Review of Scientific Instruments , 1998, V 69, N 6.


Microwave reflectometry for magnetically confined plasmas E. Mazzucato pp. 2201-2217

Double-crystal diffractive modulator of synchrotron radiation I. Polikarpov, R. T. de Oliveira, C. Cusatis pp. 2218-2222 Increased x-ray production efficiency from transition radiators utilizing a multiple-pass electron beam M. A. Piestrup, L. W. Lombardo, J. T. Cremer, G. A. Retzlaff, R. M. Silzer, D. M. Skopik, V. V. Kaplin pp. 2223-2229 Protection circuitry for high-power diode laser arrays Brian T. Saam, Mark S. Conradi pp. 2230-2232 High-frequency demodulation of multi-photon fluorescence in hyper-Rayleigh scattering Geert Olbrechts, Rik Strobbe, Koen Clays, Andre Persoons pp. 2233-2241 Compact multifunctional spectrofluorimeter with a novel design for anisotropy measurements Jan Jasny, Jacek Waluk pp. 2242-2245 A new angle into time-resolved photoacoustic spectroscopy: A layered prism cell increases experimental flexibility Tom Autrey, Nancy S. Foster, Kim Klepzig, James E. Amonette, John L. Daschbach pp. 2246-2258 Photothermal deflection spectroscopy of an aqueous sample in a narrow bore quartz capillary Jonathan D. Spear, Gregory L. Klunder, Richard E. Russo pp. 2259-2267 Formula for the asymmetric diffraction peak profiles based on double Soller slit geometry Takashi Ida pp. 2268-2272 A fast atomic oxygen beam facility with in situ testing/analysis capabilities H. Kinoshita, J. Ikeda, M. Tagawa, M. Umeno, N. Ohmae pp. 2273-2277 5.6 tesla Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer for analysis of volatile complex mixtures Ryan P. Rodgers, Forest M. White, Daniel G. McIntosh, Alan G. Marshall pp. 2278-2284
Mass spectroscopy using a rotating electric field J. H. Clemmons, F. A. Herrero pp. 2285-2291 Sputtered magnesium as a photocathode material for rf injectors T. Srinivasan-Rao, J. Schill, I. Ben Zvi, M. Woodle pp. 2292-2296 Bolt-on source of spin-polarized electrons for inverse photoemission Fredrik Schedin, Ranald Warburton, Geoff Thornton pp. 2297-2304 Enhancing the performances of traditional electron cyclotron resonance ion sources with multiple-discrete-frequency microwave radiation G. D. Alton, F. W. Meyer, Y. Liu, J. R. Beene, D. Tucker pp. 2305-2312 Prototype negative-ion sources for radioactive ion-beam generation G. D. Alton, R. F. Welton, C. Williams, B. Cui, S. N. Murray pp. 2313-2319 Electron cyclotron resonance plasma ion source for material depositions M. Delaunay, E. Touchais pp. 2320-2324 Description of a pulsed capacitor discharge ionization source for the generation of intense cluster ion beams Ansgar Brock, David L. Cedeno, Carlos Manzanares I. pp. 2325-2332
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Inductive measurement of magnetic field gradients for magnetic resonance imaging Viliam Senaj, Genevieve Guillot, Luc Darrasse pp. 2400-2405 Wide bandwidth transimpedance preamplifier for a scanning tunneling microscope F. Demming, K. Dickmann, J. Jersch pp. 2406-2408 Transputer based acquisition/reconstruction system as a development tool for positron emission tomography E. Bertolucci, M. Conti, C. A. Curto, G. Pennino, P. Russo pp. 2409-2415
