Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 155, N 3-4, 15 July.

Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal 
Research Reviewers 2005  • 
Pages iii-iv

Research Papers 
Deformation associated with the Faial (Capelinhos) 
1957–1958 eruption: Inferences from 1937-1997 
geodetic measurements  • 
J. Catalao, J.M. Miranda and N. Lourenco
Pages 151-163

Magma–sediment mingling in an Ordovician 
rift basin: The Plouezec–Plourivo half-graben, 
Armorican Massif, France  • 
Christophe Galerne, Martial Caroff, 
Joel Rolet and Bernard Le Gall
Pages 164-178

Cooling kinetics experiments on different
Stromboli lavas: Effects on crystal 
morphologies and phases composition  • 
A.M. Conte, C. Perinelli and R. Trigila
Pages 179-200

The 2001–2004 dome-forming eruption of 
Shiveluch volcano, Kamchatka: Observation, 
petrological investigation and 
numerical modelling  • 
O. Dirksen, M.C.S. Humphreys, 
P. Pletchov, O. Melnik, Y. Demyanchuk, 
R.S.J. Sparks and S. Mahony
Pages 201-226

Sub-recent volcanism in Northern Patagonia: 
A tectonomagmatic approach  • 
Gabriela I. Massaferro, Miguel J. Haller, 
Massimo D'Orazio and Viviana I. Alric
Pages 227-243

Weak long-lived ground deformation 
related to Iwate volcanism revealed 
by Bayesian decomposition of strain, 
tilt and positioning data  • 
Minemori Sato and Hiroyuki Hamaguchi
Pages 244-262

The December 2002–July 2003 effusive 
event at Stromboli volcano, Italy: 
Insights into the shallow plumbing 
system by petrochemical studies  • 
P. Landi, L. Francalanci, M. Pompilio, 
M. Rosi, R.A. Corsaro, C.M. Petrone, 
I. Nardini and L. Miraglia
Pages 263-284

Changing depths of magma fractionation 
and stagnation during the evolution of 
an oceanic island volcano: La Palma 
Canary Islands)  • 
Karsten Galipp, Andreas Klugel and 
Thor H. Hansteen
Pages 285-306

Bubble growth processes in magma 
surrounded by an elastic medium  • 
Youichi Shimomura, Takeshi Nishimura and Haruo Sato
Pages 307-322

Short Communications 

E VIVO: Virtual eruptions at Vesuvius; 
A multimedia tool to illustrate numerical 
modeling to a general public  • 
Micol Todesco, Augusto Neri, Cristina Demaria, 
Costantino Marmo and Giovanni Macedonio
Pages 323-328

Abrupt climatic changes as triggering 
mechanisms of massive volcanic collapses  • 
Lucia Capra
Pages 329-333


The historical volcanoes of Armenia and 
adjacent areas revisited  • 
Rouben A. Haroutiunian
Pages 334-337

Historical volcanoes of Armenia and 
adjacent areas: What is revisited?  • 
A. Karakhanian, R. Jrbashyan, V. Trifonov, 
H. Philip, S. Arakelian, A. Avagyan, 
H. Baghdassaryan and V. Davtian
Pages 338-345

Contents Volume 155 (2006)  • 
Pages 346-347