Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 8, August.


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Production and characterization of polymer microcantilevers Andrew W. McFarland, Mark A. Poggi, Lawrence A. Bottomley, and Jonathan S. Colton pp. 2756-2758 Choosing a preamplifier for tuning fork signal detection in scanning force microscopy C. L. Jahncke, O. Brandt, K. E. Fellows, and H. D. Hallen pp. 2759-2761 Counting photoelectrons in the response of a photomultiplier tube to single picosecond light pulses Guido Zambra, Maria Bondani, Alessandro S. Spinelli, Fabio Paleari, and Alessandra Andreoni pp. 2762-2765 Compact high-voltage generator of primary power based on shock wave depolarization of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics Sergey I. Shkuratov, Evgueni F. Talantsev, Latika Menon, Henryk Temkin, Jason Baird, and Larry L. Altgilbers pp. 2766-2769 Apparatus for high temperature magnetostriction measurement of bulk samples B. E. Lorenz and C. D. Graham, Jr. pp. 2770-2772

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