Review of Scientific Instruments, 2003, V 74, N 8, August


Methods of single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy W. E. Moerner and David P. Fromm pp. 3597-3619

Wavelength reference for optical telecommunications based on a temperature-tunable silicon etalon Jesse Tuominen, Tapio Niemi, and Hanne Ludvigsen pp. 3620-3623 Real time femtosecond optical pulse measurement using a video-rate frequency-resolved optical gating system J. Garduno-Mejia, E. Ramsay, A. Greenaway, and D. T. Reid pp. 3624-3627 Optimization of a rod pinch diode radiography source at 2.3 MV P. R. Menge, D. L. Johnson, J. E. Maenchen, D. C. Rovang, B. V. Oliver, D. V. Rose, and D. R. Welch pp. 3628-3635 Cellophane as a half-wave plate and its use for converting a laptop computer screen into a three-dimensional display Keigo Iizuka pp. 3636-3639
Design of improved magnetic channel for superconducting cyclotrons by the random search method P. R. Sarma pp. 3640-3644
Real-time fringe correction algorithm for the JET interferometer P. Innocente, D. Mazon, E. Joffrin, and M. Riva pp. 3645-3652
Simultaneous atomic force microscopy measurement of topography and contact resistance of metal films and carbon nanotubes M. Stadermann, H. Grube, J. J. Boland, S. J. Papadakis, M. R. Falvo, R. Superfine, and S. Washburn pp. 3653-3655 High-sensitivity noncontact atomic force microscope/scanning tunneling microscope (nc AFM/STM) operating at subangstrom oscillation amplitudes for atomic resolution imaging and force spectroscopy A. Oral, R. A. Grimble, H. O. Ozer, and J. B. Pethica pp. 3656-3663 Actively stabilized optical feedback scheme for very stable, high sensitivity shear-force measurement Heeseong Jeong, Noh-Min Kwak, Hyeongjun Huh, and Kyuman Cho pp. 3664-3669 Enhancement of the weak scattered signal in apertureless near-field scanning infrared microscopy Larissa Stebounova, Boris B. Akhremitchev, and Gilbert C. Walker pp. 3670-3674 Tip–sample distance control for near-field scanning microwave microscopes Myung Sik Kim, Songhui Kim, Jooyoung Kim, Kiejin Lee, Barry Friedman, Jin-Tae Kim, and Jaekwang Lee pp. 3675-3678 Formation of fine near-field scanning optical microscopy tips. Part I. By static and dynamic chemical etching Alexander Lazarev, Nicholas Fang, Qi Luo, and Xiang Zhang pp. 3679-3683 Formation of fine near-field scanning optical microscopy tips. Part II. By laser-heated pulling and bending Alexander Lazarev, Nicholas Fang, Qi Luo, and Xiang Zhang pp. 3684-3688
Investigation of microfabrication of diamond-like film via focused ion beam milling Yongqi Fu, Ngoi Kok Ann Bryan, and Dongzhu Xie pp. 3689-3692 Thick photorefractive polymer device with coplanar electrodes Yoshio Hayasaki, Naofumi Ishikura, Hirotsugu Yamamoto, and Nobuo Nishida pp. 3693-3696 Enhancement of implantation energy using a conducting grid in plasma immersion ion implantation of dielectric/polymeric materials Ricky K. Y. Fu, Xiubo Tian, and Paul K. Chu pp. 3697-3700 Resolution enhancement of scanning four-point-probe measurements on two-dimensional systems Torben M. Hansen, Kurt Stokbro, Ole Hansen, Tue Hassenkam, Ichiro Shiraki, Shuji Hasegawa, and Peter Boggild pp. 3701-3708 Spectral analytical system for measuring time-resolved spectra of materials under shock Qixian Peng, Shaolou Hu, and Jingyou Tang pp. 3709-3711 High-pressure ultrasonic setup using the Paris–Edinburgh press: Elastic properties of single crystalline germanium up to 6 GPa Michel Gauthier, Davy Lheureux, Frederic Decremps, Myriam Fischer, Jean Paul Itie, Gerard Syfosse, and Alain Polian pp. 3712-3716 High-temperature furnace for dynamic neutron radiography Andreas Kahle, Bjorn Winkler, Bernard Hennion, and Philippe Boutrouille pp. 3717-3721 Thermal stresses in the reflective x-ray optics for the Linac Coherent Light Source D. D. Ryutov pp. 3722-3725 Powder x-ray diffraction system with a curved monochromator for high-pressure and low-temperature use Eisuke Suzuki and Shoichi Endo pp. 3726-3729 Laser-based speed of sound measurements in water and aqueous D, L, and DL alanine solutions Andrew T. Fischer and Robert N. Compton pp. 3730-3734 Compact room-temperature induction magnetometer with superconducting quantum interference device level field sensitivity R. J. Prance, T. D. Clark, and H. Prance pp. 3735-3739 Switching current measurements of large area Josephson tunnel junctions A. Wallraff, A. Lukashenko, C. Coqui, A. Kemp, T. Duty, and A. V. Ustinov pp. 3740-3748
