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Mineralogy and Petrology

Mineralogy and Petrology founded in 1872 as "Mineralogische Mitteilungen", is one of Europe's oldest geoscience journals. Former editors include outstanding names such as Tschermak, Becke, and Machatschki. It is a well-established tradition to cover the entire field of mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, geochemistry and mineral deposits in an attempt to counteract increasing fragmentation and specialisation in the earth sciences.

The efforts of an international board of editors, of an advisory board with members in five continents, and of numerous referees worldwide are also directed at maintaining a high standard of quantitative approach to problems in the earth sciences. The journal is one of Europe's leading international journals in the mineralogical sciences, and probably the only one to still attract the interest of crystallographers, petrologists, geochemists, and economic geologists alike.

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