Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 149, N 3-4, 15 Jan.

Barren Island Volcano (NE Indian Ocean): 
Island-arc high-alumina basalts produced 
by troctolite contamination  • 
James F. Luhr and Dhanapati Haldar
Pages 177-212 

Lithospheric contributions to high-MgO basanites
from the Cumbre Vieja Volcano, La Palma, 
Canary Islands and evidence for 
temporal variation in plume influence  • 
N.-O. Praegel and P.M. Holm
Pages 213-239 

Olivine basalt and trachyandesite peperites 
formed at the subsurface/surface interface 
of a semi-arid lake: An example from the 
Early Miocene Bigadic basin, western Turkey  • 
Fuat Erkul, Cahit Helvaci and Hasan Sozbilir
Pages 240-262 

New multibeam mapping and geochemistry of 
the 30°–35° S sector, and overview, 
of southern Kermadec arc volcanism  • 
I.C. Wright, T.J. Worthington and J.A. Gamble
Pages 263-296 

A reassessment of current volcanic emissions 
from the Central American arc with 
specific examples from Nicaragua  • 
T.A. Mather, D.M. Pyle, V.I. Tsanev, 
A.J.S. McGonigle, C. Oppenheimer and A.G. Allen
Pages 297-311 

The role of regional-scale faults in controlling
a trapdoor caldera, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand  • 
N. Smith, J. Cassidy, C.A. Locke, 
J.L. Mauk and A.B. Christie
Pages 312-328 

VolcaNZ—A volcanic loss model for Auckland, New Zealand  • 
Christina Magill, Russell Blong and John McAneney
Pages 329-345 

Miocene to Late Quaternary Patagonian basalts (46-47oS): 
Geochronometric and geochemical evidence for 
slab tearing due to active spreading ridge subduction  • 
Christele Guivel, Diego Morata, Ewan Pelleter, 
Felipe Espinoza, Rene C. Maury, Yves Lagabrielle, 
Mireille Polve, Herve Bellon, Joseph Cotten, 
Mathieu Benoit et al.
Pages 346-370 

Contents Volume 149 (2006)  • 
Page 371