Review of Scientific Instruments, 2004, V 75, N 12, December.

   Design and calibration of a cryogenic blackbody 
   calibrator at centimeter wavelengths  
A. Kogut, E. Wollack, D. J. Fixsen, M. Limon, 
P. Mirel, S. Levin, M. Seiffert, and P. M. Lubin 
pp. 5079-5083 

   A simple noise subtraction technique  
F. Douarche, L. Buisson, S. Ciliberto,
and A. Petrosyan 
pp. 5084-5089 

   Vessel eddy current measurement for the
   National Spherical Torus Experiment  
D. A. Gates, J. E. Menard, and R. J. Marsala 
pp. 5090-5093 

   A setup for probing collisions of highly 
   charged ions with liquid droplets  
G. K. Padmashree, A. Roy, D. Kanjilal, 
G. Rodrigues, R. Ahuja, R. Somashekar, 
and C. P. Safvan 
pp. 5094-5099 

   A low-power timing discriminator for 
   space instrumentation  
P. Devoto, J.-L. Medale, C. Aoustin, 
and J.-A. Sauvaud 
pp. 5100-5105 

   Optimal two-point static calibration of 
   measurement systems with quadratic response  
Ramon Pallas-Areny, Josep Jordana,
and Oscar Casas 
pp. 5106-5111 

   A device to investigate the axial strain 
   dependence of the critical current 
   density in superconductors  
A. Godeke, M. Dhalle, A. Morelli, 
L. Stobbelaar, H. van Weeren, 
H. J. N. van Eck, W. Abbas, A. Nijhuis, 
A. den Ouden, and B. ten Haken 
pp. 5112-5118 

   Analysis of heat flow in layered 
   structures for time-domain 
David G. Cahill 
pp. 5119-5122 

   Heat power source controller circuit  
F. Madrid, X. Jorda, M. Vellvehi, X. Perpina, 
and P. Godignon 
pp. 5123-5125 

   Design of a transversely pumped, 
   high repetition rate, narrow bandwidth 
   dye laser with high wavelength stability  
R. Bhatnagar, Nageshwar Singh, 
R. Chaube, and H. S. Vora 
pp. 5126-5130 

   Generation of a doughnut-shaped beam
   using a spiral phase plate  
Takeshi Watanabe, Masaaki Fujii,
Yoshi Watanabe, Nobuhito Toyama, 
and Yoshinori Iketaki 
pp. 5131-5135 

   Optimum design and construction of 
   a Zeeman slower for use with a 
   magneto-optic trap  
C. J. Dedman, J. Nes, T. M. Hanna, 
R. G. Dall, K. G. H. Baldwin, 
and A. G. Truscott 
pp. 5136-5142 

   High-pressure cell for fluorescence
   fluctuation spectroscopy  
Mohac Tekmen and Joachim D. Muller 
pp. 5143-5148 

   Highly efficient gaseous sample
   loading technique for diamond anvil cells  
Jiyong Zhao, Guoyin Shen, 
Wolfgang Sturhahn, and E. Ercan Alp 
pp. 5149-5151 

   Hot-cathode-ionization-gauge system with
   a self-compensating circuit for errors 
   caused by an external-electron source  
Hiroshi Saeki, Tamotsu Magome, 
Tsuyoshi Aoki, Nobuaki Gotoh, 
and Takashi Momose 
pp. 5152-5159 

   Design and initial operation of the
   Auburn Linear Experiment for Instability 
   Studies: A new plasma experiment for 
   studying shear driven flows  
Edwynn Wallace, Edward Thomas,
Jr., Ashley Eadon, and Jon David Jackson 
pp. 5160-5165 

   Heat and temperature distribution in a 
   cladding-pumped, Er: Yb co-doped 
   phosphate fiber  
Andrey Kosterin, J. Kevin Erwin, 
Mahmoud Fallahi, and Masud Mansuripur 
pp. 5166-5172 

