Review of Scientific Instruments, 2001, V 72, N 6, June.


Boolean algebra operations performed on optical bits by the generation of holographic fields through second- nonlinear interactions Alessandra Andreoni, Maria Bondani, Marco A. C. Potenza, Yury N. Denisyuk, and Emiliano Puddu pp. 2525-2531 A frequency-modulated injection-locked diode laser for two-frequency generation R. Kowalski, S. Root, S. D. Gensemer, and P. L. Gould pp. 2532-2534 Millimeter-wave intracavity-jet OROTRON-spectrometer for investigation of van der Waals complexes L. A. Surin, B. S. Dumesh, F. Lewen, D. A. Roth, V. P. Kostromin, F. S. Rusin, G. Winnewisser, and I. Pak pp. 2535-2542 Resolution enhancement in the magnetic bottle photoelectron spectrometer by impulse electron deceleration Rina Giniger, Thomas Hippler, Shai Ronen, and Ori Cheshnovsky pp. 2543-2549 The design and performance of an effusive gas source of conical geometry for photoionization studies D. P. Seccombe, S. A. Collins, and T. J. Reddish pp. 2550-2557
A bright metastable atom source at 80 K W. Lu, M. D. Hoogerland, D. Milic, K. G. H. Baldwin, and S. J. Buckman pp. 2558-2561
Hard x-ray spectrometers for the National Ignition Facility John Seely, Christina Back, Richard Deslattes, Lawrence Hudson, Glenn Holland, Perry Bell, and Michael Miller pp. 2562-2565 High-resolution x-ray crystal spectrometer/polarimeter at torus experiment for technology oriented research-94 J. Weinheimer, I. Ahmad, O. Herzog, H.-J. Kunze, G. Bertschinger, W. Biel, G. Borchert, and M. Bitter pp. 2566-2574 Hydrogen-encapsulated impurity pellet injector for plasma diagnostics I. Viniar, P. Reznichenko, A. Lukin, A. Umov, and S. Sudo pp. 2575-2578 CO2 laser based two-volume collective scattering instrument for spatially localized turbulence measurements M. Saffman, S. Zoletnik, N. P. Basse, W. Svendsen, G. Kocsis, and M. Endler pp. 2579-2592 Tritium depth dependence of tritium imaging I. Youle and A. A. Haasz pp. 2593-2598
Multiple pulse electron beam converter design for high power radiography P. A. Pincosy, N. Back, P. M. Bergstrom, Yu-Jiuan Chen, and P. Poulsen pp. 2599-2604
Soft x-ray spectromicroscope at the Pohang Light Source Min-Kyu Lee and Hyun-Joon Shin pp. 2605-2609 Low temperature tool for photoluminescence mapping with submicron resolution M. De Vittorio, A. Melcarne, R. Rinaldi, and R. Cingolani pp. 2610-2612 A variable-temperature ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope H. Zhang, U. Memmert, R. Houbertz, and U. Hartmann pp. 2613-2617 "Zeptofarad" (10-21 F) resolution capacitance sensor for scanning capacitance microscopy T. Tran, D. R. Oliver, D. J. Thomson, and G. E. Bridges pp. 2618-2623 Novel continuously tunable high spectral resolution optical filter for two-dimensional imaging Pritish Mukherjee, Shudong Chen, and Sarath Witanachchi pp. 2624-2632
Applications of perforated diamond anvils for very high-pressure research A. Dadashev, M. P. Pasternak, G. Kh. Rozenberg, and R. D. Taylor pp. 2633-2637 Photoelectron imaging using an ellipsoidal display analyzer T. Dütemeyer, C. Quitmann, M. Kitz, K. Dörnemann, L. S. O. Johansson, and B. Reihl pp. 2638-2648 Simple, accurate, and precise measurements of thermal diffusivity in liquids using a thermal-wave cavity J. A. Balderas-López and A. Mandelis pp. 2649-2652 Improved system for measurement of the magnetization characteristics of high- temperature superconductors by the compensation method in weak magnetic fields Vladimír Zrubec pp. 2653-2660 Fast imaging polarimeter for magneto-optical investigations Rinke J. Wijngaarden, K. Heeck, M. Welling, R. Limburg, M. Pannetier, K. van Zetten, V. L. G. Roorda, and A. R. Voorwinden pp. 2661-2664 Cross-beam pulsed laser deposition: General characteristic A. Tselev, A. Gorbunov, and W. Pompe pp. 2665-2672 Continuous compositional-spread technique based on pulsed-laser deposition and applied to the growth of epitaxial films H. M. Christen, S. D. Silliman, and K. S. Harshavardhan pp. 2673-2678
High-pressure cell for simultaneous small-angle x-ray scattering and laser light scattering measurements Tadanori Koga, Shuiqin Zhou, Benjamin Chu, John L. Fulton, Shu Yang, Christopher K. Ober, and Burak Erman pp. 2679-2685 Integrated neutron Couette system for nonequilibrium studies of polymers under flow P. Baroni, C. Pujolle-Robic, and L. Noirez pp. 2686-2690 Optical heterodyne magnetic rotation enhanced velocity modulation spectroscopy: A sensitive absorption-based scheme for paramagnetic molecular ions Ming Luo, Zhiyi Bi, Peipei Cai, Rongjun Wang, Xiaohua Yang, Yangqin Chen, and Longsheng Ma pp. 2691-2696 Implementation of a high-resolution two-color spectrometer for rotational coherence spectroscopy in the picosecond time domain Andreas Weichert, Christoph Riehn, Hans-Dieter Barth, Gerhard Lembach, Marcus Zimmermann, Bernhard Brutschy, and Donatas Podenas pp. 2697-2708 Measurement of gas yields and flow rates using a custom flowmeter S. Circone, S. H. Kirby, J. C. Pinkston, and L. A. Stern pp. 2709-2716
Near-infrared Raman instrument for rapid and quantitative measurements of clinically important analytes Jianan Y. Qu and Lan Shao pp. 2717-2723 Instrument for the measurement of hysteresis loops of magnetotactic bacteria and other systems containing submicron magnetic particles Hendrik de Waard, James Hilsinger, and Richard B. Frankel pp. 2724-2730 Measurement of solution viscosity by atomic force microscopy Nabil Ahmed, Diego F. Nino, and Vincent T. Moy pp. 2731-2734
A low noise cryogenic preamplifier for the cosmic microwave background radiation anisotropy experiment E. S. Oh, E. H. Sharp III , D. J. Fixsen, E. S. Cheng, C. A. Inman, and C. Silver pp. 2735-2737 A balloon-carried electrometer for high-resolution atmospheric electric field measurements in clouds R. Giles Harrison pp. 2738-2741
Nonlinear direct and indirect third harmonic generation in piezoelectric resonators by the intermodulation method Alfons Albareda, Jean Hubert Kayombo, and José A. Gorri pp. 2742-2749 Network analysis based interface electronics for quartz crystal microbalance Jens Schröder, Ralf Borngräber, Ralf Lucklum, and Peter Hauptmann pp. 2750-2755 A 2 kHz-100 MHz dynamic amplifier for tracking targets of variable amplitude Mahaveer K. Jain, J. Samuel Bitler, and Craig A. Grimes pp. 2756-2758 Repetitive operation of water-filled Blumlein generator S. Katsuki, D. Takano, T. Namihira, H. Akiyama, and T. Majima pp. 2759-2763 Fully integrated probe for proton nuclear magnetic resonance magnetometry G. Boero, J. Frounchi, B. Furrer, P.-A. Besse, and R. S. Popovic pp. 2764-2768
Characterizing and calibrating a large Helmholtz coil at low ac magnetic field levels with peak magnitudes below the earth's magnetic field Robert A. Schill, Jr. and Karin Hoff pp. 2769-2776 Laser ultrasonics for measurements of high-temperature elastic properties and internal temperature distribution Takahiro Matsumoto, Yasuaki Nagata, Tetsuro Nose, and Katsuhiro Kawashima pp. 2777-2783 Algorithms for fast axisymmetric drop shape analysis measurements by a charge coupled device video camera and simulation procedure for test and evaluation Lorenzo Busoni, Marcello Carlà, and Leonardo Lanzi pp. 2784-2791 Humidity sensor using porous tape cast alumina substrate Suman Chatterjee, Santanu Basu, Debdas Chattopadhyay, Kalyan Kr. Mistry, and Kamalendu Sengupta pp. 2792-2795 Diffraction based optical particle sizer for on-line monitoring in hostile environments of low concentration particle laden flows E. Golinelli, P. Martinelli, S. Musazzi, U. Perini, F. Trespidi, and E. Paganini pp. 2796-2803 Preparation and evaluation of tungsten tips relative to diamond for nanoindentation of soft materials Jaime C. Grunlan, Xinyun Xia, David Rowenhorst, and William W. Gerberich pp. 2804-2810 Hybrid electrostatic-aerodynamic levitation furnace for the high-temperature processing of oxide materials on the ground Paul-François Paradis, Takehiko Ishikawa, Jianding Yu, and Shinichi Yoda pp. 2811-2815 Lightweight fiber optic microphones and accelerometers J. A. Bucaro and N. Lagakos pp. 2816-2821 An averaging method for optical triangulation displacement sensors using diffraction grating Se Baek Oh, Kyung-Chan Kim, and Soo Hyun Kim pp. 2822-2826

