Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 153, N 1-2, 1 May.

MULTIMO: Multi-Parameter Monitoring, Modelling and

Forecasting of Volcanic Hazard - Results from a European Project

Edited by J. Neuberg, R. Carniel and O. Navon

Foreword  • EDITORIAL
Jurgen Neuberg, Oded Navon and 
Roberto Carniel
Page vii

Automatic classification and a-posteriori 
analysis of seismic event identification 
at Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat  • 
H. Langer, S. Falsaperla, T. Powell 
and G. Thompson
Pages 1-10

Analysis of the unrest of active volcanoes 
using variations of the base level 
noise seismic spectrum  • 
Josep Vila, Ramon Macia, Dinesh Kumar, 
Ramon Ortiz, Hugo Moreno and 
Antoni M. Correig
Pages 11-20

Attenuation in gas-charged magma  • 
L. Collier, J.W. Neuberg, N. Lensky, 
V. Lyakhovsky and O. Navon
Pages 21-36

The trigger mechanism of low-frequency 
earthquakes on Montserrat  • 
J.W. Neuberg, H. Tuffen, L. Collier, 
D. Green, T. Powell and D. Dingwell
Pages 37-50

Waveform classification of volcanic 
low-frequency earthquake swarms and 
its implication at Soufriere Hills Volcano, 
Montserrat  • 
David N. Green and Jurgen Neuberg
Pages 51-63

Seismic characteristics of variable 
convection at Erta Ale lava lake, Ethiopia  • 
Joshua Jones, Roberto Carniel, 
Andrew J.L. Harris and Steve Malone
Pages 64-79

A user-friendly, dynamic web environment 
for remote data browsing and analysis of 
multiparametric geophysical data 
within the MULTIMO project  • 
Roberto Carniel, Mauro Di Cecca 
and Olivier Jaquet
Pages 80-96

DEVIN: A forecasting approach using 
stochastic methods applied to the 
Soufriere Hills Volcano  • 
Olivier Jaquet, Roberto Carniel, 
Steve Sparks, Glenn Thompson, 
Rabah Namar and Mauro Di Cecca
Pages 97-111

Using hidden multi-state Markov models 
with multi-parameter volcanic data to 
provide empirical evidence for 
alert level decision-support  • 
W.P. Aspinall, R. Carniel, 
O. Jaquet, G. Woo and T. Hincks
Pages 112-124

Fragmentation efficiency of explosive 
volcanic eruptions: A study of 
experimentally generated pyroclasts  • 
Ulrich Kueppers, Bettina Scheu, 
Oliver Spieler and Donald B. Dingwell
Pages 125-135

Temperature dependence of elastic
P- and S-wave velocities in porous 
Mt. Unzen dacite  • 
B. Scheu, H. Kern, O. Spieler 
and D.B. Dingwell
Pages 136-147

From Vulcanian explosions to sustained 
explosive eruptions: The role of diffusive 
mass transfer in conduit flow dynamics  • 
R.M. Mason, A.B. Starostin, 
O.E. Melnik and R.S.J. Sparks
Pages 148-165