   Temporally resolved Schwarzschild 
   microscope for the characterization of 
   extreme ultraviolet emission in
   laser-produced plasmas  
Y. Tao, M. Nakai, H. Nishimura, S. Fujioka, 
T. Okuno, T. Fujiwara, N. Ueda, 
N. Miyanaga, and Y. Izawa 
pp. 5173-5176 

   Experimental technique for studying 
   high-temperature phases in reactive 
   molten metal based systems  
A. Ermoline, M. Schoenitz, V. K. Hoffmann,
and E. L. Dreizin 
pp. 5177-5185 

   High-power short-pulse laser repetition
   rate improvement by adaptive wave 
   front correction  
B. Wattellier, J. Fuchs, J. P. Zou, K. Abdeli,
C. Haefner, and H. Pepin 
pp. 5186-5192 

   Precision short-pulse damage test station
   utilizing optical parametric 
   chirped-pulse amplification  
Igor Jovanovic, Curtis Brown, Benoit Wattellier,
Norman Nielsen, William Molander, 
Brent Stuart, Deanna Pennington, 
and C. P. J. Barty 
pp. 5193-5202 

   Improved efficiency of a hybrid CO2 
   laser as a result of increased TEM00
   mode filling factor  
Aniruddha Kumar, J. Padma Nilaya, 
and Dhruba J. Biswas 
pp. 5203-5204 

   Multichannel optical diagnostic 
   system for field-reversed configuration
Tsutomu Takahashi, Hiroshi Gota, 
Toshiyuki Fujino, Masanori Okada, 
Tomohiko Asai, Kayoko Fujimoto, 
Yasunori Ohkuma, and Yasuyuki Nogi 
pp. 5205-5212 

   PVDF sensor in laser ablation experiments  
M. A. P. Giao, N. A. S. Rodrigues, 
R. Riva, and C. Schwab 
pp. 5213-5215 

   A magnetoelasticity instrument for testing
   the mechanical properties of
   ferromagnetic materials  
Qi Xin, Hou Zhi Ling, and 
Tian Jian Long 
pp. 5216-5220 

   Position sensitive detection coupled
   to high-resolution time-of-flight mass
   spectrometry: Imaging for molecular
   beam deflection experiments  
M. Abd El Rahim, R. Antoine, L. Arnaud, 
M. Barbaire, M. Broyer, Ch. Clavier,
I. Compagnon, Ph. Dugourd, J. Maurelli, and D. Rayane 
pp. 5221-5227 

   High-pressure, high-temperature x-ray 
   absorption fine structure transmission 
   cell for the study of aqueous ions with
   low absorption-edge energies  
John L. Fulton, Yongsheng Chen, 
Steve M. Heald, and Mahalingam 
pp. 5228-5231 

   High-resolution solid-state nuclear 
   magnetic resonance experiments 
   on highly radioactive ceramics  
Ian Farnan, Herman Cho, William J. Weber, 
Randall D. Scheele, Nigel R. Johnson, 
and Anne E. Kozelisky 
pp. 5232-5236 

   Radial 32P ion implantation using a 
   coaxial plasma reactor: Activity imaging
   and numerical integration  
M. A. Fortin, V. Dufresne, R. Paynter, 
A. Sarkissian, and B. Stansfield 
pp. 5237-5243 

   Miniaturized impression creep testing of 
   ball grid array solder balls attached to 
   microelectronic packaging substrates  
D. Pan, R. A. Marks, I. Dutta, R. Mahajan, 
and S. G. Jadhav 
pp. 5244-5252 

   A broadband waveguide for protein 
   crystallography under intense microwave fields  
R. Weissenborn, T. Reinhardt, V. Hansen, 
G. Maret, and T. Gisler 
pp. 5253-5256 

   Threshold-crossing counting technique
   for damping factor determination of
   resonator sensors  
Kefeng Zeng and Craig A. Grimes 
pp. 5257-5261 

   Magnetic resonance-guided 
   near-infrared tomography of the breast  
Ben Brooksby, Shudong Jiang,
Hamid Dehghani, Brian W. Pogue, 
Keith D. Paulsen, Christine Kogel,
Marvin Doyley, John B. Weaver, 
and Steven P. Poplack 
pp. 5262-5270 

