikov V.A. Crystallization of diamond and graphite in mantle alkaline-carbonate melts in experiment at 7-11 GPa.


    Epelbaum M.B., Simakin A.G. Experimental study of conjugated degassing and crystallization of a magmatic melt


    Litvin Yu.A. Boundary reactions of active plumes and high pressure experiment


    Salova T.P., Osadchii E.G., Epelbaum M.B. Experimental determination of pO in Ab-Q and Na2O-SiO2 melts


    Chevychelov V. Yu. Solubility of chlorine in calcium-containing granitoid melts. Correlations in the melt composition.


    Bogolepov M.V. Experimental study of the compositions of the first melt portions at granitization of amphibolite


    Suk N.I. Experimental study of the extraction of ore metal (W,Ti,Zr,Tr) by chloride salts


    Shchekina T.I., Gramenitsky E.N. Behaviour of trace elements in felsic fluorinebearing magmas depending on their composition according to experimental data


    Kolonin G.R., Sinyakova E.F., Peregoedova A.V. Mineral forms of platinum group elements (pge) as reflection of physical-chemical evolution during fractional crystallization of Cu-Fe-Ni-S sulphide melts (experimental data).


    Smolkin V.F. The Pechenga ore field: Liquid immiscibility on ferropicritic rocks.


    Kravchuk I.F., Malinin S.D., Dernov - Pegarev V.F. Fractionation of tungsten in the acidic fluid-magmatic system.


    Kravchuk I.F., Malinin S.D., Slutskii A.B. Behaviour of chlorine in the fluid-magmatic systems


    Portnyagin M.V., Ariskin A.A., Sobolev A.V. Fractional crystallization of island-arc tholeiites: numerical simulation of the natural liquid line of descent.


    Kravchuk I.F., Malinin S.D. Estimation of thermodynamic properties of sulfur using the experimental data on its partitioning between the fluid and silicate melt phases


    Dorfman A.M. Investigation of the viscosity of alumosilicate melts by means of a high-temperature centrifuge


    Egorova N.A., Sushchevskaya N.M., Khvorov D.A., Koptev-Dvornikov E.V. and Kononkova N.N. Mathematical simulation and specific features of crystallization of tholeiite magmas during the formation of the subaqueous spiess ridge


    Lebedev E.B., Kadik A.A. Sorting of crystal upon their precipitation in a magmatic melt: modelling by means of high-temperature centrifuges


    Zharkova E.V., Kadik A.A., Bibikova E.V., and Troneva M.A. Zircons: Electrochemical determination of oxygen fugacity.


    Kotelnikova A.A., Rusakov V.S., Bychkov A.M. Mossbauer study of the influence of the melting temperature on the structural and valence state of iron in natural and synthetic silicate glasses


    Durasova N.A., Kochnova L.N., and Belyaeva V.K. Migration properties of copper in synthetic analogs of volcanogenic rocks under reduction conditions at sub-solidus temperatures.


    Hydrothermal processes, fluid systems, metasomatism


    Konnikov E.G. Effect of water on the melting temperature of pyrrhotite: experimental data


    Ryadchikov A.P., Osadchii E.G. Solubility of herzenbergite (SnS) and the complex formation Sn (II) in acidic chloride water solutions at 20-400oC


    Malinin S.D., Kurovskaya N.A. Equilibria of minerals with heterogeneous super-critical aqueous salt fluids.


    Rumyantsev V.N. Nature of layering in alkaline silicate solutions under the hudrothermal conditions


    Laptev Yu.V., Pal'yanova G.A. Experimental and thermodynamic modelling of solubility of metallic silver in the systems H2O-NaCl-HCl and H2O-CO2-NaCl-HCl at 350oC


    Akinfiev Nik., Jac. Schott, Zotov Al. Thermodynamic description of equilibria in mixed fluids H2O-non polar gas in the wide range of temperatures (25-7000C) and pressures (1-500 bars)


    Pivovarov S.A. Adsorption of ions on the hematite surface


    Togonidze V.V. Gold thio-complexes: quantum chemical calculations of structure, vibrational spectra and influence of solvatation


    Shmonov V.M., Sretenskaya N.G., Vitovtova V.M., Kotelnikov A.R. Electric conductivity of rocks as suggested by the data on the electric conductivity of rocks, the permeability and porosity of samples under elevated temperatures and pressures 37


    Shmonov V.M., Borisov M.V., Lakshtanov D.L. Investigation of permeability of rocks hosting the hydrothermal vein Pb-Zn mineralization.


