Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 156, N 3-4, 1 September.

Silicic Volcanism and Crustal Evolution in Oceanic Arcs

Edited by Y. Tamura and R. Wysoczanski

Silicic volcanism and crustal evolution in 
oceanic arcs: Introduction  • EDITORIAL
Yoshihiko Tamura and Richard Wysoczanski
Pages v-vii

Origin of silicic magmas and the compositional
gap at Sumisu submarine caldera, 
Izu–Bonin arc, Japan  • 
H. Shukuno, Y. Tamura, K. Tani, 
Q. Chang, T. Suzuki and R.S. Fiske
Pages 187-216

Origin of silicic magmas along the Central 
American volcanic front: Genetic 
relationship to mafic melts  • 
Thomas A. Vogel, Lina C. Patino, 
Jonathon K. Eaton, John W. Valley, 
William I. Rose, Guillermo E. Alvarado 
and Ela L. Viray
Pages 217-228

Origin of silicic magma and magma 
feeding system of the Shirataka 
volcano, NE Japan  • 
Shiho Hirotani and Masao Ban
Pages 229-251

Petrogenesis of dacite in an oceanic 
subduction environment: Raoul Island, 
Kermadec arc  • 
Ian E.M. Smith, Timothy J. Worthington, 
Richard C. Price, Robert B. Stewart 
and R. Maas
Pages 252-265

Variation in the mantle sources of the 
northern Izu arc with time and space — 
Constraints from high-precision Pb isotopes  • 
Osamu Ishizuka, Rex N. Taylor, J. Andy Milton, 
Robert W. Nesbitt, Makoto Yuasa and 
Izumi Sakamoto
Pages 266-290

Using trace element correlation patterns
to decipher a sanidine crystal growth 
chronology: An example from Taapaca volcano, 
Central Andes  • 
Georg F. Zellmer and Jorge E. Clavero
Pages 291-301

Spectroscopic FTIR imaging of water 
species in silicic volcanic glasses 
and melt inclusions: An example 
from the Izu-Bonin arc  • 
Richard Wysoczanski and Kenichiro Tani
Pages 302-314

The Tonga–Kermadec arc and Havre–Lau 
back-arc system: Their role in the 
development of tectonic and magmatic 
models for the western Pacific  • 
Ian E.M. Smith and Richard C. Price
Pages 315-331

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Pages 332-333