Review of Scientific Instruments, 2000, V 71, N 9.


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Design of an optical cell for pulse radiolysis of supercritical water Kenji Takahashi, Jason A. Cline, David M. Bartels, and Charles D.Jonah pp. 3345-3350 Plasma generation and confinement in a toroidal magnetic cusp J. Egedal, A. Fasoli, M. Porkolab, and D. Tarkowski pp. 3351-3361 Simulating a Maxwellian plasma using an electron beam ion trap D. W. Savin, P. Beiersdorfer, S. M. Kahn, B. R. Beck, G. V. Brown, M. F. Gu, D. A. Liedahl, and J. H. Scofield pp. 3362-3372 Simple and inexpensive current-driven magnetic multipole plasma homogenizer P. Machima, M. M. M. Bilek, O. R. Monteiro, and I. G. Brown pp. 3373-3376 Simultaneous measurements of plasma parameters in the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Tokamak using a new low cost optoisolator J. Ghosh, P. K. Chattopadhyay, R. Pal, B. Bal, and P. S. Bhattacharya pp. 3377-3381 Probe measurements of electron temperature and density in strongly magnetized plasma S. V. Ratynskaia, V. I. Demidov, and K. Rypdal pp. 3382-3384 Simultaneous soft x-ray emissivity profile measurements in poloidally separate locations of the Alcator C-Mod edge plasma T. Sunn Pedersen and R. S. Granetz pp. 3385-3390 Application of Thomson scattering to identify ion acoustic waves stimulated by the Langmuir decay instability S. Depierreux, C. Labaune, J. Fuchs, and H. A. Baldis pp. 3391-3401 Stationary uniform plasmas by electron cyclotron heating in a linear multipole Masayuki Fukao, Tamotsu Mizuno, Yoshiharu Saito, and Hironobu Matsuo pp. 3402-3408
A new method for searching for free fractional charge particles in bulk matter Dinesh Loomba, Valerie Halyo, Eric R. Lee, Irwin T. Lee, Peter C. Kim, and Martin L. Perl pp. 3409-3414
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Triode electron bombardment evaporation source for ultrahigh vacuum thin film deposition R. Verucchi and S. Nannarone pp. 3444-3450 Multichannel ellipsometer for real time spectroscopy of thin film deposition from 1.5 to 6.5 eV J. A. Zapien, R. W. Collins, and R. Messier pp. 3451-3460 Using the speed of sound for in situ calibration of mass flow controllers Abdul Wajid pp. 3461-3463 Ultrasonic stress measurement using PC based and commercial flaw detectors Auteliano A. Santos and Don E. Bray pp. 3464-3469 Extension of frequency spectrum methods for phase velocity measurements in ultrasonic testing M. J. Lang, M. Duarte-Dominguez, and W. Arnold pp. 3470-3473 Electromechanical magnetization measurements at ultralow temperatures and high magnetic fields Takuo Sakon and Mitsuhiro Motokawa pp. 3474-3477 Highly sensitive reflection high-energy electron diffraction measurement by use of micro-channel imaging plate Koichiro Saiki, Takaomi Kono, Keiji Ueno, and Atsushi Koma pp. 3478-3479 Langmuir–Taylor surface ionization of alkali (Li, Na, K) and alkaline earth (Ca, Sr, Ba) atoms attached to helium droplets F. Stienkemeier, M. Wewer, F. Meier, and H. O. Lutz pp. 3480-3484
Ultraviolet mini-Raman lidar for stand-off, in situ identification of chemical surface contaminants Mark D. Ray, Arthur J. Sedlacek, and Ming Wu pp. 3485-3489 Electric field induced second harmonic generation with and without fringes G. Meshulam, G. Berkovic, Z. Kotler, and A. Sa'ar pp. 3490-3493 Laser induced fluorescence measurements of dissolved oxygen concentration fields near air bubble surfaces Sabita Roy and Steve R. Duke pp. 3494-3501 Temperature programmed desorption using time-of-flight mass spectrometry C. Kim, X.-M. Yan, and J. M. White pp. 3502-3505 Photopyroelectric thermal wave setup for the absolute measurement of the thermal conductivity of low density gases J. Caerels, C. Glorieux, and J. Thoen pp. 3506-3512 An equipment for three-dimensional spatially resolved gas analysis M. Johansson, I. Lundström, and L.-G. Ekedahl pp. 3513-3521
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A newly developed low drift fast response salinity meter A. A. Bidokhti pp. 3539-3542
Matrix readout scheme for superconducting tunnel junction arrays D. D. E. Martin, A. Peacock, P. Verhoeve, A. Poelaert, and R. Venn pp. 3543-3551 A simplified six-port model in the radio frequency regime F. J. Blok and J. W. J. Verschuur pp. 3552-3558 A high-bandwidth electrical waveform generator based on an aperture-coupled stripline M. D. Skeldon pp. 3559-3566
A liquid nitrogen immersion cryostat for optical measurements Steven S. Andrews and Steven G. Boxer pp. 3567-3569 Highly accurate smoothing filter H. Flores-Llamas pp. 3570-3578 Ultrasonic imaging, particle detection, and V(z) measurements in molten zinc using focused clad buffer rods I. Ihara, C.-K. Jen, and D. Ramos França pp. 3579-3586 Measurement of friction drag force on discontinuous glass and polymer fibers Riccardo Tresso and David R. Munoz pp. 3587-3594

An ultralow supply voltage circuit for driving blue light emitting diodes Tai-Shan Liao and Chun-Ming Chang pp. 3595-3596