Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 5, May.

Removal of enamel from ultrafine monofilamentary wires  
I. R. Walker 
pp. 1169-1174 

Nanometer-scale magnetic resonance imaging  
Shih-hui Chao, William M. Dougherty, 
Joseph L. Garbini, and John A. Sidles 
pp. 1175-1181 

Cryogenic precision digital temperature control
with peaked frequency response  
Jie Li, James M. Lockhart, and Peter Boretsky 
pp. 1182-1187 

Field-orientation dependent heat capacity measurements
at low temperatures with a vector magnet system  
K. Deguchi, T. Ishiguro, and Y. Maeno 
pp. 1188-1193 

High-power 95 GHz pulsed electron spin
resonance spectrometer  
W. Hofbauer, K. A. Earle, C. R. Dunnam,
J. K. Moscicki, and J. H. Freed 
pp. 1194-1208 

New design for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
with a liquid beam laser desorption ion source for
the analysis of biomolecules  
A. Charvat, E. Lugovoj, M. Faubel, and B. Abel 
pp. 1209-1218 

Oscillating drop method using a falling droplet  
Taihei Matsumoto, Hidetoshi Fujii, Takaharu Ueda, 
Masayoshi Kamai, and Kiyoshi Nogi 
pp. 1219-1221 

High-resolution scanning thermal probe with
servocontrolled interface circuit for microcalorimetry
and other applications  
J.-H. Lee and Y. B. Gianchandani 
pp. 1222-1227 

Quantitative nanofriction characterization of corrugated
surfaces by atomic force microscopy  
A. Podesta, G. Fantoni, and P. Milani 
pp. 1228-1242 

Determination of the in-plane microwave conductivity
of superconducting films  
Detlef Gorlitz, Dirk Dolling, and Jurgen Kotzler 
pp. 1243-1247 

Gas-gun reverse-ballistic technique for 
multiple-particle impacts  
William H. Holt and Willis Mock, Jr. 
pp. 1248-1250 

Reflection-mode x-ray powder diffraction cell for 
in situ studies of electrochemical reactions  
G. A. Roberts and K. D. Stewart 
pp. 1251-1254 

Electrostatic probe apparatus for measurements
in the near-anode region of Hall thrusters  
L. Dorf, Y. Raitses, and N. J. Fisch 
pp. 1255-1260 

Double-grating polychromator for laser-aided plasma diagnostics  
E. E. Mukhin, G. T. Razdobarin, V. V. Semenov, A. N. Shilnikov,
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging using a compact, low-cost, 
diode-based all-solid-state regenerative amplifier  
E. Mendez, D. S. Elson, M. Koeberg, C. Dunsby, 
D. D. C. Bradley, and P. M. W. French 
pp. 1264-1267 

Density measurements of heavy-ion-beam-induced stres
s waves in solid matter by a sensitive laser deflection technique  
C. Constantin, C. Niemann, E. Dewald, S. Udrea, 
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pp. 1268-1273 

Energy analyzer for spin polarized Auger electron spectroscopy  
V. N. Petrov and A. S. Kamochkin 
pp. 1274-1279 

Micro-electro-mechanical systems microtweezers for the
manipulation of bacteria and small p  
S. K. Jericho, M. H. Jericho, T. Hubbard, and M. Kujath 
pp. 1280-1282 

Impedance measurements and modeling of a 
transition-edge-sensor calorimeter  
Mark A. Lindeman, Simon Bandler, Regis P. Brekosky, 
James A. Chervenak, Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano, 
Fred M. Finkbeiner, Mary J. Li, and Caroline A. Kilbourne 
pp. 1283-1289 

Electronic noise in a constant voltage anemometer  
Julien Weiss and Genevieve Comte-Bellot 
pp. 1290-1296 

 Apparatus for investigating metalorganic chemical vapor
 deposition-grown semiconductors with 
 ultrahigh-vacuum based techniques  
T. Hannappel, S. Visbeck, L. Toben, and F. Willig 
pp. 1297-1304 

Diode laser microwave induced plasma cavity
ringdown spectrometer: Performance and perspective  
Chuji Wang, Sudip P. Koirala, Susan T. Scherrer, 
Yixiang Duan, and Christopher B. Winstead 
pp. 1305-1313 

Highly miniaturized laser ablation time-of-flight mass
spectrometer for a planetary rover  
Urs Rohner, James A. Whitby, Peter Wurz, 
and Stas Barabash 
pp. 1314-1322 

Low flicker-noise amplifier for 50  sources  
Enrico Rubiola and Franck Lardet-Vieudrin 
pp. 1323-1326 

Strain-independent temperature measurement using
a type-I and type-IIA optical fiber Bragg grating combination  
Suchandan Pal, Tong Sun, Kenneth T. V. Grattan, 
Scott A. Wade, Stephen F. Collins, Gregory W. Baxter, 
Bernard Dussardier, and Gerard Monnom 
pp. 1327-1331 

Spatial distribution of the light emitted by an excimer
lamp used for ultraviolet-B photo-therapy: 
Experiment and modeling  
P. Di Lazzaro, D. Murra, G. Felici, and S. Fu 
pp. 1332-1336 

Compact high-resolution ion Doppler spectrometer
for quartz ultraviolet line emissions  
Peimin Gu, Masayoshi Nagata, Karsten J. McCollam,
Thomas R. Jarboe, Brian A. Nelson, and Aaron J. Redd 
pp. 1337-1340 
Adaptive dynamic focusing system for ultrasonic 
nondestructive testing of pipeline girth welds  
J. Huang, P. W. Que, and J. H. Jin 
pp. 1341-1346 

Micromachined ultrasonic droplet generator based
on a liquid horn structure  
J. M. Meacham, C. Ejimofor, S. Kumar, 
F. L. Degertekin, and A. G. Fedorov 
pp. 1347-1352 

Magnetic field influence on laser-produced ion stream  
J. Woowski, J. Badziak, I. Ivanova-Stanik, P. Parys, 
W. Stpniewski, and E. Woryna 
pp. 1353-1356 
Impact of thermal dependence of elastic constants
on surface stress measurements  
Peter Kury and Michael Horn-von Hoegen 
pp. 1357-1358 

Standard-deviation minimization for calibrating the
radii of spheres attached to atomic force
microscope cantilevers  
E. J. Thoreson and N. A. Burnham 
pp. 1359-1362 

Identification of budding yeast using a fiber-optic
imaging bundle  
John Koschwanez, Mark Holl, Brian Marquardt, 
Joe Dragavon, Lloyd Burgess, and Deirdre Meldrum 
pp. 1363-1365 

New field-emission x-ray radiography system  
S. Senda, M. Tanemura, Y. Sakai, Y. Ichikawa, 
S. Kita, T. Otsuka, A. Haga, and F. Okuyama 
pp. 1366-1368 

Photoconductive generation of short electrical pulses 
of variable duration using a coplanar waveguide with 
capacitively coupled ground termination  
Hsiao-Hua Wu, Jer-Liang Liu, and Ci-Ling Pan 
pp. 1369-1371 

Preface: Proceedings of the 10th international 
conference on ion sources, Dubna, Russia, 2003  
Evgeny D. Donets 
p. 1379 
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