Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 2006, V 149, N 1-2, 1 Jan.

View of an intact oceanic arc, from surficial
to mesozonal levels: Cretaceous 
Alisitos arc, Baja California  • 
Cathy Busby, Benjamin Fackler Adams,
James Mattinson and Stephen Deoreo
Pages 1-46 

Aqueous fluids derived from a subducting
slab: Observed high 3He emanation and 
conductive anomaly in a non-volcanic 
region, Kii Peninsula southwest Japan  • 
Koji Umeda, Yasuo Ogawa, 
Koichi Asamori and Teruki Oikawa
Pages 47-61 

Debris jets in continental phreatomagmatic
volcanoes: A field study of their 
subterranean deposits in the 
Coombs Hills vent complex, Antarctica  • 
Pierre-Simon Ross and James D.L. White
Pages 62-84 

Gas percolation in upper-crustal 
silicic crystal mushes as a mechanism 
for upward heat advection and 
rejuvenation of near-solidus magma bodies  • 
Olivier Bachmann and George W. Bergantz
Pages 85-102 

Eruption of the dacite to andesite 
zoned Mateare Tephra, and associated 
tsunamis in Lake Managua, Nicaragua  • 
Armin Freundt, Steffen Kutterolf, 
Heidi Wehrmann, Hans-Ulrich Schmincke 
and Wilfried Strauch
Pages 103-123 

Elemental fractionation in lavas during
post-eruptive degassing: Evidence from 
trachytic lavas, Rishiri Volcano, Japan  • 
Takeshi Kuritani and Eizo Nakamura
Pages 124-138 

Magma mixing during the 2001 event at 
Mount Etna (Italy): Effects on the 
eruptive dynamics  • 
M. Viccaro, C. Ferlito, L. Cortesogno, 
R. Cristofolini and L. Gaggero
Pages 139-159 

The 5 April 2003 vulcanian paroxysmal 
explosion at Stromboli volcano (Italy) 
from field observations and thermal data  • 
S. Calvari, L. Spampinato and L. Lodato
Pages 160-175