    Ezhov S.V. Diffusional redistribution of the substance with the formation of zoned structures in experiment


    Redkin Al.F. The estimation of f(o2) of the U3O8-UO3×0.33H2O assemblage using Ag-AgCl sensor procedure.


    Ezhov S.V. Thermodynamic modeling of the contact mineral formation


    Zavarzina D.G., Migdisov Art.A., Alekhin A.V. Investigation of biogeochemical dissolution of fine dispersed sulphur in low temperature hydrothermal systems


    Yakovleva V. P., Migdisov Art. A., and Alekhin Yu.V. Experimental study of molecular complex formation in the Sb2S3-H2S system by the solubility method


    Yagova O.E., Rusakov V.S., Kuz'mina N.A., Bychkov A.M. Mossbauer studies of the kinetics of the low-temperature synthesis of acmite under hydrothermal conditions


    Kotelnikov A. R., Orlova A. I., Pet'kov V. I., and Koval'skii A. M. Experimental study of solid (Na,K)Zr2(PO4)3 solutions by the method of ion-exchange equilibria with fluid at 450oC and P = 1 kbar


    Kotelnikova Z.A., Chepkaya N.A., and Ivanov D.Yu. Simulation of trapping and post-trapped changes in fluid inclusions


    Plechov P.Yu. and Kotelnikov A.R. Synthesis of artificial melt inclusions in the KAlSi3O8-NaAlSi3O8 system


    Mineral equilibria in silicate and ore systems


    Tolstykh O.N., Ripinen O.I. The study of the processes of overall crystallization of polymineral associates in flux systems


    Tolstykh O.N. Experimental investigations of mineral synthesis with the help of metallothermical processes


    Tolstykh O.N. Experimental methods for determination of metals concentration and for highly efficient processing of gold-bearing concentrates


    Glazkova M.A., Khramov D.A., Bychkov A.M., and Urusov V.S. Distortions of the tin-containing ilmenite structure at different oxidation states


    Kravchenko T.A. and Kolonin G.R. Dependences of stable forms of platinum and palladium concretions on the composition of copper-containing sulfide associates (by experimental data).


    Mel'chakova L. V., Kiseleva I. A., and Ogorodova L. P. Phase transformations in natural and modified zeolites (by calorimetric data).


    Sinyakova E.F., Shestakov V.A., Kosyakov V.I. Liquidus surface of the Fe-Nis system at xs<0.51


    Phase equilibria (transformations) under high P-T parameters


    Kalinin A.A., Sonin V.M., Turkin A.I. Alteration of micromorphology of synthetic diamonds under temperatures 1700-2200oC and pressure 70-75 kbar.


    Pal'yanov Yu.N., Gusev V.A., Borzdov Yu.M., Khokhoryakov A.F., Sokol A.G., Kupriyanov I.N. Formation conditions of the A- and C-centers in diamond in the processes of growth


    Orlov A.I., Khvostantsev L.G. Phase formation in bismuth selenide at high pressure


    Efimova G.A., Kireenkova S.M. Anomal changes of rocks physical properties at phase transformations under pressure and its relationship with loading conditions


    Fedorov I.I., Sonin V.M., Chepurov A.A., Turkin A.I., Chepurov A.I. The reduction of the silicates and the estimation of their ferriferocity in connection with the diamond genesis


    Kupin Yu.G., Rusakov V.S., Badyukov D.D., and Kozlov E.A. Mossbauer studies of Saratov chondrite subjected to impact superhigh pressure .


    Tomilenko A.A., Chepurov A.I., Shebanin A.P. Fluid inclusions in synthetic diamonds


    Kravchenko O.V., Burdina K.P., Semenenko K.N., Matveev A.M., Tarasova G.M., and Kulinich S.A. Synthesis and some properties of amorphous carbon nitride C3H4.



    Surkov N.V., Gartvich Yu.G. Experimental examination of the join pyrope-grossularite at pressure 30 kbar


    Korochantsev A.V., Badjukov D.D., Moroz L.V., and Pershin S.V. Experiments on impact-induced transformations of asphaltite


    Zhukov A. N., Burdina K.P., and Semenenko K.N. The study of the BN-Si system at high pressures and temperatures.


