Review of Scientific Instruments, 1998, V 69, N 9, September 1998



A compact rotating-mirror autocorrelator design for femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses
D. M. Riffe, A. J. Sabbah
pp. 3099-3102

A velocity interferometer system for any reflector utilizing a short coherence length laser
M. J. Lwin, G. G. Voevodkin, P. D. Killen, N. W. Page, J. M. Bell
pp. 3103-3105

Soft-x-ray transmission photoelectron spectromicroscopy with the MEPHISTO system
Gelsomina De Stasio, B. Gilbert, Luca Perfetti, O. Fauchoux, A. Valiquer, T. Nelson, M. Capozi, P. A. Baudat, F. Cerrina, Z. Chen, P. Perfetti, B. P. Tonner, G. Margaritondo
pp. 3106-3108

High resolution inelastic x-ray scattering spectrometer at the advanced photon source
M. Schwoerer-Böhning, A. T. Macrander, P. M. Abbamonte, D. A. Arms
pp. 3109-3112

5–20 keV laser-induced x-ray generation at 1 kHz from a liquid-jet target
R. J. Tompkins, I. P. Mercer, M. Fettweis, C. J. Barnett, D. R. Klug, Lord G. Porter, I. Clark, S. Jackson, P. Matousek, A. W. Parker, M. Towrie
pp. 3113-3117

Fast pulsed hollow cathode capillary discharge device
P. Choi, M. Favre
pp. 3118-3122

Michelson fiberoptic accelerometer
Caihe Chen, Guilan Ding, Delong Zhang, Yuming Cui, Shuqing Li
pp. 3123-3126

A simple high pressure flow cell for on-line absorption, Raman, and time resolved laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy in supercritical fluids
R. Shane Addleman, J. Ward Hills, Chien M. Wai
pp. 3127-3131

An intense atomic hydrogen source with a movable nozzle output
B. P. Paolini, M. A. Khakoo
pp. 3132-3135

Advances in Stark effect measurements in a molecular beam Fourier transform microwave spectrometer
Daniela Consalvo
pp. 3136-3141


Background correction in electron-ion coincidence experiments using a self-optimizing, pseudorandom count generator
Ivan Powis, Peter Downie
pp. 3142-3145

Polarization lifetime near an induced depolarizing resonance
B. von Przewoski, J. Doskow, M. Dzemidzic, H. O. Meyer, R. E. Pollock, T. Rinckel, F. Sperisen, P. Thörngren Engblom, W. W. Daehnick, R. W. Flammang, Swapan K. Saha, B. Lorentz, P. Quin, B. Schwartz, T. Wise et al.
pp. 3146-3148

Parameters of the discharge plasma of surface-plasma H ion sources
V. V. Antsiferov
pp. 3149-3154


Background measurement with constant detector geometry in positronium three quanta annihilation experiments
G. Consolati
pp. 3155-3158

Natural crystals selection process for neutron diffraction applications
R. Stasiulevicius, C. Rodrigues, C. B. R. Parente
pp. 3159-3164

Diagnostic method for radial electric fields in Tokamaks by the observation of ripple-trapped ions
Winfried Herrmann, ASDEX Upgrade Team
pp. 3165-3175

A novel electro-optical probe to diagnose plasma uniformity
M. Sarfaty, M. Harper, N. Hershkowitz
pp. 3176-3180

Versatile millimeter-wave interferometer with two frequencies in the divertor region of JT-60U
H. Takenaga, T. Fukuda, S. Sakurai, N. Hosogane, K. Kodama, K. Masaki
pp. 3181-3185

Imaging of laser produced plasma at 1.43 keV using Fresnel zone plate and Bragg–Fresnel lens
Gilles Cauchon, Muriel Pichet-Thomasset, Richard Sauneuf, Pierre Dhez, Mourad Idir, Marc Ollivier, Philippe Troussel, Jean-Yves Boutin, Jean-Pierre Le Breton
pp. 3186-3193

Production and acceleration of tracer encapsulated solid pellets for particle transport diagnostics
K. V. Khlopenkov, S. Sudo
pp. 3194-3198


Torsion cantilever as magnetic torque sensor
C. Rossel, M. Willemin, A. Gasser, H. Bothuizen, G. I. Meijer, H. Keller
pp. 3199-3203

An alternative approach to vector vibrating sample magnetometer detection coil setup
E. O. Samwel, T. Bolhuis, J. C. Lodder
pp. 3204-3209

Thulium-doped intrinsic fiber optic sensor for high temperature measurements ( > 1100 °C)
Zhi-Yi Zhang, K. T. V. Grattan, A. W. Palmer, B. T. Meggitt
pp. 3210-3214

Optical fiber velocimetry: A technique for measuring velocity in two-dimensional flows
M. Rivera, A. Belmonte, W. I. Goldburg, X. L. Wu, H. Kellay
pp. 3215-3222

Software corrected hot wire thermal lag for the constant voltage anemometer featuring a constant bandwidth at the selected compensation setting
Garimella R. Sarma, Genevieve Comte-Bellot, Thierry M. Faure
pp. 3223-3231

Measurement of thin liquid film drainage using a novel high-speed impedance analyzer
Kevin O. Hool, Robert C. Saunders, Harry J. Ploehn
pp. 3232-3239


A multipurpose scanning near-field optical microscope: Reflectivity and photocurrent on semiconductor and biological samples
A. Cricenti, R. Generosi, C. Barchesi, M. Luce, M. Rinaldi
pp. 3240-3244

An in-situ hot stage for temperature-dependent tapping-modeTM atomic force microscopy
S. G. Prilliman, A. M. Kavanagh, E. C. Scher, S. T. Robertson, K. S. Hwang, V. L. Colvin
pp. 3245-3250

