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Methods and experimental techniques...99
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Physics of Earth...106
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Avsyuk Yu.N., Svetlosanova Z.P. Why does the moon's equation coinside with the plane of ecliptic ?..107
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Crystal growth, structure and physical properties of crystals...118
Kurazhkovskaya V.S., Dorokhova G.I., Zykova T.B. Change of vezuvianit structural peculiarity at isomorphism...118
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Suvorova V.A., Kotelnikov A.R. Synthetic titanates (synthesis and properties)...124
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Khokhryakov A.F. Experimental study of the formation of rounded diamond crystals...134
Sonin V. M. Etching of diamonds in silicate melts in contact with atmospheric medium...135
Skublov S. G. and Drugova G. M. REE distribution in metamorphic garnets...136
Ostapenko G.T. Anisotropy assessment for growth rates of andalusite and sillimanite crystals (luring kyanite->andalusite, kyanite->sillimanite and andalusite->sillimanite transformations...137
Zhymulev E.I. Study of etching of diamonds in mantle rocks - xenolithes from kimberlites...138
Radioactive wastes...140
Kotelnikov A.R., Tikhomirova V.I., Gurbanov A.A., Chichagov A.V. Ushakovskaya T.V., Kovalsky A.M. Synthesis and study of Mo- and W- bearing sodalites...140
Stepanets O.V., Komarevskii V.M., Borisov A.P., Spiridonov M.A. Some aspects of ecological and geochemical studies of the Baltic Sea...141
Author's index...143
Experiment in GeoSciences (2000) Volume 9 Number 1.3