Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 158, N 1-2, 1 November.

Interaction between volcanoes and their basement

Edited by A. Tibaldi and $KA.M.$AF. Lagmay

Interaction between volcanoes and their basement  • 
A. Tibaldi and A.M.F Lagmay
Pages 1-5

Volcano–basement interaction in the Eastern
Carpathians: Explaining unusual tectonic 
features in the Eastern Transylvanian Basin, 
Romania  • 
Alexandru Szakacs and Csaba Krezsek
Pages 6-20

Tectonic evolution of the central-eastern sector
of Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt and its influence
on the eruptive history of the 
Nevado de Toluca volcano (Mexico)  • 
F. Bellotti, L. Capra, G. Groppelli and G. Norini
Pages 21-36

Phreatomagmatic and phreatic eruptions in 
locally extensive settings of Southern Central 
Andes: The Tocomar Volcanic Centre 
(24o10'S-66o°34'W), Argentina  • 
I.A. Petrinovic and F. Colombo Pinol
Pages 37-50

Pleistocene mafic volcanoes in the Puna–Cordillera 
Oriental boundary, NW-Argentina  • 
S.R. Guzman, I.A. Petrinovic and J.A. Brod
Pages 51-69

Structural controls of volcanism in transversal 
chains: Resheared faults and neotectonics in the 
Cordon Caulle–Puyehue area (40.5°S), Southern Andes  • 
Luis E. Lara, Alain Lavenu, Jose Cembrano and 
Carolina Rodriguez
Pages 70-86

Rapid ascent and contamination of magmas through
the thick crust of the CVZ (Andes, Ollague region): 
Evidence from a nearly aphyric high-K andesite 
with skeletal olivines  • 
Michele Mattioli, Alberto Renzulli, Michele Menna 
and Paul M. Holm
Pages 87-105

Relatively rapid emplacement of dome-forming magma 
inferred from strain analyses: The case of the acid 
Latian dome complexes (Central Italy)  • 
C. Cimarelli and D. de Rita
Pages 106-116

Sector collapses and large landslides on Late 
Pleistocene–Holocene volcanoes in Kamchatka, Russia  • 
Vera V. Ponomareva, Ivan V. Melekestsev and 
Oleg V. Dirksen
Pages 117-138

Regional stress influence on the opening direction 
of crater amphitheaters in Southeast Asian volcanoes  • 
A.M.F. Lagmay and W. Valdivia
Pages 139-150

Multiple edifice-collapse events in the Eastern 
Mexican Volcanic Belt: The role of sloping 
substrate and implications for hazard assessment  • 
Gerardo Carrasco-Nunez, Rodolfo Diaz-Castellon, 
Lee Siebert, Bernard Hubbard, Michael F. Sheridan 
and Sergio Raul Rodriguez
Pages 151-176

Fracture control on type, morphology and 
distribution of parasitic volcanic cones: 
An example from Mt. Etna, Italy  • 
Claudia Corazzato and Alessandro Tibaldi
Pages 177-194

The 2004-2005 Etna eruption: Implications 
for flank deformation and structural 
behaviour of the volcano  • 
Marco Neri and Valerio Acocella
Pages 195-206