Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 153, N 3-4, 15 May.

Amplification of ground motion in fault 
and fracture zones: Observations from 
the Tremestieri fault, Mt. Etna (Italy)  • 
G. Lombardo and R. Rigano
Pages 167-176

Seismicity crisis at the Katla volcano, 
Iceland—signs of a cryptodome?  • 
Heidi Soosalu, Kristin Jonsdottir
and Pall Einarsson
Pages 177-186

Low-frequency earthquakes at the 
Torfajokull volcano, south Iceland  • 
Heidi Soosalu, Regina Lippitsch 
and Pall Einarsson
Pages 187-199

Pre-eruptive crystallization conditions 
of mafic and silicic magmas at the Plat 
Pays volcanic complex, Dominica 
(Lesser Antilles)  • 
R. Halama, G. Boudon, B. Villemant, 
J.-L. Joron, A. Le Friant and J.-C. Komorowski
Pages 200-220

Melt inclusions from Volcan Popocatepetl and 
Volcan de Colima, Mexico: Melt evolution 
due to vapor-saturated crystallization 
during ascent  • 
Zachary D. Atlas, Jacqueline E. Dixon, 
Gautam Sen, Michael Finny and 
Ana Lillian Martin-Del Pozzo
Pages 221-240

Insights into continental rift-related 
magma chambers: Cognate nodules from 
the Kula Volcanic Province, Western Turkey  • 
Marian B. Holness and Judith M. Bunbury
Pages 241-261

Interplinian explosive activity of 
Santorini volcano (Greece) during 
the past 150,000 years  • 
M. Vespa, J. Keller and R. Gertisser
Pages 262-286

Segregation processes in vesiculating 
crystallizing magmas  • 
A. Costa, S. Blake and S. Self
Pages 287-300

In situ observation of dome 
instabilities at Merapi volcano, 
Indonesia: A new tool for volcanic 
hazard mitigation  • 
Matthias Hort, Malte Voge, Ralf 
Seyfried and Antonius Ratdomopurbo
Pages 301-312

Tephra deposits associated with a 
large lava dome collapse, Soufriere 
Hills Volcano, Montserrat, 12–15 July 2003  • 
Marie Edmonds, Richard A. Herd 
and Michael H. Strutt
Pages 313-330

Isotopic and geophysical constraints 
on the structure and evolution of 
the Clear Lake volcanic system  • 
L. Hammersley and D.J. DePaolo
Pages 331-356

Dynamics of the eastern flank of 
Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) investigated 
by a dense GPS network  • 
Alessandro Bonforte and 
Giuseppe Puglisi
Pages 357-369

Probabilistic tephra fall simulation 
for the Auckland Region, New Zealand  • 
C.R. Magill, A.W. Hurst, 
L.J. Hunter and R.J. Blong
Pages 370-386

Contents Volume 153 (2006)  • 
Pages 387-388