Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004, V 74, N 4.

Science and Society

A. I. Grigor’ev and V. N. Sychev The Life-Support Systems of Astronaut Based on Biospheric Mechanisms p. 363 V. K. Volkov Slavic Studies in the System of Humanitarian Knowledge p. 369
On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

G. A. Mesyats and M. D. Prokhorov Hydrogen Energetics and Fuel Cells p. 377 Basic Science and Business: Face to Face A Discussion in the RAS Presidium p. 387
From the Researcher’s Notebook

L. A. Piruzyan The Personal Metabolic Passport as the Basis of a New Pharmacological Strategy p. 394 N. S. Sidorenkov Instability of the Earth’s Rotation p. 402

A. I. Rakitov Society Based on Knowledge p. 410
Point of View

I. A. Shmerlina Biological Paradoxes of Sociality p. 418

A. I. Grigor’ev and N. A. Grigor’yan The Patriarch of Russian Physiology On the 175th Anniversary of I.M. Sechenov’s Birth p. 423 G. V. Novozhilov 50 Years in Science On the 75th Anniversary of the Birth of Academician E.A. Fedosov p. 431 A. O. Chubar’yan Ideological Taboos Notwithstanding On the 80th Birthday of A.Ya. Gurevich p. 433
Bygone Times

A. D. Nozdrachev, E. L. Polyakov, and K. N. Zelenin Russia’s First Nobel Prize p. 435
Reflections on a New Book

T. E. Kuznetsova Interaction of Science and Society p. 444
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 447 The 2004 Global Energy International Prize p. 453 On Awarding RAS Medals with Cash Prizes for Young Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Other Institutions and Organizations, and Students of Institutions of Higher Education as Conferred by the 2003 Contest p. 455
At the End of the Issue

V. I. Arnold How They Elected and Executed Academicians p. 459