Review of Scientific Instruments, 1998, V 69, N 7, July.



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 Reference reconvolution analysis by phase
 plane method
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 expansion cooled high gain recombination x-ray lasers
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 cell for high temperature gas-flow measurements
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 by time-locked subsampling
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Technique for measurement of the noise of a sensor in the presence of large background signals Aaron Barzilai, Tom VanZandt, Tom Kenny pp. 2767-2772 Operation of an 8 m suspended Michelson interferometer C. Zhao, M. Notcutt, L. Ju, D. Blair pp. 2773-2776 Eddy current damping of high Q pendulums in gravitational wave detection experiments G. Cagnoli, L. Gammaitoni, J. Kovalik, F. Marchesoni, M. Punturo pp. 2777-2780 Improved low frequency seismic noise isolation system for gravitational wave detectors Z. B. Zhou, S. H. Fan, F. Long, J. Luo pp. 2781-2784 Lobster-eye all-sky monitors: A comparison of one- and two-dimensional designs A. Peele, W. Zhang pp. 2785-2793 Novel array antenna for mobile and satellite communications with an omnidirectional radiation pattern Ranjit Singh pp. 2794-2795
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