Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 151, N 1-3, 1 Mar.

Growth and Collapse of Hawaiian Volcanoes
Edited by M.L. Coombs, B.W. Eakins and P.F. Cervelli

Growth and collapse of Hawaiian volcanoes  • Michelle Coombs, Barry Eakins and Peter Cervelli Pages vii-viii Argon geochronology of Kilauea's early submarine history  • Andrew T. Calvert and Marvin A. Lanphere Pages 1-18 Growth history of Kilauea inferred from volatile concentrations in submarine-collected basalts  • Michelle L. Coombs, Thomas W. Sisson and Peter W. Lipman Pages 19-49 Isotope geochemistry of early Kilauea magmas from the submarine Hilina bench: The nature of the Hilina mantle component  • Jun-Ichi Kimura, Thomas W. Sisson, Natsuko Nakano, Michelle L. Coombs and Peter W. Lipman Pages 51-72 Piggyback tectonics: Long-term growth of Kilauea on the south flank of Mauna Loa  • Peter W. Lipman, Thomas W. Sisson, Michelle L. Coombs, Andrew Calvert and Jun-Ichi Kimura Pages 73-108 Volcanotectonic interactions between Mauna Loa and Kilauea: Insights from 2-D discrete element simulations  • Julia K. Morgan Pages 109-131 Rapid mass wasting following nearshore submarine volcanism on Kilauea volcano, Hawaii  • Francis J. Sansone and John R. Smith Pages 133-139 Shield-stage alkalic volcanism on Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii  • V. Dorsey Wanless, Michael O. Garcia, J. Michael Rhodes, Dominique Weis and Marc D. Norman Pages 141-155 Submarine sliver in North Kona: A window into the early magmatic and growth history of Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii  • Julia E. Hammer, Michelle L. Coombs, Patrick J. Shamberger and Jun-Ichi Kimura Pages 157-188 North Kona slump: Submarine flank failure during the early(?) tholeiitic shield stage of Hualalai Volcano  • P.W. Lipman and M.L. Coombs Pages 189-216 Hyaloclastites and the slope stability of Hawaiian volcanoes: Insights from the Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project's 3-km drill core  • Peter Schiffman, Robert J. Watters, Nick Thompson and Anthony W. Walton Pages 217-228 Submarine geology of Hana Ridge and Haleakala Volcano's northeast flank, Maui  • Barry W. Eakins and Joel E. Robinson Pages 229-250 Frequent landslides from Koolau Volcano: Results from ODP Hole 1223A  • Michael O. Garcia, Sarah B. Sherman, Gregory F. Moore, Robert Goll, Irina Popova-Goll, James H. Natland and Gary Acton Pages 251-268 Microfossil assemblages on Tuscaloosa Seamount and their constraints on the age of the Nuuanu landslide, north of Oahu, HI  • Julia K. Morgan, Johanna M. Resig and William G. Siesser Pages 269-278 A submarine perspective of the Honolulu Volcanics, Oahu  • David A. Clague, Jennifer B. Paduan, William C. McIntosh, Brian L. Cousens, Alice S. Davis and Jennifer R. Reynolds Pages 279-307 Calculated volumes of individual shield volcanoes at the young end of the Hawaiian Ridge  • Joel E. Robinson and Barry W. Eakins Pages 309-317