Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2002, V 72, N 2.

General Meeting of the RAS

A Time of Great Expectations p. 129 On the Activities of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium in 1996-2001 p. 145 Time of Creation p. 152
Science and Society

The Problem is Regional but the Scale is National p. 157 N. L. Dobretsov Guidelines for the Long-Term Development Strategy of Siberia p. 158 V. V. Kuleshov The Socioeconomic Situation in Siberia p. 165 A. E. Kontorovich The Fuel and Power Complex of Siberia: a Pillar of Russia's Might p. 167 A. G. Granberg A Development Strategy for Siberia in the Context of National Policy p. 170 Discussion of the Reports p. 174 A. G. Granberg, L. M. Drobizheva, I. K. Komarov, and V. V. Sedov The Great Volga Route: an International Scientific Project p. 182
On the Rostrum of the RAS Presidium

V. N. Kudryavtsev The Morals of a Society in Transition p. 190

G. K. Shirokov The Realities of the Postindustrial World p. 202

V. I. Arnold The Mathematical Duel Apropos Bourbaki p. 207

A. L. Buchachenko The Ascension The Centenary of the Birth of Academician V. N. Kondratyev p. 212 Yu. A. Osip'yan A Classic Figure in the Physics of Metals Centenary of the Birth of Academician G.V. Kurdyumov p. 216 M. A. Khaldin and V. A. Tsyganov Our Bapak The Centenary of the Birth of Academician A. A. Guber p. 223

A. I. Salitskii Globalization: A View from the Celestial Empire p. 228
Science Life

E. A. Rybina Milestones of Past Centuries p. 234 S. L. Tikhvinskii Object of Study: China, Our Neighbor p. 237
Reflections on a New Book

L. N. Mitrokhin The Sobering Mirror of History p. 238
Book Review

V. B. Braginskii V.L. Ginzburg, O nauke, o sebe i o drugikh: Stat'i i vystupleniya (On Science, Myself and Other People: Articles and Speeches), Moscow: Fizmatgiz, 2001. 496 p. p. 242 G. B. Naumov and D. V. Rundkvist V.I. Vernadsky: Pro et Contra. An Anthology of Literature about V.I. Vernadsky over the Span of 100 Years (1898-1998). St. Petersburg: Ros. Khrist. Guman. Inst., 2000. 872 p. p. 243
Official Section

Awards and Prizes p. 246
At the End of the Issue

Of Those Whom I Remember-With a Smile From Academician V.L. Yanin's Collection p. 248