Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 154, N 1-2, 1 June.

Modern Trends in Petrography: -

Textural and Microanalysis of Igneous Rocks

Edited by D.A. Jerram and A.J.R. Kent

An overview of modern trends in petrography: 
Textural and microanalysis of igneous rocks  • 
Dougal A. Jerram and Adam J.R. Kent
Pages vii-ix

On estimating crystal shape for crystal 
size distribution analysis  • 
Dan J. Morgan and Dougal A. Jerram
Pages 1-7

Verification of ideal semi-logarithmic, 
lognormal or fractal crystal size 
distributions from 2D datasets  • 
Michael D. Higgins
Pages 8-16

The use of watershed segmentation 
and GIS software for textural 
analysis of thin sections  • 
Joseph Barraud
Pages 17-33

Igneous microstructures from 
kinetic models of crystallization  • 
Taber G. Hersum and Bruce D. Marsh
Pages 34-47

Quantitative 3D petrography using 
x-ray tomography: Application to 
Bishop Tuff pumice clasts  • 
Guilherme A.R. Gualda and Mark Rivers
Pages 48-62

Bulk and p strain analysis in 
high-temperature deformation experiments  • 
Steven L. Quane and J.K. Russell
Pages 63-73

An experimental investigation of 
texture evolution during continuous cooling  • 
Michael J. Zieg and Gary E. Lofgren
Pages 74-88

Textural analysis of magmatic enclaves 
from the Kameni Islands, Santorini, Greece  • 
Victoria M. Martin, Marian B. Holness 
and David M. Pyle
Pages 89-102

Magma mingling as indicated by texture 
and Sr / Ba ratios of plagioclase 
phenocrysts from Unzen volcano, SW Japan  • 
Brandon L. Browne, John C. Eichelberger, 
Lina C. Patino, Thomas A. Vogel, 
Kozo Uto and Hideo Hoshizumi
Pages 103-116

Anorthite-calibrated backscattered 
electron profiles, trace elements, 
and growth textures in feldspars 
from the Teide–Pico Viejo volcanic 
complex (Tenerife)  • 
Silke Triebold, Andreas Kronz 
and Gerhard Worner
Pages 117-130

Magma evolution revealed by 
anorthite-rich plagioclase cumulate 
xenoliths from the Ontong Java 
Plateau: Insights into LIP magma 
dynamics and melt evolution  • 
William S. Kinman and Clive R. Neal
Pages 131-157