Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 154, N 3-4, 15 June.

Statistical analysis of the historical 
activity of Mount Etna, aimed at the 
evaluation of volcanic hazard  • 
Francesco Salvi, Roberto Scandone 
and Claudio Palma
Pages 159-168

Geochemistry of low-temperature 
springs northwest of Yellowstone 
caldera: Seeking the link between 
seismicity, deformation, and fluid flow  • 
William C. Evans, Deborah Bergfeld, 
Matthijs C. van Soest, Mark A. Huebner, 
John Fitzpatrick and Kinga M. Revesz
Pages 169-180

Apparent migration of tremor source 
synchronized with the change in the 
tremor amplitude observed at 
Aso volcano, Japan  • 
Noriaki Takagi, Satoshi Kaneshima, 
Hitoshi Kawakatsu, Mare Yamamoto, 
Yasuaki Sudo, Takahiro Ohkura, 
Shin Yoshikawa and Takehiko Mori
Pages 181-200

Flowage differentiation in an andesitic
dyke of the Motru Dyke Swarm 
(Southern Carpathians, Romania) 
inferred from AMS, CSD and geochemistry  • 
Collin Nkono, Olivier Femenias, Herve Diot, 
Tudor Berza and Daniel Demaiffe
Pages 201-221

Facies variation of eruption units 
produced by the passage of single 
pyroclastic surge currents, 
Hopi Buttes volcanic field, USA  • 
Jorge A. Vazquez and Michael H. Ort
Pages 222-236

Fluid geochemistry of the Chios 
geothermal area, Chios Island, Greece  • 
E. Dotsika, I. Leontiadis, D. Poutoukis, 
R. Cioni and B. Raco
Pages 237-250

Neogene and Quaternary ignimbrites in 
the area of Arequipa, Southern Peru: 
Stratigraphical and petrological correlations  • 
Perrine Paquereau Lebti, Jean-Claude Thouret, 
Gerhard Worner and Michel Fornari
Pages 251-275

Tephra beds in deep-sea cores off northern 
New Zealand: implications for the history 
of Taupo Volcanic Zone, Mayor Island 
and White Island volcanoes  • 
Phil Shane, E.L. Sikes and T.P. Guilderson
Pages 276-290

Variability of volcanic gas emissions during 
a crater lake heating cycle at Ruapehu 
Volcano, New Zealand  • 
C. Werner, B.W. Christenson, 
M. Hagerty and K. Britten
Pages 291-302

BND (bubble number density) decompression 
rate meter for explosive volcanic eruptions  • 
A. Toramaru
Pages 303-316

Short Communication 

Origins and implications of zigzag rift 
patterns on lava lakes  • 
Leif Karlstrom and Michael Manga
Pages 317-324

Contents Volume 154 (2006)  • 
Pages 325-326