An inertial tribometer for measuring microslip dissipation at a solid-solid multicontact interface Tristan Baumberger, Lionel Bureau, Michel Busson, Eric Falcon, Bernard Perrin pp. 2416-2420 Temperature and pressure distribution in the laser-heated diamond-anvil cell Agnes Dewaele, Guillaume Fiquet, Philippe Gillet pp. 2421-2426 A novel single-crystal adsorption calorimeter and additions for determining metal adsorption and adhesion energies J. T. Stuckless, Nathan A. Frei, Charles T. Campbell pp. 2427-2438 Ultrasensitive excitation/relaxation calorimeter for simultaneous measurement of thermal conductivity and heat capacity in fluids Albert J. Jin, C. P. Mudd, N. L. Gershfeld, K. Fukada pp. 2439-2451 Absolute values of specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity of liquids from different modes of operation of a simple photopyroelectric setup J. Caerels, C. Glorieux, J. Thoen pp. 2452-2458 Application of the singular valve decomposition-Prony method for analyzing deep-level transient spectroscopy capacitance transients M. S. Mazzola, N. H. Younan, R. Soundararajan, S. E. Saddow pp. 2459-2463 Averaging and recording of digital deep-level transient spectroscopy transient signals P. V. Kolev, M. J. Deen, N. Alberding pp. 2464-2474 Remote visual monitoring during time resolved in situ neutron diffraction study of recrystallization of melt-cast Bi[sub 1.6]Pb[sub 0.4]Sr[sub 2]Ca[sub 3]Cu[sub 4]O[sub y] by passage of dc current P. S. Whitfield, J. R. Bhakta, J. S. Abell, R. I. Smith, R. Cywinski pp. 2475-2479 A bimorph based dilatometer for field induced strain measurement in soft and thin free standing polymer films J. Su, P. Moses, Q. M. Zhang pp. 2480-2483 Self-aligning optical particle sizer for the monitoring of particle growth processes in industrial plants A. Bassini, S. Musazzi, E. Paganini, U. Perini, F. Ferri pp. 2484-2494 An instrument for electron beam and light transmission imaging of mass distribution in paper and fibrous webs D. Steven Keller, Philip Luner pp. 2495-2503
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An endoscopic system for the early detection of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract Tracy Mckechnie, Ali Jahan, Iain Tait, Alfred Cuschieri, Wilson Sibbett, Miles Padgett pp. 2521-2523 Portable hard x-ray source for nondestructive testing and medical imaging Craig N. Boyer, Glenn E. Holland, John F. Seely pp. 2524-2530
Multistage active vibration isolation system S. J. Richman, J. A. Giaime, D. B. Newell, R. T. Stebbins, P. L. Bender, J. E. Faller pp. 2531-2538 Photoelastic measurement of anelasticity and its implications for gravitational wave interferometers Mark A. Beilby, Peter R. Saulson, Alex Abramovici pp. 2539-2545 A Hall probe diagnostic for low density plasma accelerators Matthew T. Domonkos, Alec D. Gallimore, Sven G. Bilen pp. 2546-2549
Modeling of tunnel diode oscillators and their use for some low temperature investigations S. G. Gevorgyan, G. D. Movsesyan, A. A. Movsisyan, V. T. Tatoyan, H. G. Shirinyan pp. 2550-2560 A low noise synchronous detector John F. Sutton pp. 2561-2565 A simple approach for design of coaxial reflection coefficient standards P. S. Negi, Ranjit Singh, R. S. Yadava pp. 2566-2568 An improved method of generating analog waveforms from digital data J. Bayard pp. 2569-2571
Detection of shear wave in ultrasonic range by using a laser Doppler vibrometer O. Nishizawa, T. Satoh, X. Lei pp. 2572-2573 Pinhole camera imaging of x rays and energetic neutral atoms for hot plasma diagnostics Y. Kiwamoto, Y. Kikuchi, T. Takahashi, T. Saito, M. Ichimura, Y. Tatematsu, H. Abe, K. Kajiwara, H. Koyama, A. Suzuki, K. Ito, A. Yamazaki, T. Tamano, K. Yatsu pp. 2574-2575
Erratum: ``A modification of Angstrom's method that employs photothermal radiometry to measure thermal diffusivity: Application to chemical vapor deposited diamond'' [Rev. Sci. Instrum. [bold 69], 237 (1998)] A. Feldman, N. M. Balzaretti p. 2576