Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 152, N 1-2, 1 Apr.

The evolution of a chemically zoned magma chamber: 
The 1707 eruption of Fuji volcano, Japan  • 
S. Watanabe, E. Widom, T. Ui,
N. Miyaji and A.M. Roberts
Pages 1-19 

Geochronology and isotope transport systematics
in a subsurface granite from the 
Larderello–Travale geothermal system (Italy)  • 
Igor M. Villa, Giovanni Ruggieri, 
Mariano Puxeddu and Giovanni Bertini
Pages 20-50 

Volatile contents of Kermadec Arc–Havre Trough 
pillow glasses: Fingerprinting slab-derived 
aqueous fluids in the mantle sources of 
arc and back-arc lavas  • 
R.J. Wysoczanski, I.C. Wright, 
J.A. Gamble, E.H. Hauri, J.F. Luhr, 
S.M. Eggins and M.R. Handler
Pages 51-73 

Mt. Etna sulfur dioxide flux monitoring 
using ASTER-TIR data and atmospheric 
observations  • 
S. Pugnaghi, G. Gangale, 
S. Corradini and M.F. Buongiorno
Pages 74-90 

Youngest volcanism about 1 million years 
ago at Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii  • 
Hiroki Sano, David R. Sherrod and Takahiro Tagami
Pages 91-96 

Deflation of the Askja volcanic system: 
Constraints on the deformation source 
from combined inversion of satellite 
radar interferograms and GPS measurements  • 
Carolina Pagli, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, 
Thora Arnadottir, Pall Einarsson and Erik Sturkell
Pages 97-108 

Electrical properties of hydrothermally 
altered dacite from the PACMANUS 
hydrothermal field (ODP Leg 193)  • 
Anne Bartetzko, Norbert Klitzsch, 
Gerardo Iturrino, Stephan Kaufhold 
and Juliane Arnold
Pages 109-120 

Shallow velocity structure and seismic 
site effects at Arenal volcano, Costa Rica  • 
Mauricio M. Mora, Philippe Lesage, 
Bernard Valette, Guillermo E. Alvarado, 
Carlos Leandro, Jean-Philippe 
Metaxian and Jacques Dorel
Pages 121-139 

Carbon dioxide emissions from vegetation-kill 
zones around the resurgent dome of Long 
Valley caldera, eastern California, USA  • 
Deborah Bergfeld, William C. Evans, 
James F. Howle and Christopher D. Farrar
Pages 140-156 

Ground deformation at Soufriere Hills Volcano, 
Montserrat during 1998–2000 measured 
by radar interferometry and GPS  • 
G. Wadge, G.S. Mattioli and R.A. Herd
Pages 157-173 

Electron microbeam analyses of aerosol 
ps from the plume of Poas Volcano, 
Costa Rica and comparison with 
equilibrium plume chemistry modeling  • 
M.A. Pfeffer, F.J.M. Rietmeijer,
A.J. Brearley and T.P. Fischer
Pages 174-188 

Comment on Philpotts and Philpotts (2005): 
Crystal-mush compaction in the Cohassett
flood-basalt flow, Hanford, Washington  • 
Stephen Reidel
Pages 189-193 

Reply to comment on : Crystal-mush compaction
in the Cohassett flood-basalt flow, Hanford, 
Washington  • 
Anthony R. Philpotts and Doreen E. Philpotts
Pages 194-195