Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 6, June.

Development of very large helicon plasma source  
Shunjiro Shinohara and Takao Tanikawa 
pp. 1941-1946 

Biaxial stress ring applications to magneto-optical
studies of semiconductor films  
Marcio Peron Franco de Godoy, Marcelo K. K. Nakaema,
Fernando Iikawa, Wilson Carvalho, Jr., Evaldo Ribeiro,
and Angelo L. Gobbi 
pp. 1947-1951 

A novel fiber optic sensor for multiple and simultaneous
measurement of vibration velocity  
Raffaella Di Sante and Lorenzo Scalise 
pp. 1952-1958 

TiC-diamond composite disk-heater cell assembly to generate
temperature of 2000 C in a large-volume belt-type high-pressure
apparatus at 10 GPa  
Takashi Taniguchi, Minoru Akaishi, Yasushi Kanke, and Shinobu Yamaoka 
pp. 1959-1962 

Low aberration permanent hexapole magnet for atom and 
molecular beam research  
S. Dworski, G. Alexandrowicz, P. Fouquet, A. P. Jardine,
W. Allison, and J. Ellis 
pp. 1963-1970 

Correlation method in period measurement of a torsion pendulum  
Y. L. Tian, Y. Tu, and C. G. Shao 
pp. 1971-1974 

Alpha: A large-area plasma helicon array  
Christopher Watts 
pp. 1975-1981 

Using 15 fs, LINAC-generated electron bunches for
naturally synchronized infrared pump x-ray probe
experiments with coherent synchrotron radiation  
Bernhard W. Adams 
pp. 1982-1987 

Normal and torsional spring constants of atomic force
microscope cantilevers  
Christopher P. Green, Hadi Lioe, Jason P. Cleveland,
Roger Proksch, Paul Mulvaney, and John E. Sader 
pp. 1988-1996 

Induced thermal stress fields for three-dimensional
distortion control of Si wafer topography  
Charles D. Schaper, Been-Der Chen, and R. Fabian W. Pease 
pp. 1997-2002 

A spin rotator for spin-polarized scanning electron
Teruo Kohashi, Makoto Konoto, and Kazuyuki Koike 
pp. 2003-2007 

32-channel arbitrary waveform generator for bistable
nematic devices  
Giuseppe Lombardo, Manuela Malara, Riccardo Barberi,
and John C. Rudin 
pp. 2008-2012 

Push-pull fiber optic inclinometer based on a Mach-Zehnder
optical low-coherence reflectometor  
Li-Bo Yuan 
pp. 2013-2015 

Single-board computer based control system for a portable
Raman device with integrated chemical identification  
Joel Mobley, Brian M. Cullum, Alan L. Wintenberg, 
S. Shane Frank, Robert A. Maples, David L. Stokes, and Tuan Vo-Dinh 
pp. 2016-2023 

Conical crystal spectrograph for high brightness x-ray
K spectroscopy in subpicosecond laser-solid interaction  
E. Martinolli, M. Koenig, J. M. Boudenne, E. Perelli, 
D. Batani, and T. A. Hall 
pp. 2024-2028 

Millikelvin scanned probe for measurement of nanostructures  
K. R. Brown, L. Sun, and B. E. Kane 
pp. 2029-2032 

Image-based autonomous micromanipulation system for arrangement
of spheres in a scanning electron microscope  
Takeshi Kasaya, Hideki T. Miyazaki, Shigeki Saito, Koichi Koyano,
Tomio Yamaura, and Tomomasa Sato 
pp. 2033-2042 

System to monitor data analyses and results of physics data
validation between pulses at DIII-D  
S. Flanagan, J. M. Schachter, and D. P. Schissel 
pp. 2043-2047 

Performance evaluation of pulsed photothermal profiling of port
wine stain in human skin  
Bincheng Li, Boris Majaron, John A. Viator, Thomas E. Milner,
and J. Stuart Nelson 
pp. 2048-2055 

Liquid helium cryostat with internal fluorescence detection
for x-ray absorption studies in the 2-6 keV energy region  
Karen L. McFarlane Holman, Matthew J. Latimer, and Vittal K. Yachandra 
pp. 2056-2060 

Radio frequency magneto-impedance effect in spin tunneling junctions  
Naoaki Hirabayashi, Hideo Kaiju, and Kazuo Shiiki 
pp. 2061-2064 

New method to estimate the frequency stability of laser signals  
J. J. McFerran, M. Maric, and A. N. Luiten 
pp. 2065-2067 

Remote sensing instrument for solid samples based on open-path
atomic emission spectrometry  
Santiago Palanco and Javier Laserna 
pp. 2068-2074 

Lead-resistance effects in a constant voltage anemometer  
Genevieve Comte-Bellot, Julien Weiss, and Jean-Christophe Bera 
pp. 2075-2081 

