Herald of RAS, 2002, V 72, N 6.

Science and Society

A. B. Avakyan and M. N. Istomina Inundation as a Global Multiaspect Problem p. 583
Point of View

V. N. Parmon The Origin of Life: The Prebiotic Phase p. 592

R. S. Dzarasov The Anatomy of the Crisis in the Russian Economy p. 599

O. N. Kulaeva Academician A.L. Kursanov: The Labors and the Days On the Centenary of His Birth p. 610 V. L. Yanin An Historian Armed with a Shovel On the Centenary of the Birth of A. V. Artsikhovskii, Corresponding Member, USSR Academy of Sciences p. 614 V. S. Myasnikov and I. F. Popova Iakinf Bichurin's Contribution to Sinology On the 225th Anniversary of His Birth p. 620
Science Life

A. I. Grigor'ev Space Biology and Aerospace Medicine Today p. 628 A. L. Buchachenko and R. Z. Sagdeev Molecular Ferromagnetics: A New Area of Chemistry p. 633 L. Ya. Prokopenko and S. A. Spiridonova Africa in the Context of North-South Relations p. 635
Reflections on a New Book

V. L. Inozemtsev From "The End of History?" to "The Posthuman Future" p. 638 G. A. Eremenko Russia's Scientific and Technological Development Strategy p. 642 V. V. Beletskii A Great Man of the Past Century p. 646
Book Review

S. V. Yakovlev S.A. Ostroumov, Biologicheskie effekty pri vozdeistvii poverkhnostno-aktivnykh veshchestv na organismy (The Impact of Superficially Active Substances upon Organisms: The Biological Effects), Moscow: MAKS-Press, 2001, 334 pp. p. 653 I. V. Sledzevskii Ya.G. Shemyakin, Evropa i Latinskaya Amerika: Vzaimodeistvie tsivilizatsii v kontekste vsemirnoi istorii (Europe and Latin America: Interaction of Civilizations in World History), Moscow: Nauka, 2001, 391 pp. p. 655
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 658
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