Review of Scientific Instruments, 2003, V 74, N 2, February.


 A review of symbolic analysis of experimental data
C. S. Daw, C. E. A. Finney, and E. R. Tracy
pp. 915-930


Optimization of a focusing monochromator K. Mergia and S. Messoloras pp. 931-937 A laboratory apparatus for the measurement of optical extinction coefficients of postflame soot in the infrared John F. Widmann, Jiann C. Yang, Matthew Bundy, Benjamin K. Tsai, and George W. Mulholland pp. 938-944 Continuous pulse duration variation in quenched cavity dye laser Young-Woo Lee and Yong-Pyung Kim pp. 945-950
Characteristics of an E?B probe for extraction of H- ions from a magnetized sheet plasma source Marko E. Arciaga, Alexander G. Mendenilla, and Henry J. Ramos pp. 951-955 Minimono: An ultracompact permanent magnet ion source for singly charged ions G. Gaubert, C. Baru, C. Canet, J. Cornell, M. Dupuis, W. Farabolini, J. L. Flambard, P. Gorel, P. Jardin, N. Lecesne, P. Leherissier, F. Lemagnen, R. Leroy, J. Y. Pacquet, M. G. Saint-Laurent et al. pp. 956-960
A thermoluminescence detector-based few-channel spectrometer for simultaneous detection of electrons and photons from relativistic laser-produced plasmas R. Behrens, H. Schwoerer, S. Du"sterer, P. Ambrosi, G. Pretzler, S. Karsch, and R. Sauerbrey pp. 961-968 Spatial characterization of extreme ultraviolet plasmas generated by laser excitation of xenon gas targets Sebastian Kranzusch, Christian Peth, and Klaus Mann pp. 969-974 Spectrometry of charged particles from inertial-confinement-fusion plasmas F. H. Se'guin, J. A. Frenje, C. K. Li, D. G. Hicks, S. Kurebayashi, J. R. Rygg, B.-E. Schwartz, R. D. Petrasso, S. Roberts, J. M. Soures, D. D. Meyerhofer, T. C. Sangster, J. P. Knauer, C. Sorce, V. Yu. Glebov et al. pp. 975-995 Plasma interferometry at high pressures Kamran Akhtar, John E. Scharer, Shane M. Tysk, and Enny Kho pp. 996-1001 Tomographic imaging of electron distributions: Leveraging computing power advances to produce inexpensive, low-power, lightweight, and robust instrumentation Michael R. Collier, Dennis J. Chornay, John W. Keller, Michael Coplan, Norman J. Dionne, Brahim El Marji, Federico Herrero, Joe Hirman, Jeffrey Houser, John Moore, and James A. Slavin pp. 1002-1007
Approach for investigating the astigmatism of a magnetic prism in low-energy electron microscopy H.-C. Kan, Daniel Auerbach, and R. J. Phaneuf pp. 1008-1015 Low noise current-to-voltage converter and vibration damping system for a low- temperature ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope Laurent Libioulle, Alexandra Radenovic, Eva Bystrenova, and Giovanni Dietler pp. 1016-1021 A low-temperature ultrahigh vacuum atomic force microscope for biological applications Alexandra Radenovic, Eva Bystrenova', Laurent Libioulle, Mauro Taborelli, James A. DeRose, and Giovanni Dietler pp. 1022-1026 A double lamellae dropoff etching procedure for tungsten tips attached to tuning fork atomic force microscopy/scanning tunneling microscopy sensors M. Kulawik, M. Nowicki, G. Thielsch, L. Cramer, H.-P. Rust, H.-J. Freund, T. P. Pearl, and P. S. Weiss pp. 1027-1030 Piezoresistive detection of acoustic waves A. Passian, P. G. Evans, V. K. Varma, T. L. Ferrell, and T. Thundat pp. 1031-1035