Combined high-pressure cell-ultrahigh vacuum system for 
fast testing of model metal alloy catalysts using scanning 
mass spectrometry  
M. Johansson, J. Hoffmann Jorgensen, and I. Chorkendorff 
pp. 2082-2093 

Application of a tunnel diode oscillator to noncontact
resistivity measurement in pulsed magnetic fields  
E. Ohmichi, E. Komatsu, and T. Osada 
pp. 2094-2097 

Localization of firearm projectiles in the human body 
using a superconducting quantum interference device 
magnetometer: A theoretical study  
C. Hall Barbosa 
pp. 2098-2106 

Differential thermocouples in megawatt plasma pulse
measurements-computer simulations and preliminary results  
W. Szymczyk, Z. Werner, and J. Piekoszewski 
pp. 2107-2110 

Coaxially aligned electrodes for Stark-effect applied
in resonators using a supersonic jet Fourier transform
microwave spectrometer  
Melanie Schnell, Deike Banser, and Jens-Uwe Grabow 
pp. 2111-2115 

Laser switch for stroboscopic read-out of magnetic flux  
Marco Ferrara, Pasquale Carelli, Fabio Chiarello,
Maria Gabriella Castellano, Guido Torrioli, and Carlo Cosmelli 
pp. 2116-2121 

Characterization of a liquid-xenon-jet laser-plasma
extreme-ultraviolet source  
B. A. M. Hansson, O. Hemberg, H. M. Hertz, M. Berglund,
H.-J. Choi, B. Jacobsson, E. Janin, S. Mosesson, 
L. Rymell, J. Thoresen, and M. Wilner 
pp. 2122-2129 

Experimental setup for mobile detection of electromagnetic
fields in populated regions  
P. Bellia, S. Carrubba, F. Falciglia, M. Gulino, and A. Triglia 
pp. 2130-2133 

Capillary detector with deuterated scintillator for inertial
confinement fusion neutron images  
L. Disdier, R. A. Lerche, J. L. Bourgade, and V. Yu. Glebov 
pp. 2134-2139 

Overall mechanical transfer function calculated for a
spherical resonant gravitational waves antenna  
Jose L. Melo, Walter F. Velloso, Jr., and Odylio D. Aguiar 
pp. 2140-2143 

Simultaneous determination of ultra-shallow junction depth
and abruptness using thermal wave technique  
Alex Salnick, Lena Nicolaides, Jon Opsal, Amitabh Jain,
Duncan Rogers, and Lance Robertson 
pp. 2144-2148 

Development and trial measurement of synchrotron-radiation
-light-illuminated scanning tunneling microscope  
Takeshi Matsushima, Taichi Okuda, Toyoaki Eguchi, 
Masanori Ono, Ayumi Harasawa, Takanori Wakita, 
Akira Kataoka, Masayuki Hamada, Atsushi Kamoshida, 
Yukio Hasegawa, and Toyohiko Kinoshita 
pp. 2149-2153 

Realization of nanoscale resolution with a micromachined
thermally actuated testing stage  
Shaoning Lu, Dmitriy A. Dikin, Sulin Zhang, Frank T. Fisher,
Junghoon Lee, and Rodney S. Ruoff 
pp. 2154-2162 

Analysis of ion dynamics and peak shapes for delayed
extraction time-of-flight mass spectrometers  
V. M. Collado, C. R. Ponciano, F. A. Fernandez-Lima,
and E. F. da Silveira 
pp. 2163-2170 

High-shear-rate optical rheometer  
K. S. Mriziq, H. J. Dai, M. D. Dadmun, G. E. Jellison,
and H. D. Cochran 
pp. 2171-2176 

Multifunctional sensor system for high-throughput primary,
secondary, and tertiary screening of combinatorial materials  
Radislav A. Potyrailo, William G. Morris, and Ronald J. Wroczynski 
pp. 2177-2186 

Fast exponential fitting algorithm for real-time instrumental use  
Daniel Halmer, Golo von Basum, Peter Hering, and Manfred Murtz 
pp. 2187-2191 

Three terminal capacitance technique for magnetostriction and
thermal expansion measurements  
B. Kundys, Yu. Bukhantsev, S. Vasiliev, D. Kundys, M. Berkowski,
and V. P. Dyakonov 
pp. 2192-2196 

Trapping and tracking a local probe with a photonic force microscope  
Alexander Rohrbach, Christian Tischer, Dirk Neumayer, 
Ernst-Ludwig Florin, and Ernst H. K. Stelzer 
pp. 2197-2210 

Precise calibration for surface stress induced optical deflection
P. Kury, P. Zahl, and M. Horn-von Hoegen 
pp. 2211-2212 

Pressure measurement using thermal properties of materials  
Jose Dalton Cruz Pessoa and Adonai Gimenes Calbo 
pp. 2213-2215 

Simple broad-band frequency-independent analog I/Q generator  
C. Orellana and R. Labbe 
pp. 2216-2217