Herald of RAS, 2004, V 74, N 1.

Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004, V 74, N 1.

On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

A. M. Vasil’ev The Iraqi War: Its Regional and Global Consequences p. 1 E. P. Kruglyakov What Is the Danger of Pseudoscience to Society? p. 6 The Flourish of Pseudoscience Is the Effect of a Crisis in Public Consciousness Discussion at the RAS Presidium p. 14 V. I. Konov, V. V. Osiko, and I. A. Shcherbakov Fundamental Achievements in Optics and Laser Physics for Medicine p. 25 Yu. V. Gulyaev Potentialities of Applying New Medical Equipment Designed by Academic Institutes at RAS Patient Care Institutions p. 38 We Are Expecting a Breakthrough in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases Discussion at the RAS Presidium p. 42
Problems of Ecology

N. S. Kasimov, Yu. L. Mazurov, and V. S. Tikunov The Concept of Sustainable Development: Its Perception in Russia p. 48
Point of View

N. N. Veniaminov Detection of Undeclared Activities to Enrich Uranium Using the Electromagnetic Method p. 56

Fifty Years of Soviet and Russian Molecular Biology: From Lysenko’s Pogrom to Resurrection and Decline p. 61

D. G. Podvoiskii National Character as a Factor of Economic Life p. 65

V. A. Martynov Economic Research Organizer of the Thaw Period On Academician A.A. Arzumanyan’s Birth Centenary p. 73 V. A. Lektorskii and V. I. Kuznetsov A Philosopher and Historian of Science On the Centenary of the Birth of Academician B.M. Kedrov p. 79
Bygone Times

V. S. Chesnokov The Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Radioactivity On the 100th Anniversary of the Award p. 84 E. D. Panov Science–Labor–Love–Prosperity On the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Ledentsov Society p. 90 O. A. Kuznetsov The Secret Voyage of the Vityaz’ p. 95
History of Academic Institutions

A. V. Zabrodin “The Skill to Provide Digitized Answers” On the 50th Anniversary of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences p. 98
Letters to the Editor

A. A. Sidorov On Our Wealth, Mineral Resources, and Brains p. 102
Science News

L. B. Buravkova and B. N. Pavlov Hyperbaric Physiology and Diving Medicine: New Views of Indifferent Gases p. 104 O. V. Skvortsova The First Scientific Institution in St. Petersburg p. 108 K. A. Shchadilova The Armenian Academy of Sciences Is Sixty p. 112
In the Book World

I. I. Orlik Countries of Central and Eastern Europe on the Road to the European Union, Ed. by N. V. Kulikov (Nauka, Moscow, 2002) p. 115 I. S. Korolev and V. S. Zagashvili Pressing Problems of Russia’s Foreign Economic Strategy (Nauka, Moscow, 2003) p. 117 I. S. Dmitriev The Chronicle of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Nauka, St. Petersburg, 2000), Vol. 1, 994 pp.; (Nauka, St. Petersburg, 2002), Vol. 2, 621 pp. p. 120
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 123
At the End of the Issue

G. I. Anokhin Five Centuries Before Columbus p. 125