Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 152, N 3-4, 15 Apr.

The Late Miocene–Quaternary Antofalla volcanic complex, 
southern Puna, NW Argentina: Protracted history, 
diverse petrology, and economic potential  • 
Jeremy P. Richards, Thomas Ullrich and Robert Kerrich
Pages 197-239 

Bimodal volcanism in a tectonic transfer zone: 
Evidence for tectonically controlled magmatism 
in the southern Central Andes, NW Argentina  • 
I.A. Petrinovic, U. Riller, J.A. Brod, 
G. Alvarado and M. Arnosio
Pages 240-252 

La Purisima volcanic field, Baja California Sur 
(Mexico): Miocene to Quaternary volcanism related 
to subduction and opening of an 
asthenospheric window  • 
Herve Bellon, Alfredo Aguillon-Robles, Thierry Calmus, 
Rene C. Maury, Jacques Bourgois and Joseph Cotten
Pages 253-272 

The influence of palaeotopography on facies architecture
and pyroclastic flow processes of a lithic-rich 
ignimbrite in a high gradient setting: The Abrigo 
Ignimbrite, Tenerife, Canary Islands  • 
A. Pittari, R.A.F. Cas, C.J. Edgar, H.J. Nichols,
J.A. Wolff and J. Marti
Pages 273-315 

Formation of island arc dacite magmas by extreme 
crystal fractionation: An example from Brothers 
Seamount, Kermadec island arc (SW Pacific)  • 
Karsten M. Haase, Nicole Stroncik, 
Dieter Garbe-Schonberg and Peter Stoffers
Pages 316-330 

Incorporating seismic observations into 
2D conduit flow modeling  • 
L. Collier and J. Neuberg
Pages 331-346 

Temporal variations of Qc-1 and b-values associated
to the December 2000–January 2001 volcanic 
activity at the Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico  • 
D.A. Novelo-Casanova, A. Martinez-Bringas 
and C. Valdes-Gonzalez
Pages 347-358 

The formation of Helgafell, southwest Iceland,
a monogenetic subglacial hyaloclastite ridge: 
Sedimentology, hydrology and volcano–ice interaction  • 
Herd?s H. Schopka, Magnus T. Gudmundsson
and Hugh Tuffen
Pages 359-377 

Contents  • 
Pages 378-379