Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 7, July.

Cantilever transducers as a platform for chemical and
biological sensors  
Nickolay V. Lavrik, Michael J. Sepaniak, and
Panos G. Datskos 
pp. 2229-2253 

Two-color heterodyne optical zooming method for
nanometer measurement  
Guanhao Wu and Lijiang Zeng 
pp. 2254-2256 

Method for acquiring extended real-time kinetic 
signals in nanosecond laser flash photolysis experiments  
Andrea Banderini, Silvia Sottini, and Cristiano Viappiani 
pp. 2257-2261 

Spherical sapphire single-crystal synthesis by aerodynamic
levitation with high growth rate  
Yasutomo Arai, Tomotsugu Aoyama, and Shinichi Yoda 
pp. 2262-2265 

Measurement of the group-delay dispersion of femtosecond
optics using white-light interferometry  
Tayyab Imran, Kyung-Han Hong, Tae Jun Yu, and Chang Hee Nam 
pp. 2266-2270 

Design of a thermostimulated creep measurement system using
magnetic fields for polymers  
Dogan Ogreten, Laurent Delbreilh, and Colette Lacabanne 
pp. 2271-2275 

Parallel-plate ion trap useful for optical studies of microp  
Masahide Tona and Masahiro Kimura 
pp. 2276-2279 

An apparatus for imaging liquids, cells, and other wet samples
in the scanning electron microscopy  
S. Thiberge, O. Zik, and E. Moses 
pp. 2280-2289 

Validation of a new spectrometer for noninvasive measurement
of cardiac output  
Marc M. Baum, Sasi Kumar, John A. Moss, and Peter D. Wagner 
pp. 2290-2299 

Characterization of a wavelength-tunable surface plasmon resonance
Elain Fu, Timothy Chinowsky, Jennifer Foley, Joshua Weinstein,
and Paul Yager 
pp. 2300-2304 

Parallel-detection microwave spectroscopy system for breast imaging  
Dun Li, Paul M. Meaney, Timothy Raynolds, Sarah A. Pendergrass,
Margaret W. Fanning, and Keith D. Paulsen 
pp. 2305-2313 

Prototype imaging x-ray fluorescence spectrometer based on microchannel 
plate optics  
G. J. Price, G. W. Fraser, J. F. Pearson, J. P. Nussey, I. B. Hutchinson,
A. D. Holland, K. Turner, and D. Pullan 
pp. 2314-2319 

Laser-assisted three-dimensional rotation of microscopic objects  
Samarendra K. Mohanty and Pradeep K. Gupta 
pp. 2320-2322 

Compact autocorrelator for the online measurement of tunable
10 femtosecond pulses  
I. Z. Kozma, P. Baum, U. Schmidhammer, S. Lochbrunner,
and E. Riedle 
pp. 2323-2327 

Flash A/D converter based on Vernier caliper design  
C. F. Huang, S. S. Huang, and I.-Yung Fu 
pp. 2328-2333 

Ball milling sound statistical analysis and its relationship
with the mechanical work intensity  
C. Cuadrado-Laborde, L. C. Damonte, and L. Mendoza-Zelis 
pp. 2334-2339 

Novel instrument system for discriminating secondary p in 
high-spatial-resolution neutron detection  
H. Yamagishi, T. Nakamura, K. Soyama, S. Masaoka, and K. Aizawa 
pp. 2340-2345 

Foil chaff ejection systems for rocket-borne measurement 
of neutral winds in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere  
Yoshiko Koizumi, Manabu Shimoyama, Koh-Ichiro Oyama, 
Yasuhiro Murayama, Toshitaka Tsuda, and Takuji Nakamura 
pp. 2346-2350 

Magneto-optical apparatus to measure ac magnetic susceptibility  
R. P. del Real, G. Rosa, and H. Guerrero 
pp. 2351-2355 

Periodic method: Correction for thermocouple and simultaneous
estimation of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity  
Cherif Ould Lahoucine and Abdallah Khellaf 
pp. 2356-2361 

Measurement of the shear storage modulus and viscosity of
liquids using the Bleustein-Gulyaev wave  
P. Kieczyski, W. Pajewski, M. Szalewski, and A. Balcerzak 
pp. 2362-2367 

Micron-scale apparatus for measurements of thermodiffusion
in liquids  
Shawn A. Putnam and David G. Cahill 
pp. 2368-2372 

