Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2003, V 73, N 1.

Science and Society

K. Ya. Kondrat'ev, K. S. Losev, M. D. Ananicheva, and I. V. Chesnokova The Price of Russia's Environmental Services p. 1 M. A. Pal'tsev Biological Security p. 12
On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

V. M. Lobashev Measurements of the Mass of the Neutrino in Tritium Beta Decay p. 17 The Neutrino Mass: A Fundamental Problem of Physics Discussion at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences p. 26

A. S. Spirin Ribonucleic Acids: The Key Link of Living Matter p. 30
Point of View

A. I. Rakitov Science and Science Studies in the 21st Century p. 40

In the 21st Century Physics Will Still Be in the Vanguard p. 50

I. L. Andreev A Handless Dial p. 54

E. P. Velikhov From the Nuclear Bomb to Nuclear Power Stations On the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Academician I.V. Kurchatov p. 62 V. V. Rumyantsev Devotion to Science On the Centenary of the Birth of N.G. Chetaev, Corresponding Member, USSR Academy of Sciences p. 68 N. A. Chernoplekov A Beacon of the Age On the Centenary of the Birth of Academician A.P. Aleksandrov p. 75 V. S. Chesnokov Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: His Life and Discoveries p. 90
Discussion Forum

G. R. Ivanitskii A Delusion or a Hoax? p. 95 A. I. Vorob'ev A Commentary p. 100 K. P. Ivanov Pseudoscience Stems from Incompetence p. 101
Times and Mores: Memoirs, Letters, Diaries

N. V. Karlov Power of the Intellect p. 104
Letters to the Editor

D. S. L'vov From V.I. Vernadsky to N.N. Moiseev p. 110
Reflections on a New Book

G. A. Agranat Geography: The Achievements of a Science, the Success of a Scholar p. 111
In the Book World

L. I. Leont'ev Metallurgicheskie zavody Urala XVII-XX vv.: Entsiklopediya (Ural Metallurgical Works in the 17th-20th Centuries: Encyclopedia), Editor in Chief Academician V.V. Alekseev, Yekaterinburg: Akademkniga, 2001, 536 pp. p. 115 V. V. Dam'e XX vek. Kratkaya istoricheskaya entsiklopediya, t. 1 (The 20th Century: A Concise Historical Encyclopedia, vol. 1), Moscow: Nauka, 2001, 478 pp. p. 118 G. A. Shpil'ko Innovatsionnaya ekonomika (Innovational Economics), Moscow: Nauka, 2001, 294 pp. p. 120 V. V. Ermakov G.N. Saenko, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky: Uchenyi i myslitel' (Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky: Scientist and Thinker), Moscow: Nauka, 2002, 235 pp. p. 122
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 124