Electrostatic hexapole state selector: Honeycomb field for integrating intensity of oriented molecular beams Y. Shimizu, D.-C. Che, M. Hashinokuchi, T. Fukuyama, M. Suzui, M. Watanabe, and T. Kasai pp. 3749-3752 Ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopy for effluent analysis in a molten salt electrochemical cell J. F. Moore, M. J. Pellin, W. F. Calaway, and J. N. Hryn pp. 3753-3757 Compact high pressure unit for ultraviolet-visible-near-infrared spectroscopic measurements at pressures up to 400 MPa Achim Zahl, Peter Igel, Manfred Weller, Dimitri E. Khoshtariya, Mohamed S. A. Hamza, and Rudi van Eldik pp. 3758-3762 Suppression of hot electrons in threshold photoelectron photoion coincidence spectroscopy using velocity focusing optics Balint Sztaray and Tomas Baer pp. 3763-3768 Development of a photoionization spectrometer for accurate ion yield measurements from gaseous fullerenes T. Mori, J. Kou, M. Ono, Y. Haruyama, Y. Kubozono, and K. Mistuke pp. 3769-3773 Real-time atomic absorption mercury continuous emission monitor Daniel S. Zamzow, Stanley J. Bajic, David E. Eckels, David P. Baldwin, Chris Winterrowd, and Robert Keeney pp. 3774-3783 Performance of electrochemical probes for local void fraction measurement in air-water flows L. S. Timkin, N. Riviere, A. Cartellier, and O. N. Kashinsky pp. 3784-3786
Mode-cleaning and injection optics of the gravitational-wave detector GEO600 S. Go?ler, M. M. Casey, A. Freise, A. Grant, H. Grote, G. Heinzel, M. Heurs, M. E. Husman, K. Kotter, V. Leonhardt, H. Luck, M. Malec, K. Mossavi, S. Nagano, P. W. McNamara et al. pp. 3787-3795 VIRTIS-M flight lamps R. Melchiorri, G. Piccioni, and A. Mazzoni pp. 3796-3801 Controlling a telescope chopping secondary mirror assembly using a signal deconvolution technique Martin Houde, Lynn C. Holt, Hiroshige Yoshida, and Patrick M. Nelson pp. 3802-3806
Time-division superconducting quantum interference device multiplexer for transition-edge sensors Piet A. J. de Korte, Joern Beyer, Steve Deiker, Gene C. Hilton, Kent D. Irwin, Mike MacIntosh, Sae Woo Nam, Carl D. Reintsema, Leila R. Vale, and Martin E. Huber pp. 3807-3815 Laser diode current controller with a high level of protection against electromagnetic interference Josef Lazar, Petr Jedlicka, Ondrej Cip, and Bohdan Ruzicka pp. 3816-3819
Temperature determination for nanosecond pulsed laser heating Sandeep Rekhi, Jacques Tempere, and Isaac F. Silvera pp. 3820-3825 Method for designing a temperature measurement system using two phase-locked loops S. S. Huang and M. S. Young pp. 3826-3831 Development of an all-optical infrared modulator and its application to fiber optic thermometry Mitsunori Saito, Takashi Nishikawa, and Mitsunobu Shishido pp. 3832-3837 Microrheology: Structural evolution under static and dynamic conditions by simultaneous analysis of confocal microscopy and diffusing wave spectroscopy Yves Nicolas, Marcel Paques, Alexandra Knaebel, Alain Steyer, Jean-Pierre Munch, Theo B. J. Blijdenstein, and George A. van Aken pp. 3838-3844
Quartz crystal resonators with atomically smooth surfaces for use in contact mechanics Steffen Berg, Marina Ruths, and Diethelm Johannsmann pp. 3845-3852 Square root data compression Robert A. Gowen and Alan Smith pp. 3853-3861 Implementing of a precision fast thermoelectric cooler controller using a personal computer parallel port connection and ADN8830 controller Eli Flaxer pp. 3862-3873 Space applications of microelectromechanical systems: Southwest Research Institute® vacuum microprobe facility and initial vacuum test results D. J. McComas, G. P. Miller, J. N. Mitchell, S. E. Pope, and P. W. Valek pp. 3874-3878

Robust and inexpensive thermal vaporizer for low-vapor pressure liquids Z. G. Xiao pp. 3879-3880 Capillary nozzles for liquid-jet laser-plasma x-ray sources J. de Groot, G. A. Johansson, and H. M. Hertz pp. 3881-3882 Fiber-optic thermometer using Cr-doped YAlO3 sensor head H. Uchiyama, H. Aizawa, T. Katsumata, S. Komuro, T. Morikawa, and E. Toba pp. 3883-3885 High frequency pulser-sustainer for preionization in dc excited continuous wave CO2 lasers Anagha Mokhariwale, Ram Bahadur, and S. V. Deshmukh pp. 3886-3888 Apertureless near-field scanning optical microscope based on a quartz tuning fork Y. De Wilde, F. Formanek, and L. Aigouy pp. 3889-3891

Publisher's Note: "Some critical remarks about the article `A simple air wedge shearing interferometer for studying exploding wires' " [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74, 3190 (2003)] G. S. Sarkisov p. 3892