Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 9, September.

   Optical trapping  
Keir C. Neuman and Steven M. Block 
pp. 2787-2809 

   Transient torque method: A fast and nonintrusive
technique to simultaneously determine viscosity
and electrical conductivity of semiconducting
and metallic melts  
C. Li, H. Ban, B. Lin, R. N. Scripa, C.-H. Su, 
S. L. Lehoczky, and S. Zhu 
pp. 2810-2816 

   Inductive measurements of magnetic 
properties of ribbon materials  
J. H. Claassen, Matthew A. Willard, 
T. L. Francavilla, and Vincent G. Harris 
pp. 2817-2821 
   Digital imaging processing for biophysical applications  
Jorg Schilling, Erich Sackmann, and Andreas R. Bausch 
pp. 2822-2827 
   Measuring methods of cell performance of 
dye-sensitized solar cells  
Naoki Koide and Liyuan Han 
pp. 2828-2831 

   Resistive wall mode identification by contrast 
enhancing technique of soft x-ray 
measurements on DIII-D  
Ioan N. Bogatu, Dana H. Edgell, and Jin-Soo Kim 
pp. 2832-2842 

   Design and fabrication of physical vapor
transport system for the growth of SiC crystals  
G. Dhanaraj, M. Dudley, R.-H. Ma, H. Zhang,
and V. Prasad 
pp. 2843-2847 

   Design and operational characteristics of a 
cast steel mass spectrometer  
Gene Q. Blantocas, Henry J. Ramos, 
and Motoi Wada 
pp. 2848-2853 

   Enhanced microchannel plate performance 
at high particle fluxes by pulsed exposure 
mode of operation  
M. R. Tournianski, P. G. Carolan, and R. J. Akers 
pp. 2854-2859 

   Characteristics of a miniature parallel-plate 
free-air ionization chamber for measuring the
intensity of synchrotron radiation from an undulator  
Nobuteru Nariyama 
pp. 2860-2862 

   Optical microphone: New results  
Mauro Henrique de Paula, Agleison Ramos Omido, 
Daniel Freitas de Queiroz Schumaher, and 
Hevelyne Henn da Gama 
pp. 2863-2864 

   Characterizations of symmetry and asymmetry
high-density gas jets without Abel inversion  
Changbum Kim, Guang-Hoon Kim, Jong-Uk Kim,
In Soo Ko, and Hyyong Suk 
pp. 2865-2868 

   Determination of thermal diffusivity in a disk shaped 
sample using edge heating applications to Stainless Steel  
Segolene M. Brantschen, R. Michael Banish, 
and Francis C. Wessling 
pp. 2869-2875 

   Chromatic characterization of a three-channel 
colorimeter using back-propagation neural networks  
P. J. Pardo, A. L. Perez, and M. I. Suero 
pp. 2876-2879 

   A power-efficient thermocycler based on induction 
heating for DNA amplification by polymerase chain reaction  
Debjani Pal, V. Venkataraman, K. Naga Mohan, 
H. Sharat Chandra, and Vasant Natarajan 
pp. 2880-2883 
   Resistive substrate heater for film processing
 by spray pyrolysis  
B. Rousseau, D. De Barros, J. La Manna, F. Weiss,
G. Duneau, P. Odier, D. De Sousa Meneses, 
Y. Auger, P. Melin, and P. Echegut 
pp. 2884-2886 

   Signal processing in photoacoustic detection of 
phase transitions by means of the autospectra 
correlation-based method: Evaluation with ceramic BaTiO3  
E. V. Mejia-Uriarte, M. Navarrete, and M. Villagran-Muniz 
pp. 2887-2891 

   Design of a confocal microfluidic particle sorter
using fluorescent photon burst detection  
Beno H. Kunst, Arjen Schots, and Antonie J. W. G. Visser 
pp. 2892-2898 

   Automated system for the study of volume 
holographic recording  
J. M. Gonzalez-Leal, P. Krecmer, J. Prokop, and S. R. Elliott 
pp. 2899-2902 

   Reduction of spurious resonance peaks in 
 microcantilever tuning through substrate 
 contact surface reduction  
J. D. Adams, D. York, and N. Whisman 
pp. 2903-2905 
   Phase mask based interferometer: Operation principle, 
 performance, and application to thermoelastic phenomena  
C. Glorieux, J. D. Beers, E. H. Bentefour,
K. Van de Rostyne, and Keith A. Nelson 
pp. 2906-2920 

   Wavelength-specific laser-activated switches for
 improved contrast ratio in generation of short THz pulses  
M. F. Doty, B. E. Cole, B. T. King, and M. S. Sherwin 
pp. 2921-2925 

   Pulsed Orotron—A new microwave source for
submillimeter pulse high-field electron 
paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy  
Yu. A. Grishin, M. R. Fuchs, A. Schnegg, 
A. A. Dubinskii, B. S. Dumesh, F. S. Rusin, 
V. L. Bratman, and K. Mobius 
pp. 2926-2936 

   Combining optical tweezers and patch 
clamp for studies of cell membrane electromechanics  
Feng Qian, Sergey Ermilov, David Murdock, 
William E. Brownell, and Bahman Anvari 
pp. 2937-2942 

