Review of Scientific Instruments, 2000, V 71, N 3, March.


Surface magneto-optic Kerr effect Z. Q. Qiu and S. D. Bader pp. 1243-1255

A novel intensity interferometer for synchrotron radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray regions RenZhong Tai, Yasuhiro Takayama, Noriko Takaya, Tsuneaki Miyahara, Shigeru Yamamoto, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Junji Urakawa, Hitoshi Hayano, and Masami Ando pp. 1256-1263 Measurement of the beam size at the compact superconducting storage ring by the SR interferometer I. Sakai, Y. Yamamoto, T. Mitsuhashi, D. Amano, and H. Iwasaki pp. 1264-1267 Timing control of an intense picosecond pulse laser to the SPring-8 synchrotron radiation pulses Yoshihito Tanaka, Toru Hara, Hideo Kitamura, and Tetsuya Ishikawa pp. 1268-1274 A frequency division multiplexedlow-finesse fiber optic Fabry-Perot sensor system for strain and displacement measurements T. Liu and G. F. Fernando pp. 1275-1278 Full-field x-ray fluorescence imaging microscope with a Wolter mirror Akihisa Takeuchi, Sadao Aoki, Kimitake Yamamoto, Hidekazu Takano, Norio Watanabe, and Masami Ando pp. 1279-1285 Improved measurements of noise and resolution of x-ray framing cameras at 1-2 keV Carl J. Pawley and A. V. Deniz pp. 1286-1295 Distributed-feedback dye laser for picosecond ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy Perry P. Yaney, Dahv A. V. Kliner, Paul E. Schrader, and Roger L.Farrow pp. 1296-1305 Abstract Full Text: [ PDF (163 kB) GZipped PS ] Order CHARGED PARTICLE SOURCES, OPTICS and ACCELERATION [ Previous / Next Subject | Issue Index | Top / Bottom of Page] Characterization of a Hadamard transform time-of-flight mass spectrometer Ansgar Brock, Nestor Rodriguez, and Richard N. Zare pp. 1306-1318 A pump-probe photoionization mass spectrometer utilizing tunable extreme ultraviolet laser-produced-plasma radiation R. Flesch, M. C. Schürmann, M. Hunnekuhl, H. Meiss, J. Plenge, and E.Rühl pp. 1319-1324 Pulsed field ionization-photoion spectroscopy using two-bunch synchrotron radiation: Time-of-flight selection scheme G. K. Jarvis, R. C. Shiell, J. W. Hepburn, Y. Song, and C. Y. Ng pp. 1325-1331 Development of a high precision quadrupole mass filter using the zero-method control circuit O. Tsukakoshi, T. Hayashi, K. Yamamuro, and M. Nakamura pp. 1332-1336 Velocity imaging photoionization coincidence apparatus for the study of angular correlations between electrons and fragment ions M. Takahashi, J. P. Cave, and J. H. D. Eland pp. 1337-1344 Measurement of mechanical vibrations excited in aluminum resonators by 0.6 GeV electrons G. D. van Albada, E. Coccia, V. Fafone, H. van der Graaf, G. Heijboer, J. W. van Holten, W. J. Kasdorp, J. B. van der Laan, L. Lapikás, G. Mazzitelli, G. J. L. Nooren, C. W. J. Noteboom, J. E. J. Oberski, G. Pallottino, H. Z. Peek et al. pp. 1345-1354 Absolute calibration of a multichannel plate detector for low energy O, O-, and O + T. M. Stephen and B. L. Peko pp. 1355-1359
Solid-state pulsed power for driving a high-power dense plasma focus x-ray source R. Petr, D. Reilly, J. Freshman, N. Orozco, D. Pham, L. Ngo, and J.Mangano pp. 1360-1362 Plasma and ion barrier for electron beam spot stability Thomas J. T. Kwan and Charles M. Snell pp. 1363-1366 A probe for measurements of electrostatic fluctuations in a low-temperature magnetized plasma S. V. Ratynskaia, V. I. Demidov, and K. Rypdal pp. 1367-1369 Characterization of geometrical detection-system properties for two-dimensional tomography L. C. Ingesson, C. F. Maggi, and R. Reichle pp. 1370-1378 Optimization of Cs deposition in the 1/3 scale hydrogen negative ion source for the large helical device-neutral beam injection system Y. Oka, Y. Takeiri, Yu. I. Belchenko, M. Hamabe, O. Kaneko, K. Tsumori, M. Osakabe, E. Asano, T. Kawamoto, and R. Akiyama pp. 1379-1384 Ion-beam characteristics of novel helicon ion sources for different plasma parameters I. S. Hong, Y. S. Hwang, G. H. Lee, D. Y. Kim, H. Y. Won, G. S. Eom, and W. Choe pp. 1385-1388 NSTAR Xenon Ion Thruster on Deep Space 1: Ground and flight tests (invited) M. G. Marcucci and J. E. Polk pp. 1389-1400 Development of a high-current plasma lens for focusing broad beams of heavy metal ions A. Goncharov, I. Protsenko, G. Yushkov, and I. G. Brown pp. 1401-1404 Novel laser ion sources P. Fournier, H. Haseroth, H. Kugler, N. Lisi, R. Scrivens, F. Varela Rodriguez, P. Di Lazzaro, F. Flora, S. Duesterer, R. Sauerbrey, H. Schillinger, W. Theobald, L. Veisz, J. W. G. Tisch, and R. A. Smith pp. 1405-1408 Production of He-like light and medium mass ions in laser ion source S. Kondrashev, N. Mescheryakov, B. Sharkov, A. Shumshurov, S. Khomenko, K. Makarov, Yu. Satov, and Yu. Smakovskii pp. 1409-1412 Emittance improvement of the electron cyclotron resonance high intensity light ion source proton beam by gas injection in the low energy beam transport P-Y. Beauvais, R. Ferdinand, R. Gobin, J. M. Lagniel, P.