Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 156, N 1-2, 1 August.

Volcanic geology of the Azores Islands

Edited by J.C. Nunes, R.I. Tilling and G.E. Sigvaldason

Preface  • EDITORIAL
Joao Carlos Nunes, Robert I. Tilling and 
Gudmundur E. Sigvaldason
Pages vii-viii

Defining the plate boundaries in the Azores region  • 
R.M.S. Fernandes, L. Bastos, J.M. Miranda, 
N. Lourenco, B.A.C. Ambrosius, R. Noomen and W. Simons
Pages 1-9

The isostatic compensation of the Azores Plateau: 
A 3D admittance and coherence analysis  • 
J.F. Luis and M.C. Neves
Pages 10-22

Azores hotspot signature in the upper mantle  • 
Graca Silveira, Eleonore Stutzmann, Anne Davaille, 
Jean-Paul Montagner, L. Mendes-Victor and Amal Sebai
Pages 23-34

A morphometric analysis of the submarine 
volcanic ridge south-east of Pico Island, Azores  • 
R.C. Stretch, N.C. Mitchell and R.A. Portaro
Pages 35-54

Gravity anomalies and crustal signature of 
volcano-tectonic structures of Pico Island (Azores)  • 
Joao C. Nunes, Antonio Camacho, Zilda Franca, 
Fuensanta G. Montesinos, Madalena Alves, 
Ricardo Vieira, Emilio Velez and Ester Ortiz
Pages 55-70

Petrology, geochemistry and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopes 
of the volcanic rocks from Pico 
Island—Azores (Portugal)  • 
Zilda T.M. Franca, Colombo C.G. Tassinari, 
Jose V. Cruz, Alfredo Y. Aparicio, 
Vicente Arana and Britaldo N. Rodrigues
Pages 71-89

The volcanotectonic evolution of 
Flores Island, Azores (Portugal)  • 
J.M.M. Azevedo and M.R. Portugal Ferreira
Pages 90-102

Volcanic history and 40Ar/39Ar and 14C 
geochronology of Terceira Island, Azores, 
Portugal  • 
Andrew T. Calvert, Richard B. Moore, 
John P. McGeehin and 
Antonio M. Rodrigues da Silva
Pages 103-115

Chemical composition of deep hydrothermal 
fluids in the Ribeira Grande geothermal 
field (S?o Miguel, Azores)  • 
M.R. Carvalho, V.H. Forjaz and C. Almeida
Pages 116-134

Volcanic lakes of the Azores archipelago 
(Portugal): Geological setting and 
geochemical characterization  • 
J.V. Cruz, P. Antunes, C. Amaral, 
Z. Franca and J.C. Nunes
Pages 135-157

Geological hazards in the Azores 
archipelago: Volcanic terrain 
instability and human vulnerability  • 
Pages 158-171
A. Malheiro

Historical tsunami in the Azores 
archipelago (Portugal)  • 
C. Andrade, P. Borges and M.C. Freitas
Pages 172-185