   Accurate determination of the thickness or mass
 per unit area of thin foils and single-crystal wafers 
 for x-ray attenuation measurements  
C. Q. Tran, C. T. Chantler, Z. Barnea, 
and M. D. de Jonge 
pp. 2943-2949 

   Bottom electrode crystallization method for 
heat treatments on thin films  
E. Joanni, A. I. Mardare, C. C. Mardare, 
and M. B. Marques 
pp. 2950-2954 

   Millisecond time resolution neutron 
reflection from a nematic liquid crystal  
R. M. Dalgliesh, Y. G. J. Lau, 
R. M. Richardson, and D. J. Riley 
pp. 2955-2959 

   Optical tweezers and confocal microscopy 
for simultaneous three-dimensional manipulation 
and imaging in concentrated colloidal dispersions  
Dirk L. J. Vossen, Astrid van der Horst, 
Marileen Dogterom, and Alfons van Blaaderen 
pp. 2960-2970 

   Variable-temperature scanning optical
and force microscope  
P. S. Fodor, H. Zhu, N. G. Patil, and J. Jevy 
pp. 2971-2975 

   Projection ablation lithography cathode 
for high-current, relativistic magnetron  
M. C. Jones, V. B. Neculaes, R. M. Gilgenbach,
W. M. White, M. R. Lopez, Y. Y. Lau, 
T. A. Spencer, and D. Price 
pp. 2976-2980 

  H detector system for the Helically 
Symmetric Experiment  
S. P. Gerhardt, J. M. Canik, D. T. Anderson,
and L. Owen 
pp. 2981-2984 

   Errors in thermochromic liquid crystal
Roland Wiberg and Noam Lior 
pp. 2985-2994 

   Observation of magnetohydrodynamic 
instability and direct measurement of local 
perturbed magnetic field using motional 
Stark effect diagnostic  
R. J. Jayakumar, M. A. Makowski, S. L. Allen, 
M. E. Austin, A. M. Garofalo, R. J. LaHaye, 
H. Reimerdes, and T. L. Rhodes 
pp. 2995-3001 

   Feasibility of a motional Stark effect 
system on the TCV tokamak  
M. R. Siegrist, N. Hawkes, and H. Weisen 
pp. 3002-3009 

   Mechanical effect of gold nanoparticles
labeling used for biochemical sensor applications: 
A multimode analysis by means of SiNx
micromechanical cantilever and bridge mass detectors  
D. Saya, L. Nicu, M. Guirardel, Y. Tauran,
and C. Bergaud 
pp. 3010-3015 

   Evaluation of resolution of flexure parallel 
mechanisms for ultraprecision manipulation  
Huy-Hoang Pham and I-Ming Chen 
pp. 3016-3024 

   Sputter erosion measurements of titanium
and molybdenum by cavity ring-down spectroscopy  
V. Surla, P. J. Wilbur, M. Johnson, 
J. D. Williams, and A. P. Yalin 
pp. 3025-3030 

   Sub-pico-Newton shear-force feedback system
in air and liquid for scanning probe microscopy  
Philippe Giaccari, Omar Sqalli, and 
Hans G. Limberger 
pp. 3031-3033 

   Compact electron beam ion source with 
high-TC bulk superconductors  
Nobuyuki Nakamura, Yoichi Nakai, 
Yasuyuki Kanai, Ken-ichiro Komaki, 
Atsumi Endo, and Yasunori Yamazaki 
pp. 3034-3038 

   Simple ortho-para hydrogen and para-ortho
deuterium converter for matrix isolation
Lester Andrews and Xuefeng Wang 
pp. 3039-3044 

   Simple force balance 
accelerometer/seismometer based on a 
tuning fork displacement sensor  
D. Stuart-Watson and J. Tapson 
pp. 3045-3049 

   A three-dimensional electron spin
 resonance microscope  
Aharon Blank, Curt R. Dunnam,
Peter P. Borbat, and Jack H. Freed 
pp. 3050-3061 

   A multiparameter data acquisition 
system based on universal serial bus
interface for electron momentum spectrometer  
C. G. Ning, J. K. Deng, G. L. Su, 
H. Zhou, and X. G. Ren 
pp. 3062-3064 

   Rapid and convenient method for 
preparing masters for microcontact
printing with 1–12  µm features  
Lloyd W. Zilch, Ghaleb A. Husseini, 
Yit-Yian Lua, Michael V. Lee, Kevin R. Gertsch,
Bennion R. Cannon, Robert M. Perry, 
Eric T. Sevy, Matthew C. Asplund, 
Adam T. Woolley, and Matthew R. Linford 
pp. 3065-3067 

   Development of multicathode high
 flux metal ion plasma sources in Korea  
Do-Yun Kim, Eui-Wan Lee, and
Myoung-Bok Lee 
pp. 3068-3070 

   Phase boundary detection for 
dilution refrigerators  
E. ter Haar and R. V. Martin 
pp. 3071-3073 

   Thermal contact conductance 
between solid interfaces under low 
temperature and vacuum  
Youming Xiao, Heng Sun, Lie Xu,
Haidong Feng, and Hongmei Zhu 
pp. 3074-3076 

   High performance laser shutter
using a hard disk drive voice-coil actuator  
L. P. Maguire, S. Szilagyi, and R. E. Scholten 
pp. 3077-3079