Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 3, March.


Optical communication components Louay Eldada pp. 575-593

Power spectrum analysis for optical tweezers Kirstine Berg-Sorensen and Henrik Flyvbjerg pp. 594-612 Intense narrow-bandwidth extreme ultraviolet laser system tunable up to 20 eV P. Rupper and F. Merkt pp. 613-622 Minimization of the acquisition time in energy dispersive x-ray diffraction measurements on dised systems V. Rossi Albertini and B. Paci pp. 623-629 Effective suppression of fluorescence light in Raman measurements using ultrafast time gated charge coupled device camera D. V. Martyshkin, R. C. Ahuja, A. Kudriavtsev, and S. B. Mirov pp. 630-635 Femtosecond spectral snapshots based on electronic optical Kerr effect R. Nakamura and Y. Kanematsu pp. 636-644 The plasma mirror—A subpicosecond optical switch for ultrahigh power lasers B. Dromey, S. Kar, M. Zepf, and P. Foster pp. 645-649
Edge rotation and temperature diagnostic on the National Spherical Torus Experiment T. M. Biewer, R. E. Bell, R. Feder, D. W. Johnson, and R. W. Palladino pp. 650-654 Application of microwave reflectometry to register Alfven wave resonances in the TCABR tokamak L. F. Ruchko, R. Valencia, R. M. O. Galvao, E. A. Lerche, A. G. Elfimov, V. Bellintani, Jr., J. I. Elizondo, A. N. Fagundes, A. M. M. Fonseca, Yu. K. Kuznetsov, I. C. Nascimento, W. P. de Sa, E. Sanada, and R. P. da Silva pp. 655-660 Ion temperature and plasma rotation profile effects in the neutron emission spectrum M. Tardocchi, G. Gorini, H. Henriksson, and J. Kallne pp. 661-668 24 kA solid state switch for plasma discharge experiments P. Pribyl and W. Gekelman pp. 669-673 Instrument reflections and scene amplitude modulation in a polychromatic microwave quadrature interferometer Chris C. Dobson, Jonathan E. Jones, and D. Gregory Chavers pp. 674-683
Nondestructive high spatial resolution imaging with a 60 GHz near-field scanning millimeter-wave microscope Myungsik Kim, Jooyoung Kim, Hyun Kim, Songhui Kim, Jongil Yang, Hyunjun Yoo, Sunmi Kim, Kiejin Lee, and Barry Friedman pp. 684-688 Removing interference and optical feedback artifacts in atomic force microscopy measurements by application of high frequency laser current modulation Roel Kassies, Kees O. van der Werf, Martin L. Bennink, and Cees Otto pp. 689-693 Low temperature scanning contact potentiometry S. Reymond and O. Fischer pp. 694-698
Control of synchrotron x-ray diffraction by means of standing acoustic waves E. Zolotoyabko and J. P. Quintana pp. 699-708 Molybdenum cell for x-ray diffraction measurements of fluid alkali metals at high temperatures and high pressures Kazuhiro Matsuda, Kozaburo Tamura, Masahiro Katoh, and Masanori Inui pp. 709-712 Instrument for the investigation of the nanostructure of Pu and other actinides T. W. Trelenberg, S. C. Glade, T. E. Felter, J. G. Tobin, and A. V. Hamza pp. 713-718 Synthesis of aluminum nitride films by plasma immersion ion implantation–deposition using hybrid gas–metal cathodic arc gun Liru Shen, Ricky K. Y. Fu, and Paul K. Chu pp. 719-724
Investigation of volatile liquid surfaces by synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy of liquid microjets Kevin R. Wilson, Bruce S. Rude, Jared Smith, Chris Cappa, D. T. Co, R. D. Schaller, M. Larsson, T. Catalano, and R. J. Saykally pp. 725-736 Slotted-plate apparatus to measure yield stress of suspensions L. Zhu, K. D. Papadopoulos, and D. De Kee pp. 737-740
Optical monitor for measuring the amplitude and phase of perturbations on the surface of a capillary jet in a high-speed cell sorter Bob M. Lansdorp, Peter I. Nelson, Timothy W. Petersen, and Ger van den Engh pp. 741-746 New bioreactor for in situ simultaneous measurement of bioluminescence and cell density Pascal Picart, Loubna Bendriaa, Philippe Daniel, Habib Horry, Marie-Jose Durand, Laurent Jouvanneau, and Gerald Thouand pp. 747-755 Soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism at 2 K: A tool in biological inorganic chemistry T. Funk, S. Friedrich, A. T. Young, E. Arenholz, R. Delano, and S. P. Cramer pp. 756-759 Respiratory monitoring system based on the nasal pressure technique for the analysis of sleep breathing diss: Reduction of static and dynamic errors, and comparisons with thermistors and pneumotachographs Jayme Alves de Mesquita Junior and Pedro Lopes de Melo pp. 760-767
Circuit and technique for characterizing switching delay history effects in silicon-on-insulator logic gates Mark B. Ketchen, Manjul Bhushan, and Carl J. Anderson pp. 768-771
Quartz capillary flow meter for gases Robert F. Berg pp. 772-779 Technique for measuring the groove density of a diffraction grating with elimination of the eccentricity effect Jun Lim and Seungyu Rah pp. 780-782 Newly designed graded screen array for particle size measurements of unattached radon decay products Kumiko Fukutsu, Yuji Yamada, Shinji Tokonami, and Takao Iida pp. 783-787

Comment on "Implementing of a precision fast thermoelectric cooler using a personal computer parallel port connection and ADN8830 controller" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74, 3862 (2003)] A. W. Sloman pp. 788-789