-A. Leroy, L. Celona, G. Ciavola, S. Gammino, B. Pottin, and J. Sherman pp. 1413-1416 Method of processing ion energy distributions using a Thomson parabola ion spectrograph with a microchannelplate image converter camera W. Mróz, P. Norek, A. Prokopiuk, P. Parys, M. Pfeifer, L. Laska, M. P. Stöckli, D. Fry, and K. Kasuya pp. 1417-1420 Measurement of angular divergence and ion species ratios of an rf-driven multicusp ion source for diagnostic neutral beam by Doppler shift spectroscopy S. J. Yoo, H. L. Yang, and S. M. Hwang pp. 1421-1424 Quantitative measurements of the chemical composition of unprepared samples, using a reflectron mass analyzer with a microchannelplate detector assembly W. Mróz, A. Prokopiuk, B. Kozlov, T. Czujko, S. Józwiak, J. Krzywiski, M. P. Stöckli, and C. Fehrenbach pp. 1425-1428
Detection of laser excited surface acoustic waves by infrared radiation A. Kubyshkin, M. Paul, and W. Arnold pp. 1429-1432 An acoustic sensor for simultaneous density and viscosity measurements in liquids G. Lévêque, J. Y. Ferrandis, J. Van Est, and B. Cros pp. 1433-1440 Viscosity measurements of viscous liquids using magnetoelastic thick-film sensors Keith T. Loiselle and Craig A. Grimes pp. 1441-1446 Accuracy of error propagation exemplified with ratios of random variables Peter J. Winzer pp. 1447-1454
Development of three dimensional neutron tomography system and its applications Amar Sinha pp. 1455-1459 Real-time imaging of semiconductor space-charge regions using high-spatial resolution evanescent microwave microscope M. Tabib-Azar and D. Akinwande pp. 1460-1465 Modulated shear-force distance control in near-field scanning optical microscopy R. Brunner, A. Simon, T. Stifter, and O. Marti pp. 1466-1471 Variable temperature superconducting microscope Bo Cheng and W. J. Yeh pp. 1472-1474 A 3He refrigerated scanning tunneling microscope in high magnetic fields and ultrahigh vacuum M. Kugler, Ch. Renner, Ø. Fischer, V. Mikheev, and G. Batey pp. 1475-1478 CONDENSED MATTER; MATERIALS An apparatus for supersonic jet epitaxy of thin films S. A. Ustin, K. A. Brown, and W. Ho pp. 1479-1487 Highly sensitive open-flat coil magnetometer for the [lambda](H,T) measurements in plate-like high-Tc cuprates S. G. Gevorgyan, T. Kiss, A. A. Movsisyan, H. G. Shirinyan, Y. Hanayama, H. Katsube, T. Ohyama, M. Takeo, T. Matsushita, and K. Funaki pp. 1488-1494 Ultrahigh vacuum compatible all-glass high pressure reaction cell for accurate and reproducible measurement of small reaction rates W. Reichl, G. Rosina, G. Rupprechter, C. Zimmermann, and K. Hayek pp. 1495-1499 Influence of doping on sensitivity and response time of TiO2 oxygen gas sensor Rajnish K. Sharma, M. C. Bhatnagar, and G. L. Sharma pp. 1500-1504 Characterization of SrS evaporated materials grown from a new high temperature source with a carbon heater Masaaki Isai, Kousuke Fukui, Kazunaga Higo, and Hiroshi Fujiyasu pp. 1505-1508 Quantitative characterization of an x-ray source in an x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy system Stephen V. Pepper and Donald R. Wheeler pp. 1509-1515
Fluorescence anisotropy sensor and its application to polymer processing and characterization Anthony J. Bur, Steven C. Roth, and Charles L. Thomas pp. 1516-1523
Thermoelastic property of the torsion fiber in the gravitational experiments Jun Luo, Zhong-Kun Hu, and Houtse Hsu pp. 1524-1528
Magnetic background noise cancellation in real-world environments P. J. M. Wöltgens and R. H. Koch pp. 1529-1533 Compact low field magnetic resonance imaging magnet: Design and optimization M. Sciandrone, G. Placidi, L. Testa, and A. Sotgiu pp. 1534-1538 Comprehensive diagnostic suite for a magnetically insulated transmission line oscillator M. D. Haworth, T. J. Englert, K. J. Hendricks, R. W. Lemke, J. W. Luginsland, D. S. Shiffler, and T. A. Spencer pp. 1539-1547
Simple and inexpensive interferometry of shock wave developments from pulsed high-current discharge K. Takaki, T. Kobayashi, and T. Fujiwara pp. 1548-1551 Short-pathlength, high-pressure flow cell for static and time-resolved infrared spectroscopy suitable for supercritical fluid solutions including hydrothermal systems Markus M. Hoffmann, R. Shane Addleman, and John L. Fulton pp. 1552-1556 Design and development of a highly sensitive, field portable plasma source instrument for on-line liquid stream monitoring and real-time sample analysis Yixiang Duan, Yongxuan Su, Zhe Jin, and Stephen P. Abeln pp. 1557-1563 A simple apparatus for determining column density and absolute photoabsorption cross sections H. S. Fung, C. C. Chu, S. J. Hsu, H. H. Wu, and T. S. Yih pp. 1564-1568

A simple circuit for driving light-emitting diodes with low supply voltage Tai-Shan Liao and Chun-Ming Chang pp. 1569-1570