Review of Scientific Instruments, 2002, V 73, N 4, April.


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Three-dimensional imaging technique for direct observation of the complete velocity distribution of state-selected photodissociation products A. I. Chichinin, T. Einfeld, C. Maul, and K.-H. Gericke pp. 1856-1865 Ion-electron velocity vector correlations in dissociative photoionization of simple molecules using electrostatic lenses M. Lebech, J. C. Houver, and D. Dowek pp. 1866-1874 A laser-based instrument for the study of ultrafast chemical dynamics by soft x- ray-probe photoelectron spectroscopy Lora Nugent-Glandorf, Michael Scheer, David A. Samuels, Veronica Bierbaum, and Stephen R. Leone pp. 1875-1886
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Three-phase, voltage controlled sinusoidal oscillator J. Bayard pp. 1914-1917 Ultralow frequency perfect saw-tooth generator J. Bayard pp. 1918-1920 A comparison between potentiostatic circuits with grounded work or auxiliary electrode L. Busoni, M. Carla`, and L. Lanzi pp. 1921-1923
Stepped piston modification in the piston manometer of mixed operational principle (simple-piston and re-entrant cylinder system) Micha [[barred lower-case ell]] K. Urba [[n-acute]] ski and Roland Wi [[s-acute]] niewski pp. 1924-1929 Quantitative analysis method for the vapor phase concentration J. U. Kim, H. Suk, and G. H. Kim pp. 1930-1933 A heterodyne refractometer for air index of refraction and air density measurements H. Fang, A. Picard, and P. Juncar pp. 1934-1938 Two-dimensional potential distribution measurement of surface discharge with subnanosecond resolution Akiko Kumada, Toshio Sugihara, Masakuni Chiba, and Kunihiko Hidaka pp. 1939-1944 High speed x-ray radiography diagnostic of current interruption in circuit breakers A. M. Zolfaghari, E. Kellogg, S. Wendt, and J. Gray pp. 1945-1948 One-stage identification algorithm and two-step compensation method of Hammerstein model with application to wrist force sensor Ke-Jun Xu and Lin Jia pp. 1949-1955

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