   Phase contrast radiography:
   Image modeling and optimization  
Benedicta D. Arhatari, Adrian P. Mancuso, 
Andrew G. Peele, and Keith A. Nugent 
pp. 5271-5276 

   Microwave-induced plasma reactor
   based on a domestic microwave
oven for bulk solid state chemistry  
David J. Brooks and Richard E. Douthwaite 
pp. 5277-5279 

   Cryogenic variable temperature 
   ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling
   microscope for single molecule 
   studies on silicon surfaces  
E. T. Foley, N. L. Yoder, N. P. Guisinger,
and M. C. Hersam 
pp. 5280-5287 

   Flexible microprocessor-based 
   evaporation controller  
F.-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf 
and A. C. Belton 
pp. 5288-5292 

   Simplified Besocke scanning tunneling
   microscope with linear approach geometry  
S. J. Ball, G. E. Contant, and A. B. McLean 
pp. 5293-5301 

   Dedicated Max-Planck beamline for 
   the in situ investigation of interfaces and thin films  
A. Stierle, A. Steinhauser, A. Ruhm, 
F. U. Renner, R. Weigel, N. Kasper, 
and H. Dosch 
pp. 5302-5307 

   Multi-mode combustion facility for thermal
   treatment studies of wastes and biomass  
Fadi Eldabbagh, Janusz A. Kozinski, 
Michael Bourassa, Jean-Pierre Farant, 
Peter Gangli, Michael Groves, Eric Rosen, 
Vic Uloth, Jalal Hawari, and Wes Hutny 
pp. 5308-5314 

   Design and performance of a wide-bandwidth
   and sensitive instrument for near-infrared 
   spectroscopic measurements on 
   human tissue  
Luigi Rovati, Andrea Bandera, Maurizio Donini, 
Giorgia Salvatori, and Luca Pollonini 
pp. 5315-5325 

   Some considerations for a method that 
   simultaneously measures the temperature
   and emissivity of a metal in a 
   high temperature furnace  
Tohru Iuchi and Tohru Furukawa 
pp. 5326-5332 

   Room temperature, THz photomixing
   sweep oscillator and its application to
   spectroscopic transmission through
   organic materials  
E. R. Brown, J. Bjarnason, T. L. J. Chan,
D. C. Driscoll, M. Hanson, and A. C. Gossard 
pp. 5333-5342 

   emiT: An apparatus to test time reversal
   invariance in polarized neutron decay  
H. P. Mumm, A. Garcia, L. Grout, M. Howe,
L. P. Parazzoli, R. G. H. Robertson, 
K. M. Sundqvist, J. F. Wilkerson, 
S. J. Freedman, B. K. Fujikawa, L. J. Lising, 
M. S. Dewey, J. S. Nico, A. K. Thompson, 
T. E. Chupp, R. L. Cooper, K. P. Coulter, 
S. R. Hwang, R. C. Welsh, L. J. Broussard, 
C. A. Trull, F. E. Wietfeldt, and G. L. Jones 
pp. 5343-5355 

   Ranque–Hilsch vortex tube thermocycler 
   for fast DNA amplification and real-time
   optical detection  
Ryan J. Ebmeier, Scott E. Whitney, 
Amitabha Sarkar, Michael Nelson, 
Nisha V. Padhye, George Gogos, 
and Hendrik J. Viljoen 
pp. 5356-5359 

   Novel method to preserve freshly
   cleaved surfaces  
M. Fink and V. R. Smith 
pp. 5360-5361 

   A differential mechanical profilometer
   for thickness measurement  
J. Maia Alves, M. C. Brito, J. M. Serra, 
and A. M. Vallera 
pp. 5362-5363 

   High sensitivity bulk electro-optic 
   modulator field sensor for high 
   voltage environments  
Mao-Sheng Huang, Mao-Hong Lu, 
and Jow-Tsong Shy 
pp. 5364-5366 

   Noise selection in multielectrode 
   devices by using a correlation 
   spectrum analyzer  
Giorgio Ferrari, Laura Fumagalli, 
and Marco Sampietro 
pp. 5367-5369