A high-speed variable-temperature ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope
C. Y. Nakakura, V. M. Phanse, G. Zheng, G. Bannon, E. I. Altman,K. P. Lee
pp. 3251-3258

Control circuit for a scanning tunneling microscope
Raúl C. Munoz, Paolo Villagra, Germán Kremer, Luis Moraga, Guillermo Vidal
pp. 3259-3267

Automatic lateral calibration of tunneling microscope scanners
Rostislav V. Lapshin
pp. 3268-3276

A novel design of piezo-driven dual-dimension optical scanning mechanism
S. H. Chang, Y. C. Tung
pp. 3277-3282


A new data processing method to determine accurate density and size distribution of defects by bright field infrared laser interferometer (optical precipitate profiler)
Katsuhiko Nakai, Atsuki Matsumura, Hirofumi Harada
pp. 3283-3289

A correlation function for thermal properties estimation applied to a large thickness sample with a single surface sensor
S. M. M. Lima e Silva, M. A. V. Duarte, G. Guimarães
pp. 3290-3297

``Millikelvin-stabilized cell'' for x-ray diffraction measurements with a function of sensing thermal anomalies
K. Tozaki, C. Ishii, O. Izuhara, N. Tsuda, Y. Yoshimura, H. Iwasaki, Y. Noda, A. Kojima
pp. 3298-3299

A simplified method for accuracy estimation of nuclear magnetic resonant imaginga)
D. F. Arola, R. L. Powell, G. A. Barrall, M. J. McCarthy
pp. 3300-3307

A high-accuracy, calibration-free technique for measuring the electrical conductivity of liquids
Susan L. Schiefelbein, Naomi A. Fried, Kevin G. Rhoads, Donald R. Sadoway
pp. 3308-3313

Integrated mass spectrometer–microreactor system for the in situ investigation of oxide semiconductor sensors
R. Bene, G. Hárs, I. V. Perczel, F. Réti
pp. 3314-3319

Calorimetric apparatus for alternating current loss measurements on high-temperature superconductors
N. Magnusson, S. Hörnfeldt
pp. 3320-3325

A new radiative heater for high Tc thin film growth
M. Badaye, M. Gardner, A. Wong, P. Dosanjh, D. Bonn, W. N. Hardy
pp. 3326-3330

Temperature-induced reflectivity changes and activation of hydrogen sensitive optically thin palladium films on silicon oxide
Kyriacos Kalli, Andreas Othonos, Constantinos Christofides, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Ingemar Lundström
pp. 3331-3338

Lubricant film thickness mapping using a capacitance technique on magnetic thin-film rigid disks
Chris D. Hahm, Bharat Bhushan
pp. 3339-3349

1 nm x-ray lithography using novel mask fabrication technique
G. J. Berry, J. A. Cairns, M. R. Davidson, D. R. G. Rodley, J. Thomson, I. C. E. Turcu, W. Shaikh
pp. 3350-3352

Deposition probe technique for the determination of film thickness uniformity
M. M. M. Bilek, I. G. Brown
pp. 3353-3356


A versatile pulsed X-band ENDOR spectrometer
J. J. Shane, I. Gromov, S. Vega, D. Goldfarb
pp. 3357-3364

Microwave temperature-jump nuclear magnetic resonance system for aqueous solutions
Masaru Kawakami, Kazuyuki Akasaka
pp. 3365-3369

A two-thermocouple probe technique for estimating thermocouple time constants in flows with combustion: In situ parameter identification of a first-order lag system
M. Tagawa, T. Shimoji, Y. Ohta
pp. 3370-3378

Photoacoustic measurements for catalytic effects of perovskite electrodes in a sealed-off CO2 discharge tube
Sung-Ho Kim, Joong-Gill Choi, Ung-In Cho
pp. 3379-3383


Methods for the analysis and design of a solid state nuclear magnetic resonance probe
John A. Stringer, Gary P. Drobny
pp. 3384-3391

Thermal parameters of dental materials determined by photoacoustic phase lag measurements
C. A. Pelá, S. Rocha, E. de Paula, O. Baffa
pp. 3392-3397


New high-temperature rotational rheometer for silicate melts, magmatic suspensions, and emulsions
D. J. Stein, F. J. Spera
pp. 3398-3402


The design and sensitivity of microwave frequency optical heterodyne receivers
S. J. Bingham, B. Börger, D. Suter, A. J. Thomson
pp. 3403-3409

Scanned perturbation technique for imaging electromagnetic standing wave patterns of microwave cavities
Ali Gokirmak, Dong-Ho Wu, J. S. A. Bridgewater, Steven M. Anlage
pp. 3410-3417

Bipolar programmable current supply for superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance magnets
Jaakko Koivuniemi, Reeta Luusalo, Pertti Hakonen
pp. 3418-3425

Improving the luminance and luminous efficacy of miniature fluorescent lamps for liquid crystal display backlighting by using a double frequency drive
T. Shiga, S. Mikoshiba, F. L. Curzon, S. Shinada
pp. 3426-3432


Improving thermal insulation in high-pressure experiments
Bertil Sundqvist
pp. 3433-3434

Real time interferometric measurement of the parameters of a mechanical oscillator
Brenda E. Olivos-Fuentes, Luis Gutiérrez, Alejandro Morales
pp. 3435-3436

Mass analysis of negative ions in etching plasma
Naoki Mizutani, Yasushi Nagata, Akira Kubo, Toshio Hayashi
pp. 3437-3438

Simple device and reproducible approach for producing high efficiency optical fiber tips for a scanning near-field optical microscope
X. Liu, J. Wang, D. Li
pp. 3439-3440