    Methods and experimental techniques


    Chudinovskikh L.T., Boehler R. A new technique for determing the yield strengths of mantle minerals


    Efimova G.A., Kireenkova S.M., Sobolev G.A., Sukhoparov V.A., Telepnev A.S., Nikitin A.N. A high-temperature apparatus for the defining of elastic, deformational and textural characteristics geomaterials by means of neutron diffraction method.


    Kuryaeva R.G., Kirkinskii V.A. Optic methods of high-pressure study of minerals and glasses using a diamond anvil cell


    Zakirov I.V., Sretenskaya N.G., Zhdanov N.N. Experimental study of the effect of mixing of two compressed gases under near-critical conditions


    Samorodskii P. N. X-ray calculational microtomography in experimental mineralogy


    Galiulin R.V. Computer methods of search for minerals in microsections and geological outcrops using colour characteristics




    Spasennikh M.Yu. Transfer and fractionation of isotopes at a phase convection in the melt-solid phase system


    Physics of Earth


    Berezhnoi A.A. About comet origin of lunar ice.


    Berezhnoi A. A. and Dorofeeva V.A. The behavior of sulfur during impact interactions of comets with the moon


    Kronrod V.A., and Kuskov O.L. Models of the internal structure of Galileo Satellites of the Jupiter and estimation of moments of inertia of the Europe and Kallisto


    Kronrod V.A., and Kuskov O.L. Evaluation of the temperature distribution in the lunar mantle.


    Shapkin A. I. and Sidorov Yu. I. Evolution of the mineral composition of interstellar dust particles.


    Crystal growth, structure and physical properties of crystals


    Chistyakova N.I., Rusakov V.S., Kozerenko S.V., Fadeev V.V., Kolpakova N.N. Mossbauer studies of the formation of makinavite and tochilinite


    Novikov G.V. and Sipavina L.V. Ge-pyroxenes: structure features, phase transitions, and the local fields on 57Fe nuclei


    Karaseva O.N., Lakshtanov L.Z., Ivanova L.I. Complexation of strontium on the surface of hematite


    Dadze T.P., Fediouchtchenko S.V., Koschug D.G., Shvarov Yu.V. Li promoted substitution of Al for Si in quartz.


    Bulbak T.A., Shvedenkov G.Yu., Lepezin G.G. Experimental data on the substitution of D2O and CO2 for H2O in cordierite channels


    Bulbak T.A., Shvedenkov G.Yu., Lepezin G.G. Behaviour of hydrocarbons in synthetic cordierites under pressure


    Litvin Yu.A., Chichagov A.V., Bondarenko G.V. Polymorphism of Na2Mg2Si2O7 at high pressures: X-ray diffraction and IR-spectroscopic characteristics of a plausible mineral of the mantle


    Poltavets Yu.A. Ti and Fe3+/ Fe ratio in garnets as measure of a relative depth of the garnet-bearing rock formation in the lower continental crust and in the upper mantle


    Kotelnikov A.R., Bychkov A.M., Chichagov A.V., Samokhvalova O.L., and Koval'skii A.M. Synthesis and X-ray study of solid solutions of potassium-rubidium feldspars.


    Kuz'mina N.A., Bychkov A.M., Rusakov V.S., and Chistyakova N.I. Crystal chemistry, synthesis, and structural transformations of ferrisilicate analogs of feldspars and sparthoids.


    Bondar' A. M., Kozerenko S.V., and Fadeev V. V. Proton magnetic resonance in sulfides.


    Ogorodova L. P., Kiseleva I. A., Kotelnikov A.R., and Mel'chakova L.V. Thermodynamic properties of celestine and (Sr,Ba)SO4 solid solution


    Glass and ceramics properties, applied mineralogy


    Kotelnikova A.A., Rusakov V.S., Bychkov A.M. Mossbauer study of the influence of the melting temperature on the structural and valence state of iron in natural and synthetic silicate glasses


    Radioactive wastes


    Suvorova V.A., Pertsov N.V., Akhmedzhanova G.M., and Kotelnikov A.R. Ceramic matrices synthesized from flotation slimes with high content of strontium.


    Koval'skii A.M., Kotelnikov A.R., Akhmedzhanova G. M., Suvorova V.A., and Tikhomirova V.I. (Na,Sr)-feldspars as potential matrix material for immobilization of strontium radionuclides.


    Dunaeva A. N. Calculation of activity of solid solution components in modeling of sorption and coprecipitation of heavy metals and radionuclides in natural systems .


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