Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 158, N 3-4, 15 November.

Dyke nucleation and early growth from 
pressurized magma chambers: Insights 
from analogue models  • 
E. Canon-Tapia and O. Merle
Pages 207-220

Explosive activity at Mt. Etna summit 
craters and source modeling by using 
high-precision continuous tilt  • 
Alessandro Bonaccorso
Pages 221-234

Sulfur dioxide fluxes from the 
volcanoes of Hokkaido, Japan  • 
Toshiya Mori, Kohei Kazahaya, Clive Oppenheimer, 
Andrew J.S. McGonigle, Vitchko Tsanev, 
Rodolfo Olmos, Michiko Ohwada and Tomoaki Shuto
Pages 235-243

A new method for sampling fumarolic gases: 
Analysis of major, minor and metallic trace 
elements with ammonia solutions  • 
F. Sortino, A. Nonell, J.P. Toutain, M. Munoz, 
M. Valladon and G. Volpicelli
Pages 244-256

How local stress fields prevent volcanic eruptions  • 
Agust Gudmundsson and Sonja L. Philipp
Pages 257-268

Volcano core collapse triggered by regional faulting  • 
Olivier Merle, Stephanie Barde-Cabusson, 
Rene C. Maury, Christelle Legendre, 
Gerard Guille and Sylvain Blais
Pages 269-280

Eruption and magma crystallization ages of 
Las Tres Virgenes (Baja California) 
constrained by combined 230Th/238U and 
(U-Th)/He dating of zircon  • 
Axel K. Schmitt, Daniel F. Stockli 
and Brian P. Hausback
Pages 281-295

Contamination of water supplies by volcanic 
ashfall: A literature review and 
simple impact modelling  • 
C. Stewart, D.M. Johnston, G.S. Leonard, 
C.J. Horwell, T. Thordarson and S.J. Cronin
Pages 296-306

Syn-depositional substrate deformation 
produced by the shear force of a pyroclastic 
density current: An example from the 
Pleistocene ignimbrite at Monte Cimino, 
northern Lazio, Italy  • 
Rene D. LaBerge, Guido Giordano, 
Ray A.F. Cas and Laurent Ailleres
Pages 307-320

Stability of lava lakes  • 
Fred Witham and Edward W. Llewellin
Pages 321-332

Changing conditions of magma ascent 
and fragmentation during the Etna 
122 BC basaltic Plinian eruption: 
Evidence from clast microtextures  • 
Julia E. Sable, Bruce F. Houghton, 
Paola Del Carlo and Mauro Coltelli
Pages 333-354

Seismic activity prior to the May 8, 
2004 eruption of volcano Nyamuragira, 
Western Rift Valley of Africa  • 
Tuluka Mavonga, Sadaka K. Kavotha, 
Nyombo Lukaya, Osodundu Etoy and 
Jacques Durieux
Pages 355-360

Observations of high-frequency 
harmonic tremor in Fogo, Cape Verde Islands  • 
Sandra I.N. Heleno, Bruno V.E. Faria, 
Zuleyka Bandomo and Joao F.B.D. Fonseca
Pages 361-379

Clay minerals related to the hydrothermal 
activity of the Bouillante geothermal 
field (Guadeloupe)  • 
A. Mas, D. Guisseau, P. Patrier Mas, 
D. Beaufort, A. Genter, B. Sanjuan 
and J.P. Girard
Pages 380-400

Eruptive dynamics of the “Citlaltepetl Pumice” 
at Citlaltepetl volcano, Eastern Mexico  • 
Andrea Rossotti, Gerardo Carrasco-Nunez, 
Mauro Rosi and Andrea Di Muro
Pages 401-429

Hawaiian and Strombolian style monogenetic 
volcanism in the extra-Andean domain of 
central-west Argentina  • 
Gustavo W. Bertotto, Ernesto A. Bjerg 
and Carlos A. Cingolani
Pages 430-444

Burial of Emperor Augustus' villa at Somma 
Vesuviana (Italy) by post-79 AD Vesuvius 
eruptions and reworked 
(lahars and stream flow) deposits  • 
Annamaria Perrotta, Claudio Scarpati, 
Giuseppe Luongo and Masanori Aoyagi
Pages 445-466

Characteristics and source modeling of 
broadband seismic signals associated 
with the hydrothermal system at 
Satsuma-Iwojima volcano, Japan  • 
Takao Ohminato
Pages 467-490


Comment on: Large volume phreatomagmatic 
ignimbrites from the Colli Albani volcano 
(Middle Pleistocene, Italy), by D. De Rita, 
G. Giordano, A. Esposito, M. Fabbri, 
and S. Rodani (JVGR (2002) 118. 77–98)  • 
D.B. Karner, F. Marra and P.R. Renne
Pages 491-492

Reply to Karner et al. Comment on: 
Large volume phreatomagmatic ignimbrites 
from the Colli Albani volcano 
(Middle Pleistocene, Italy), by D. De Rita, 
G. Giordano, A. Esposito, M. Fabbri, and 
S. Rodani (JVGR (2002) 118. 77–98)  • 
D. De Rita, G. Giordano, A. Esposito, 
M. Fabbri and S. Rodani
Pages 493-495

Contents Volume 158 (2006)  • 
Pages 496-497