Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 157, N 4, 1 October.

A new chronostratigraphical and evolutionary
model for La Gomera: Implications for the 
overall evolution of the Canarian Archipelago  • 
E. Ancochea, F. Hernan, M.J. Huertas, 
J.L. Brandle and R. Herrera
Pages 271-293

"Column on column" structures as indicators 
of lava/ice interaction, Ruapehu andesite 
volcano, New Zealand  • 
K.B. Sporli and J.V. Rowland
Pages 294-310

The Early Andean Magmatic Province (EAMP): 
40Ar/39Ar dating on Mesozoic volcanic and 
plutonic rocks from the Coastal Cordillera, 
northern Chile  • 
Veronica Oliveros, Gilbert Feraud, 
Luis Aguirre, Michel Fornari and Diego Morata
Pages 311-330

A simplified two-component model for the 
lateral growth of pahoehoe lobes  • 
Hideaki Miyamoto and David A. Crown
Pages 331-342

Magmatic evolution of the Puyehue–Cordon 
Caulle Volcanic Complex (40° S), Southern 
Andean Volcanic Zone: From shield to 
unusual rhyolitic fissure volcanism  • 
L.E. Lara, H. Moreno, J.A. Naranjo, 
S. Matthews and C. Perez de Arce
Pages 343-366

Some aspects of the seismicity associated
with the 1982 eruption of El Chichon Volcano, 
Chiapas, Mexico  • 
J.M. Espindola, A. Zamora-Camacho and Z. Jimenez
Pages 367-374

Relationship between caldera collapse and 
magma chamber withdrawal: An experimental approach  • 
A. Geyer, A. Folch and J. Marti
Pages 375-386

Contents Volume 157 (2006)  • 
Pages 387-388