Review of Scientific Instruments, 1999, V 70, N 2, Feb.


Exponential analysis in physical phenomena Andrei A. Istratov and Oleg F. Vyvenko pp. 1233-1257

An active spectrometer N. H. Brooks, D. F. Finkenthal, T. H. Jensen, N. N. Naumenko, and S. N. Tugarinov pp. 1258-1263 Fabrication of binary phase surface relief optical elements by selective deposition of dielectric layers N. Davidson, R. Ozeri, and R. Baron pp. 1264-1267 Investigation of etched silicon wafers for lobster-eye optics A. G. Peele pp. 1268-1273 Characterization of a novel micromachined optical vibrating rate gyroscope D. J. Seter, O. Bochobza-Degani, E. Socher, S. Kaldor, E. Scher, and Y. Nemirovsky pp. 1274-1276 Hyper-Rayleigh scattering using 1907 nm laser excitation M. A. Pauley and C. H. Wang pp. 1277-1284 Line focus system with a segmented prism array for compact x-ray laser experiments Naohiro Yamaguchi, Tadayuki Ohchi, Chiemi Fujikawa, Asuka Ogata, Yoshiyuki Hisada, Kazunobu Okasaka, Tamio Hara, Teruyoshi Tsunashima, and Yutaka Iizuka pp. 1285-1287 Monochromatic focusing of subpicosecond x-ray pulses in the keV range T. Missalla, I. Uschmann, E. Förster, G. Jenke, and D. von der Linde pp. 1288-1299 A cost-effective method for minimizing the sphere-of-confusion error of x-ray microdiffractometers I. C. Noyan, S. K. Kaldor, P.-C. Wang, and J. Jordan-Sweet pp. 1300-1304 Cavity ring down spectroscopy on radicals in a supersonic slit nozzle discharge Tomasz Motylewski and Harold Linnartz pp. 1305-1312 Single molecule force spectrometer with magnetic force control and inductive detection A. Schemmel and H. E. Gaub pp. 1313-1317 New design of a cryostat-mounted scanning near-field optical microscope for single molecule spectroscopy Yannig Durand, Jörg C. Woehl, Bertrand Viellerobe, Wolfgang Göhde, and Michel Orrit pp. 1318-1325 Compact and freely movable single atom detector P. Westphal, S. Koch, A. Horn, J. Schmand, and H. J. Andrä pp. 1326-1332 Conceptual development and characterization of a diamond-based ultraviolet detector Wei Jiang, Jaeshine Ahn, Chan Yuen Chuen, and Lam Yee Loy pp. 1333-1340 A beam position sensor for low power infrared laser diodes Lorenzo Capineri, Leonardo Masotti, Marina Mazzoni, Guido Toci, and Piero Mazzinghi pp. 1341-1348 Hydrostatic optical cell for temperatures below 350 K and pressures to 400 MPa J. Bruce Johnson pp. 1349-1351 Optoelectronic standardization of laser Doppler perfusion monitors A. Liebert, P. Lukasiewicz, D. Boggett, and R. Maniewski pp. 1352-1354
Linac-based free electron lasers and e-beam energy modulation U. Bizzarri, G. Dattoli, and P. L. Ottaviani pp. 1355-1358 Peak-detector-hold based circuit for trigger synchronization of the electron beam and wiggler in a free-electron laser experiment A. V. Ravi Kumar, K. K. Mohandas, K. Sathyanarayana, and K. K. Jain pp. 1359-1361 Emittance measurements of the Sub-Picosecond Accelerator electron beam using beam position monitors Steven J. Russell pp. 1362-1366 Effect of a metal-dielectric structure introduced in the plasma chamber of the Frankfurt 14 GHz electron cyclotron resonance ion source L. Schächter, K. E. Stiebing, S. Dobrescu, Al. I. Badescu-Singureanu, L. Schmidt, O. Hohn, and S. Runkel pp. 1367-1369 Atmospheric pressure ion focusing in a high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometer Roger Guevremont and Randy W. Purves pp. 1370-1383 Microwave diagnostics in electron cyclotron resonance plasma sources B. Larousse and P. Louvet pp. 1384-1386
Self-similarity of plasma networking in a broad range of length scales: From laboratory to cosmic plasmas A. B. Kukushkin and V. A. Rantsev-Kartinov pp. 1387-1391 Plasma networking in magnetically confined plasmas and diagnostics of nonlocal heat transport in tokamak filamentary plasmas A. B. Kukushkin and V. A. Rantsev-Kartinov pp. 1392-1396 Overview of Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research diagnostics S. G. Lee, S. M. Hwang, B. C. Kim, H. G. Lee, H. K. Na, H. L. Yang, S. J. Yoo, S. S. Medley, H. K. Park, and K. M. Young , the KSTAR Project Team pp. 1397-1401 Effect of the sample volume splitting in heavy ion-beam probing (HIBP) for spherical tokamaks (by the example of HIBP for mega ampere spherical tokamak) A. V. Melnikov and S. V. Perfilov pp. 1402-1406 Theoretical aspects of the use of pulsed reflectometry in a spheromak plasma Bruce I. Cohen, E. Bickford Hooper, M. C. Spang, and C. W. Domier pp. 1407-1415 Improved performance of the Thomson scattering system in RFX R. Pasqualotto, A. Sardella, A. Intravaia, and L. Marrelli pp. 1416-1420 Observations of a dynamical percolating network in dense Z-pinch plasmas A. B. Kukushkin and V. A. Rantsev-Kartinov pp. 1421-1424 Diagnostic characterization of a prepulsed carbon fiber Z pinch using spectral line intensity analyses A. Lorenz, N. J. Peacock, M. G. O'Mullane, and David Neely pp. 1425-1429 First measurement of tangential Faraday rotation of CO2 laser wave in a tokamak plasma Yasunori Kawano, Shin-ichi Chiba, Hiroshi Shirai, Akira Inoue, and Akira Nagashima pp. 1430-1434 Instrumentation for a retarding potential analyzer experiment. Part I. Ion parameters S. S. Rajput and S. C. Garg pp. 1435-1441
