Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 155, N 1-2, 1 July.

Explosive Mafic Volcanism

Edited by R. Cas and G. Giordano

Explosive mafic volcanism  • 
R. Cas
Page vi

Total grain size distribution of a mafic 
subplinian tephra, TB-2, from the 1986 
Izu-Oshima eruption, Japan: An estimation 
based on a theoretical model of 
tephra dispersal  • 
Kazutaka Mannen
Pages 1-17

Dynamical constraints on kimberlite volcanism  • 
R.S.J. Sparks, L. Baker, R.J. Brown, M. Field, 
J. Schumacher, G. Stripp and A Walters
Pages 18-48

The Colli Albani mafic caldera (Roma, Italy): 
Stratigraphy, structure and petrology  • 
G. Giordano, A.A. De Benedetti, A. Diana, 
G. Diano, F. Gaudioso, F. Marasco, 
M. Miceli, S. Mollo, R.A.F. Cas and 
R. Funiciello
Pages 49-80

Mafic pyroclastic flows at Tyrrhena Patera, 
Mars: Constraints from observations and models  • 
Tracy K.P. Gregg and Melissa A. Farley
Pages 81-89

Bomb-rich basaltic pyroclastic flow deposit 
from Nakadake, Aso Volcano, southwestern Japan  • 
Yasuo Miyabuchi, Kazunori Watanabe 
and Yoshitaka Egawa
Pages 90-103

How Strombolian is a "Strombolia" scoria cone? 
Some irregularities in scoria cone architecture 
from the Transmexican Volcanic Belt, near 
Volcan Ceboruco, (Mexico) and Al Haruj (Libya)  • 
Ulrike Martin and Karoly Nemeth
Pages 104-118

The role of fluidisation in the formation of 
volcaniclastic kimberlite: Grain size 
observations and experimental investigation  • 
A.L. Walters, J.C. Phillips, R.J. Brown, 
M. Field, T. Gernon, G. Stripp and R.S.J. Sparks
Pages 119-137

Proximal tephra hazards: Recent eruption studies 
applied to volcanic risk in the Auckland 
volcanic field, New Zealand  • 
B.F. Houghton, C. Bonadonna, C.E. Gregg, 
D.M. Johnston, W.J. Cousins, J.W. Cole and 
P. Del Carlo
Pages 138-149