A 2 spectrometer for electron-electron coincidence studies
on surfaces  
M. Hattass, T. Jalowy, A. Czasch, Th. Weber, T. Jahnke, 
S. Schossler, L. Ph. Schmidt, O. Jagutzki, R. Dorner, 
and H. Schmidt-Bocking 
pp. 2373-2378 

Comparison between experiment and two simulation strategies
for the extraction of focused ion beams  
Orson Sutherland, John Keller, Michael Irzyk, and Rod Boswell 
pp. 2379-2386 

High efficiency apparatus for spin polarized inverse photoemission  
M. Cantoni and R. Bertacco 
pp. 2387-2392 

Experimental and numerical investigation of turbulent flow induced
pipe vibration in fully developed flow  
Matthew T. Pittard, Robert P. Evans, R. Daniel Maynes, 
and Jonathan D. Blotter 
pp. 2393-2401 

Experimental station for gas phase fluorescence spectroscopy  
M. Stankiewicz, E. Melero Garcia, J. Alvarez Ruiz, P. Erman, 
P. A. Hatherly, A. Kivimaki, E. Rachlew, and J. Rius i Riu 
pp. 2402-2408 

Rhenium, an in situ pressure calibrant for internally heated
diamond anvil cells  
Chang-Sheng Zha, William A. Bassett, and Sang-Heon Shim 
pp. 2409-2418 

Ensemble-averaging in dynamic light scattering by an echo
K. N. Pham, S. U. Egelhaaf, A. Moussaid, and P. N. Pusey 
pp. 2419-2431 

Raman scattering system for a laser heated diamond anvil cell  
Qiang Zhou, Yanzhang Ma, Qiliang Cui, Tian Cui, Jian Zhang, 
Yuanliang Xie, Kaifeng Yang, and Guangtian Zou 
pp. 2432-2434 

Photofragment image analysis via pattern recognition  
Sergei Manzhos and Hans-Peter Loock 
pp. 2435-2445 

Double quartz tuning fork sensor for low temperature atomic
force and scanning tunneling microscopy  
M. Heyde, M. Kulawik, H.-P. Rust, and H.-J. Freund 
pp. 2446-2450 

Raman spectroscopy of cubic boron nitride under high temperature
and pressure conditions: A new optical pressure marker  
Tatsuhiko Kawamoto, Kyoko N. Matsukage, Takaya Nagai, 
Koshi Nishimura, Takeshi Mataki, Shukichi Ochiai, 
and Takashi Taniguchi 
pp. 2451-2454 

Microwave design and characterization of a cryogenic dip probe
for time-domain measurements of nanodevices  
M. S. Jun, S. W. Hwang, D. Y. Jeong, and D. Ahn 
pp. 2455-2460 

Application of a static quadrupole deviator to the deposition
of size-selected cluster ions from a laser vaporization source  
R. Alayan, L. Arnaud, A. Bourgey, M. Broyer, E. Cottancin, 
J. R. Huntzinger, J. Lerme, J. L. Vialle, M. Pellarin, and G. Guiraud 
pp. 2461-2470 

Detector system with high time resolution for the continuous
measurement of spectra in the vacuum ultraviolet wavelength range  
W. Biel and G. Bertschinger the TEXTOR Team 
pp. 2471-2474 

Electrical resistance measurements in a diamond anvil
cell to 40 GPa on ytterbium  
Alka B. Garg, V. Vijayakumar, and B. K. Godwal 
pp. 2475-2478 

Development of a reliable and simple pressure wave generator
for pulse tube refrigerators  
R. Karunanithi, S. Jacob, S. Kasthurirengan, Upendra Behera,
and D. S. Nadig 
pp. 2479-2481 

Single-shot autocorrelator based on a Babinet compensator  
Piotr Wasylczyk, Wojciech Wasilewski, and Czesaw Radzewicz 
pp. 2482-2484 

Erratum: "Noninvasive, low-noise, fast imaging of blood volume
and deoxygenation changes in muscles using light-emitting
diode continuous-wave imager" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73, 3065 (2002)]  
Yuanqing Lin, Gwen Lech, Shoko Nioka, Xavier Intes, and Britton Chance 
p. 2485 

Erratum: "Measuring thermal conductivity in extreme conditions: 
Sub-Kelvin temperatures and high (27 T) magnetic fields" 
[Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 273 (2004)]  
P. J. E. M. van der Linden and K. Behnia 
p. 2486 

Erratum: "Vacuum bench for the characterization of thermoionization
ion sources" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74, 3312 (2003)]  
C. Guillermier, C. P. Lechene, J. Hill, and F. Hillion 
p. 2487