Calibration of the distance between electrodes of mechanically controlled break junctions using field emission resonance O. Yu. Kolesnychenko, O. I. Shklyarevskii, and H. van Kempen pp. 1442-1446 Intrinsic strain and temperature characteristics of Yb-doped silica-based optical fibers T. Sun, Z. Y. Zhang, K. T. V. Grattan, and A. W. Palmer pp. 1447-1451 Multiple-frequency continuous wave ultrasonic system for accurate distance measurement C. F. Huang, M. S. Young, and Y. C. Li pp. 1452-1458
3He refrigerator based very low temperature scanning tunneling microscope S. H. Pan, E. W. Hudson, and J. C. Davis pp. 1459-1463
X-ray diagnostic applied to the study of shock wave propagation in foams D. Batani, M. Koenig, A. Benuzzi, J. M. Boudenne, G. Cauchon, T. Hall, and W. Nazarov pp. 1464-1467 Ultrasonic measurement of stress in railroad wheels Raymond E. Schramm pp. 1468-1472 Convertible electrodynamic levitator trap to quasielectrostatic levitator for microparticle nucleation studies S. Arnold, N. L. Goddard, and N. Wotherspoon pp. 1473-1477 Ultrahigh vacuum/high pressure chamber for surface x-ray diffraction experiments P. Bernard, K. Peters, J. Alvarez, and S. Ferrer pp. 1478-1480 Improved apparatus and procedures for the measurement of solubility of rapidly equilibrating solid-liquid systems to 90 °C S. G. Capewell, G. T. Hefter, and P. M. May pp. 1481-1485 An instrument for automatic measurements of critical current of superconductors in pulse mode S. C. Gadkari and S. K. Gupta pp. 1486-1493 Apparatus for vortex dynamics studies in high Tc samples using close cycle refrigerator and rf oscillators S. Patnaik, Kanwaljeet Singh, and R. C. Budhani pp. 1494-1500 A heatable large volume pressure cell for neutron powder diffraction: The Kiel-Berlin Cell II K. Knorr, B. Annighöfer, and W. Depmeier pp. 1501-1504 Electromagnetorheological suspensions and inducted changes of their magnetic permeability and dielectric constant Stanis[l]aw Bednarek pp. 1505-1510 Digital quadrature detection in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Li Gengying and Xie Haibin pp. 1511-1513 Level meter for dielectric liquids L. Bruschi, G. Delfitto, and G. Mistura pp. 1514-1517 Real-time and multipoint monitoring the dissolution rate of photoresist film by using a novel plastic optical fiber bundle Jing Shyang Horng, Gong-Ru Lin, and C. W. Chen pp. 1518-1521 Production of uniform plasma with surface electromagnetic wave launched by a waveguide-surfatron Cong-Feng Wu, Ru-Juan Zhan, and Shuai Wu pp. 1522-1524 Gridless ionized metal flux fraction measurement tool for use in ionized physical vapor deposition studies T. G. Snodgrass, J. H. Booske, W. Wang, A. E. Wendt, and J. L. Shohet pp. 1525-1529 Dual-function circular polarization converter for microwave/plasma processing systems T. H. Chang, L. R. Barnett, K. R. Chu, F. Tai, and C. L. Hsu pp. 1530-1534
Low cost phase-modulation measurements of nanosecond fluorescence lifetimes using a lock-in amplifier Peter Harms, Jeffrey Sipior, Natraj Ram, Gary M. Carter, and Govind Rao pp. 1535-1539 High-pressure instrument for small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering. II. Time-resolved experiments M. Steinhart, M. Kriechbaum, K. Pressl, H. Amenitsch, P. Laggner, and S. Bernstorff pp. 1540-1545
Polarized 129Xe optical pumping/spin exchange and delivery system for magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging studies M. S. Rosen, T. E. Chupp, K. P. Coulter, R. C. Welsh, and S. D. Swanson pp. 1546-1552
Final isolation stage for a spherical gravitational wave antenna Stephen M. Merkowitz, Eugenio Coccia, Viviana Fafone, Guido Raffone, Maria Schipilliti, and Massimo Visco pp. 1553-1560 Two-dimensional low-frequency vibration attenuator using X pendulums D. Tatsumi, Mark A. Barton, T. Uchiyama, and K. Kuroda pp. 1561-1564 New microhumidity field-effect transistor sensor in ppmv level Supratic Chakraborty, Kazuhiro Hara, and P. T. Lai pp. 1565-1567
Time-to-digital converter of very high pulse stretching ratio for digital storage oscilloscopes Keunoh Park and Jaehong Park pp. 1568-1574
Automated liquid helium transfer system G. Mark Cushman, Richard M. Gummer, Ernie Buchanan, Omar Jenkins, and Tim Powers pp. 1575-1576