New and simple mass calibration procedure for time-of-flight studies of electron stimulated desorption of ions from solid samples Maria Luiza Miranda Rocco, Gerardo Gerson Bezerra de Souza, and Daniel Eduardo Weibel pp. 2827-2828 Application of foil strain gauges in high pressure research Z. Wisniewski, R. Wisniewski, and J. L. Nowinski pp. 2829-2831 Design of a magnetically shielded helium cryostat insert with a variable temperature regulated stage Xavier Ridereau, Marc Lam Chok Sing, and Daniel Bloyet pp. 2832-2833 DNA microarray inspection by interference microscopy L. Vabre, A. Dubois, M. C. Potier, J. L. Stehlé, and A. C. Boccara pp. 2834-2836 Efficient and stable operation of an Ar + -pumped continuous-wave ring laser from 505-560 nm using a coumarin laser dye Leonard E. Jusinski and Craig A. Taatjes pp. 2837-2838 Characteristics of an electronically tunable surface-coil-type resonator for L-band electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy Hiroshi Hirata, Tadeusz Walczak, and Harold M. Swartz pp. 2839-2841 Simultaneous measurement of changes in thickness and refractive index of weakly absorbing self-standing solid films using optical interferometry N. Easwar, R. Fantini, and E. Willis pp. 2842-2845

Erratum: "DMX: An absolutely calibrated time resolved broadband soft x-ray spectrometer designed for MJ class laser produced plasmas" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 72, 1173 (2001)] J. L. Bourgade, B. Villette, J. L. Bocher, J. Y. Boutin, S. Chiche, N. Dague, D. Gontier, J. P. Jadaud, B. Savale, R. Wrobel, and R. E. Turner p. 2846