Multiple sample manipulator with five degrees of freedom for angle-resolved spectroscopy in ultrahigh vacuum C. C. Finstad, M. J. Schabel, and A. J. Muscat pp. 1036-1042 A technique to measure Poisson's ratio of ultrathin polymeric films using atomic force microscopy Bharat Bhushan, Prasad S. Mokashi, and Tiejun Ma pp. 1043-1047 Elemental analysis of multilayer samples by means of combined laser ablation and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry C. Fiorini, A. Gianoncelli, A. Longoni, D. Comelli, C. D'Andrea, and G. Valentini pp. 1048-1056 An aerodynamic levitation system for drop tube and quenching experiments Yasutomo Arai, Paul-Franc,ois Paradis, Tomotsugu Aoyama, Takehiko Ishikawa, and Shinichi Yoda pp. 1057-1063
Clipping the tail of a TE-CO2 laser pulse using a gas breakdown technique for high resolution chemical plume detection Carlo Bellecci, Ida Bellucci, Pasqualino Gaudio, Sergio Martellucci, Giovanni Petrocelli, and Maria Richetta pp. 1064-1069 Proof-of-principle laser-induced fluorescence measurements of gas distributions from supersonic nozzles B. H. Failor, S. Chantrenne, P. L. Coleman, J. S. Levine, Y. Song, and H. M. Sze pp. 1070-1076
A paralleled readout system for an electrical DNA-hybridization assay based on a microstructured electrode array Matthias Urban, Robert Mo"ller, and Wolfgang Fritzsche pp. 1077-1081
Balloon borne optical particle counter for stratospheric observation Takeshi Kasai, Masayoshi Tsuchiya, Katsumi Takami, Masahiko Hayashi, and Yasunobu Iwasaka pp. 1082-1092
Electric field measurement using a hybrid optical instrument Youl-Moon Sung, Ryusuke Kuroki, Masahisa Otsubo, and Chikahisa Honda pp. 1093-1097 Method and apparatus to measure electromagnetic interference shielding efficiency and its shielding characteristics in broadband frequency ranges Y. K. Hong, C. Y. Lee, C. K. Jeong, D. E. Lee, K. Kim, and J. Joo pp. 1098-1102
Determination of accommodation coefficients of translational and internal energy using a thin wire in a free-molecular flow A. K. Rebrov, A. A. Morozov, M. Yu. Plotnikov, N. I. Timoshenko, and V. A. Maltsev pp. 1103-1106 Noncontact technique for determining the thermal diffusivity coefficient on acoustically levitated liquid drops K. Ohsaka, A. Rednikov, and S. S. Sadhal pp. 1107-1112
DoseSim: Microsoft-Windows graphical user interface for using synchrotron x-ray exposure and subsequent development in the LIGA process P. Meyer, J. Schulz, and L. Hahn pp. 1113-1119 Piezoelectric droplet ejector for ink-jet printing of fluids and solid particles Go"khan Perc,in and Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub pp. 1120-1127 A time- and energy-resolving, multichannel event logger B. W. Adams pp. 1128-1134 25 ns software correlator for photon and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Davide Magatti and Fabio Ferri pp. 1135-1144

Low noise, low power consumption high electron mobility transistors amplifier, for temperatures below 1 K N. Oukhanski, M. Grajcar, E. Il'ichev, and H.-G. Meyer pp. 1145-1146 Development of an electrostatic levitator for neutron diffraction structure analysis Hirokatsu Aoki, Paul-Franc,ois Paradis, Takehiko Ishikawa, Tomotsugu Aoyama, Tadahiko Masaki, Shinich Yoda, Yoshinobu Ishii, and Toshio Itami pp. 1147-1149 A microcontroller-based failsafe for single photon counting modules Matthew P. Gordon and Paul R. Selvin pp. 1150-1152 Probes for high-frequency measurements in a plasma gun Tomas Hurtig and Jan Wistedt pp. 1153-1155 Performance of laminar-type holographic grating for a soft x-ray flat-field spectrograph in the 0.7-6 nm region Masato Koike, Kazuo Sano, Eric Gullikson, Yoshihisa Harada, and Hideki Kumata pp. 1156-1158