Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 157, N 1-3, 15 September.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - Magma Genesis and Volcanological Processes

Edited by Mark Reagan, Frank Tepley and Eduardo Malavassi

Introduction  • EDITORIAL
James Gill, Mark Reagan, 
Frank Tepley and Eduardo Malavassi
Pages 1-8

The 1968 andesitic lateral blast 
eruption at Arenal volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Guillermo E. Alvarado, Gerardo J. Soto, 
Hans-Ulrich Schmincke, Louise L. Bolge 
and Mari Sumita
Pages 9-33

Geochemical stratigraphy and magmatic
evolution at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Louise L. Bolge, Michael J. Carr, 
Mark D. Feigenson and Guillermo E. Alvarado
Pages 34-48

Complex behavior and source model of the 
tremor at Arenal volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Philippe Lesage, Mauricio M. Mora, 
Guillermo E. Alvarado, Javier Pacheco 
and Jean-Philippe Metaxian
Pages 49-59

The magma budget of Volcan Arenal, 
Costa Rica from 1980 to 2004  • 
G. Wadge, D. Oramas Dorta and P.D. Cole
Pages 60-74

Closed- to open-system differentiation 
at Arenal volcano (1968-2003)  • 
C.H. Ryder, J.B. Gill, F. Tepley III, 
F. Ramos and M. Reagan
Pages 75-93

The volatile content of magmas 
from Arenal volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Jennifer A. Wade, Terry Plank, 
William G. Melson, Gerardo J. Soto 
and Erik H. Hauri
Pages 94-120

Arenal-type pyroclastic flows: 
A probabilistic event tree risk analysis  • 
Anthony F. Meloy
Pages 121-134

Timescales of degassing and crystallization
implied by 210Po-210Pb-226Ra 
disequilibria for andesitic lavas 
erupted from Arenal volcano  • 
Mark K. Reagan, Frank J. Tepley III, 
James B. Gill, Matthew Wortel and 
Jennifer Garrison
Pages 135-146

U–Th–Ra disequilibria and the time scale 
of fluid transfer and andesite 
differentiation at Arenal volcano, 
Costa Rica (1968-2003)  • 
Frank J. Tepley III, Craig C. Lundstrom, 
James B. Gill and Ross W. Williams
Pages 147-165

Chemical evolution of thermal springs at 
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica: Effect of 
volcanic activity, precipitation, 
seismic activity, and Earth tides  • 
D.L. Lopez, J. Bundschuh, G.J. Soto, 
J.F. Fernandez and G.E. Alvarado
Pages 166-181

Degassing and microlite crystallization 
of basaltic andesite magma erupting 
at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Lindsay Szramek, James E. Gardner 
and Jessica Larsen
Pages 182-201

Investigating the origin of anorthitic 
plagioclase through a combination of 
experiments and natural observations  • 
Craig C. Lundstrom and Frank J. Tepley III
Pages 202-221

Phase equilibrium experiments at 0.5 GPa
and 1100-1300o°C on a basaltic andesite 
from Arenal volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Maik Pertermann and Craig C. Lundstrom
Pages 222-235

Plagioclase and pyroxene hosted melt 
inclusions in basaltic andesites of 
the current eruption of Arenal 
volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Martin J. Streck and Sue Wacaster
Pages 236-253

Eruptive history of Arenal Volcano, 
Costa Rica, 7 ka to present  • 
Gerardo J. Soto and Guillermo E. Alvarado
Pages 254-269