Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2003, V 73, N 4.

Science and Society

The Crises of Modern Russia: Scientific Monitoring p. 319
On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

D. S. L’vov Prospects for the Long-Term Socioeconomic Development of Russia p. 332 Strategy for the Economic Development of Russia Discussion at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences p. 341 O. N. Favorskii and A. M. Starik Jet Engine Emission and the Effect of Aviation on Atmospheric Processes p. 345
Organization of Research Activity

L. P. Verevkin and G. K. Safaraliev Are There Any Prospects for University Science? p. 353
Problems of Ecology

L. A. Alibekov and P. K. Khadybullaev The Natural Mechanisms of Desertification p. 358
50th Anniversary of the Discovery of DNA

E. K. Khusnutdinova The Ethnogenomics and Genetic History of Eastern European Peoples p. 365 Yu. M. Evdokimov Liquid Crystal Forms of Nucleic Acids p. 373
From the Researcher’s Notebook

S. A. Sycheva Can a Woman Make a Career in Russian Science? p. 382
Point of View

G. A. Zavarzin The Antipode of the Noosphere p. 387 I. A. Rezanov Hydrocarbons on the Continents and in the Oceans p. 396

V. A. Davankov and Ya. I. Yashin One Hundred Years of Chromatography p. 401 A. A. Kolesnikov The Cognitive Potential of Synergetics p. 410

A Unique Source of Old Russia’s History An Interview with V.L. Yanin p. 417

L. L. Kiselev, G. I. Abelev, and F. L. Kiselev Lev Zil’ber: The Father of the Russian School of Virologists p. 425 N. A. Grigor’yan The First Woman Academician On the 125th Anniversary of the Birth of L.S. Shtern p. 437 Yu. A. Zolotov The Leader of Russia’s Analytical Chemists The Centenary of the Birth of Academician I.P. Alimarin p. 441
Science Life

V. E. Fortov Academician A.P. Aleksandrov: Milestones along a Great Path p. 447 R. M. Kachalov A Conference of the Academician Fedorenko Foundation p. 450
In the Book World

N. V. Parin Okeanologicheskie issledovaniya frontal’noi zony Gol’fstrima. Poligon “Titanik” (The Oceanographic Studies of the Frontal Zone of the Gulf Stream: The Titanic Polygon), Sagalevich, A.M., Bogdanov, Yu.A., and Vinogradov, M.E., Eds., Moscow: Nauka, 2002, 286 pp. p. 453
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 455