Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 150, N 1-3, 1 Feb.

The Changing Shapes of Active Volcanoes -
Recent Results and Advances in Volcano Geodesy-
Edited by M.A. Poland and A. Newman-

Dedication: Robert Decker 1927-2005  • Michael Poland and Andrew Newman Pages vii-viii Dedication: Daniel J. Johnson 1959-2005  • Michael Poland and Andrew Newman Pages ix-x The changing shapes of active volcanoes: History, evolution, and future challenges for volcano geodesy  • Michael Poland, Michael Hamburger and Andrew Newman Pages 1-13 Volcano geodesy and magma dynamics in Iceland  • Erik Sturkell, Pall Einarsson, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Halldor Geirsson, Halldor Olafsson, Rikke Pedersen, Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen, Alan T. Linde, Selwyn I. Sacks and Ragnar Stefansson Pages 14-34 Geodetic observations and modeling of magmatic inflation at the Three Sisters volcanic center, central Oregon Cascade Range, USA  • Daniel Dzurisin, Michael Lisowski, Charles W. Wicks, Michael P. Poland and Elliot T. Endo Pages 35-54 Constraints on the mechanism of long-term, steady subsidence at Medicine Lake volcano, northern California, from GPS, leveling, and InSAR  • Michael Poland, Roland Burgmann, Daniel Dzurisin, Michael Lisowski, Timothy Masterlark, Susan Owen and Jonathan Fink Pages 55-78 Results from new GPS and gravity monitoring networks at Fernandina and Sierra Negra Volcanoes, Galapagos, 2000-2002  • Dennis Geist, William Chadwick and Daniel Johnson Pages 79-97 Long-term geodetic measurements of large scale deformation at Iwo-jima caldera, Japan  • M. Ukawa, E. Fujita, H. Ueda, T. Kumagai, H. Nakajima and H. Morita Pages 98-118 On the absence of InSAR-detected volcano deformation spanning the 1995-1996 and 1999 eruptions of Shishaldin Volcano, Alaska  • S.C. Moran, O. Kwoun, T. Masterlark and Z. Lu Pages 119-131 Unrest at the Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): A critical evaluation of source parameters from geodetic data inversion  • Joachim Gottsmann, Hazel Rymer and Giovanna Berrino Pages 132-145 Ground deformation and gravity changes on the island of Pantelleria in the geodynamic framework of the Sicily Channel  • Boris Behncke, Giovanna Berrino, Gennaro Corrado and Rosanna Velardita Pages 146-162 An increment of volcano collapse: Kinematics of the 1975 Kalapana, Hawaii, earthquake  • Susan E. Owen and Roland Burgmann Pages 163-185 Thickness distribution of a cooling pyroclastic flow deposit on Augustine Volcano, Alaska: Optimization using InSAR, FEMs, and an adaptive mesh algorithm  • Timothy Masterlark, Zhong Lu and Russell Rykhus Pages 186-201 Time dependent modeling of magma intrusion during the early stage of the 2000 Miyakejima activity  • Meilano Irwan, Fumiaki Kimata and Naoyuki Fujii Pages 202-212 Time dependent model of magma intrusion in and around Miyake and Kozu Islands, Central Japan in June–August, 2000  • Masayuki Murase, Meilano Irwan, Shinichi Kariya, Takao Tabei, Takashi Okuda, Rikio Miyajima, Jun Oikawa, Hidefumi Watanabe, Teruyuki Kato, Shigeru Nakao et al. Pages 213-231 Constraints on magma chamber geometry at Sierra Negra Volcano, Galapagos Islands, based on InSAR observations  • S. Yun, P. Segall and H. Zebker Pages 232-243 A four-dimensional viscoelastic deformation model for Long Valley Caldera, California, between 1995 and 2000  • Andrew V. Newman, Timothy H. Dixon and Noel Gourmelen Pages 244-269 On the capability of recording gravity stations to detect signals coming from volcanic activity: The case of Vesuvius  • G. Berrino, G. Corrado and U. Riccardi Pages 270-282 The crustal structure of El Hierro (Canary Islands) from 3-D gravity inversion  • F.G. Montesinos, J. Arnoso, M. Benavent and R. Vieira Pages 283-299 Mechanical discontinuities monitoring at Merapi volcano using kinematic GPS  • F. Beauducel, M. Agung Nandaka, F.H. Cornet and M. Diament Pages 300-312 Vertical deformation monitoring at Axial Seamount since its 1998 eruption using deep-sea pressure sensors  • William W. Chadwick, Jr., Scott L. Nooner, Mark A. Zumberge, Robert W. Embley and Christopher G. Fox Pages 313-327