IMPORTANT: please remember that this search system find only combination of words but not their meanings!


Length of query < 50 characters

Case-sensitive - will be search words only in written case (CAPSLOCK, lower,) (not recommended)

Partial match - will be search for pattern as part of whole words
Example: 'greisen' will be founded in 'greisen' and in 'greisenization' etc.

Jump to line - will be build reference to 'line in file' which contain expressions (for example, line 230). If you check it you can then jump immediately to word occurences

Misspellings allowed - amount of allowed errors in words (up to 2).
Example: if you set '1', pattern 'greisen' will be founded as 'greizen', 'greisens' etc. Not applicable in complex queries

As query forms:

Strings (example: garnet peridotite) You get all files which contain garnet peridotite
You can use strings in Boolean and complex expressions

Boolean operations

; - AND - example: garnet;spinel - means garnet AND spinel in same file (both of patterns must be in file)

, - OR - example: garnet,spinel - means garnet OR spinel in same file (one of patterns can be in file) - be carefully because you can get very many links

~ - NOT - example: garnet;~spinel - means garnet NOT spinel
(used with AND)      (file must contain 'garnet' and not contain 'spinel')

Please, not use more two words in simple queries (unwanted: zinc,lead;sulfide)

Complex expressions

You can use complex expressions:

garnet peridotite;spinel pyroxenite - means find all files with garnet peridotite and spinel pyroxenite together

For complex queries also use {}. For example:

I recommend use more important word or more rare used word first

Remarks: you cannot use options 'Misspelled...' in complex queries

Remember that if you use not string patterns discovered occurences can belong to different sentences or articles (only to same file).

Any questions to