Herald of RAS, 2003, V 73, N 3.

Scientific Session of the RAS General Meeting

From Nanostructures to the Knowledge Economy Diary of the Scientific Session of the RAS General Meeting p. 247
Science and Society

A. M. Prokhorov Can RAS Compete in the World Market of Ideas and High Technologies? p. 249
On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

F. M. Mitenkov Marine Nuclear Power Engineering p. 254 Marine Nuclear Power Engineering—Russia’s National Achievement p. 259
50th Anniversary of the Discovery of DNA

L. L. Kiselev An Anniversary of the Most Important Molecule p. 261 E. D. Sverdlov DNA in a Cell: From a Molecular Icon to the Problem of “What Is Life?” p. 262 V. L. Karpov DNA, Chromatin, and the Histone Code p. 270

The Sun Will Shine for Another Five Billion Years p. 278

I. A. Shmerlina The “Physics” of Sociality p. 284
Science Life

N. L. Laverov and L. A. Vedeshin Studies of the Earth from Outer Space: Russian–American Cooperation p. 294 E. M. Syresin and G. D. Shirkov Accelerator Physics in Russia p. 298
In the Book World

M. P. Roshchevskii A.D. Nozdrachev, A.T. Mar’yanovich, E.L. Polyakov, D.A. Sibarov, and V.Kh. Khavinson, Nobelevskie premii po fiziologii ili meditsine za sto let (The Nobel Prizes for Physiology or Medicine over 100 Years), St. Petersburg: Gumanistika, 2002, 688 pp. p. 301 Yu. V. Natochin E.I. Kolchinskii, Neokatastrofizm i selektsionizm: Vechnaya dilemma ili vozmozhnost’ sinteza? (Istoriko-kriticheskie ocherki) (Neocatastrophism and Selectionism: Everlasting Dilemma or Possibility of Synthesis? (Historical–Critical Studies)), St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2002, 554 pp. p. 303 G. G. Kirilenko P.V. Alekseev, Filosofy Rossii XIX–XX stoletii. Biografii, idei, trudy. 4-e izd., pererab. i dop. (Russian Philosophers of the 19th–20th Centuries: Biographies, Ideas, and Works), 4th edition, revised and updated, Moscow: Akademicheskii proekt, 2002, 1152 pp. p. 305 A. I. Aksenov I.N. Yurkin, Demidovy—uchenye, inzhenery, organizatory nauki i proizvodstva. Opyt naukovedcheskoi prosopografii (The Demidovs: Scientists, Engineers, Organizers of Science and Production: An Experiment in Prosopography), Moscow: Nauka, 2001, 333 pp. p. 309
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 311
At the End of the Issue

Ya. G. Rokityanskii “The Obvious and Incredible”: A Window on the World of Science p. 316