Herald of RAS, 2003, V 73, N 2.

Science and Society

G. G. Onishchenko, L. S. Sandakhchiev, S. V. Netesov, and R. A. Martynyuk Bioterrorism: a National and Global Threat p. 127
On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

V. P. Smirnov Nuclear Fusion Research p. 136
Organization of Research Activity

A. G. Allakhverdyan Scientific Research Personnel: Has the Exodus Stopped? p. 147
Point of View

V. L. Ginzburg and I. L. Fabelinskii On the History of the Discovery of the Combination Scattering of Light p. 152 A. Z. Seleznev Funding Science in Russia: Declarations and Realities p. 157

S. A. Ostroumov The Functions of Living Substances in the Biosphere p. 164

The Maker of Antiaircraft Missile Systems An Interview with Academician B.V. Bunkin p. 170 Time of Strategic Decisions p. 175

K. V. Simakov The Unknown about the Known On the 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Academician V.I. Vernadsky p. 180 A. A. Grigor’ev and N.A. Grigor’yan From the Deep of the Microworld to the Heights of Space On the Centenary of the Birth of Academician V.V. Parin p. 185
Discussion Forum

I. L. Andreev Russian Science: A View from the Future p. 191
Bygone Times

K. N. Zelenin, A. D. Nozdrachev, and E. L. Polyakov The House That Berthollet Built The Genealogy of a Scientific Dynasty p. 200
History of Academic Institutions

G. R. Ivanitskii Fifty Years: Legends and Reality p. 210
Reflections on a New Book

Yu. V. Chaikovskii Immunity and Evolution: Fear of the Other Extreme p. 219 Ya. V. Bezel’ Is It Possible to Improve the Work of the Mind? A New Approach to the Problem p. 228
In the Book World

T. I. Zaslavskaya Sotsial’naya politika v postsotsialisticheskom obshchestve: zadachi, protivorechiya, mekhanizmy (Social Policy in Postsocialist Society: Targets, Contradictions, and Mechanisms, Moscow: Nauka, 2001, 647 pp. p. 231 G. A. Zavarzin G. R. Ivanitskii, Ubegayushchee vremya (Fleeting Time), Moscow: Nauka Press, 2001, 208 pp. p. 234 M. L. Gasparov G. M. Bongard-Levin, Iz “Russkoi mysli” (From Russkaya Mysl’), St. Petersburg: Aleteiya, 2002, 232 pp. p. 236
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 238