Review of Scientific Instruments, 2002, V 73, N 12, December.


Inverse problem theory in the optical depth profilometry of thin films
J. F. Power
pp. 4057-4141


Frequency locking to a high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity of a frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser used as the optical phase modulator M. Bregant, G. Cantatore, F. Della Valle, G. Ruoso, and G. Zavattini pp. 4142-4144 A compact versatile femtosecond spectrometer V. Nagarajan, E. Johnson, P. Schellenberg, W. Parson, and R. Windeler pp. 4145-4149 Picosecond laser-pump, x-ray probe spectroscopy of GaAs B. W. Adams, M. F. DeCamp, E. M. Dufresne, and D. A. Reis pp. 4150-4156 An undulator-based spherical grating monochromator beamline for low energy electron-molecule scattering experiments S?ren V. Hoffmann, Stuart L. Lunt, Nykola C. Jones, David Field, and Jean-Pierre Ziesel pp. 4157-4163 A single-photon detector for the measurement of optical activity in the deep sea F. Ameli, M. Bonori, C. Coluzza, R. Masullo, M. Petruccetti, F. Massa, and L. Pappalardo pp. 4164-4168 Operation of a single mode external-cavity laser diode array near 780 nm S. B. Bayram and T. E. Chupp pp. 4169-4171
Role of a metal-dielectric structure for the high-charge-state-ion production in electron cyclotron resonance ion sources L. Scha"chter, S. Dobrescu, and K. E. Stiebing pp. 4172-4175 Characterization of multiterawatt laser-solid interactions for proton acceleration P. McKenna, K. W. D. Ledingham, I. Spencer, T. McCany, R. P. Singhal, C. Ziener, P. S. Foster, E. J. Divall, C. J. Hooker, D. Neely, A. J. Langley, R. J. Clarke, P. A. Norreys, K. Krushelnick, and E. L. Clark pp. 4176-4184 "Linearizing" an ion cyclotron resonance cell S. E. Barlow and Mark D. Tinkle pp. 4185-4200 Two-dimensional imaging of neutral alkali atom samples using surface ionization Katharina Christandl, Gregory P. Lafyatis, Andrei Modoran, and Tung-Hsiu Shih pp. 4201-4205 Application of a time-resolved event counting technique in velocity map imaging L. Dinu, A. T. J. B. Eppink, F. Rosca-Pruna, H. L. Offerhaus, W. J. van der Zande, and M. J. J. Vrakking pp. 4206-4213 Crossed-beam two-photon readout system for three-dimensional radiation dosimeters Joon Myong Song, Brian M. Cullum, Joel Mobley, James S. Bogard, Marko Moscovitch, Gary W. Phillips, and Tuan Vo-Dinh pp. 4214-4217
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Submicrometer-resolution three-dimensional imaging with hard x-ray imaging microtomography Akihisa Takeuchi, Kentaro Uesugi, Hidekazu Takano, and Yoshio Suzuki pp. 4246-4249 Monolayer topography resolution achieved in a scanning near-field optical microscope T. Plake, M. Ramsteiner, and H. T. Grahn pp. 4250-4253 Electrochemical preparation of cobalt tips for scanning tunneling microscopy Cristiano Albonetti, Ilaria Bergenti, Massimiliano Cavallini, Valentin Dediu, Massimiliano Massi, Jean-Franc,ois Moulin, and Fabio Biscarini pp. 4254-4256
High-resolution scattering apparatus for surface studies L. Pedemonte, A. Gussoni, R. Tatarek, and G. Bracco pp. 4257-4263 Surface domain imaging in external magnetic fields G. Steierl, G. Liu, D. Iorgov, and J. Kirschner pp. 4264-4269 A uniaxial tensile stress apparatus for temperature-dependent magnetotransport and optical studies of thin films A. C. H. Rowe, K. Fasanella, D. R. Hines, T. Zhou, and S. A. Solin pp. 4270-4276 Instrumentation for plasma immersion ion implantation R. Lo'pez-Callejas, R. Valencia-Alvarado, A. E. Mun~oz-Castro, O. G. Godoy- Cabrera, and J. L. Tapia-Fabela pp. 4277-4282 Design and capabilities of a cluster implantation and deposition apparatus: First results on hillock formation under energetic cluster ion bombardment V. N. Popok, S. V. Prasalovich, M. Samuelsson, and E. E. B. Campbell pp. 4283-4287 Generation of 600 T by electromagnetic flux compression with improved implosion symmetry Y. H. Matsuda, F. Herlach, S. Ikeda, and N. Miura pp. 4288-4294 A time-of-flight resonance ionization mass spectrometer for elemental analysis of precious metals in minerals S. S. Dimov, S. L. Chryssoulis, and R. H. Lipson pp. 4295-4306 Ultraviolet phase-modulated ellipsometer Enric Garcia-Caurel, Jean Luc Moncel, Francis Bos, and Bernard Dre'villon pp. 4307-4312
A nanosecond near-infrared step-scan Fourier transform absorption spectrometer: Monitoring singlet oxygen, organic molecule triplet states, and associated thermal effects upon pulsed-laser irradiation of a photosensitizer Lars Klembt Andersen and Peter R. Ogilby pp. 4313-4325 Development of a hand-held forensic-lidar for standoff detection of chemicals Grant Thomson and David Batchelder pp. 4326-4328
A combined confocal and magnetic resonance microscope for biological studies Paul D. Majors, Kevin R. Minard, Eric J. Ackerman, Gary R. Holtom, Derek F. Hopkins, Christopher I. Parkinson, Thomas J. Weber, and Robert A. Wind pp. 4329-4338 Novel resonant-frequency sensor to detect the kinetics of protein adsorption Alison J. Clark, Lorne A. Whitehead, Charles A. Haynes, and Andrzej Kotlicki pp. 4339-4346
Low-noise and fast-locking phase-locked loop S. M. Shahruz pp. 4347-4353 A programmable log-linear amplifier for wide range nuclear power measuring channels M. Tahir Khaleeq, Mahmood Alam, and Iftikhar Ahmad Ghumman pp. 4354-4357 Carbon velvet field-emission cathode D. Shiffler, M. Ruebush, M. Haworth, R. Umstattd, M. LaCour, K. Golby, D. Zagar, and T. Knowles pp. 4358-4362
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Simple fiber optic coupled luminescence cryostat G. D. Meyer, T. P. Ortiz, A. L. Costello, J. A. Brozik, and J. W. Kenney III pp. 4369-4374 Time domain characterization of oscillating sensors: Application of frequency counting to resonance frequency determination Kefeng Zeng, Keat G. Ong, Casey Mungle, and Craig A. Grimes pp. 4375-4380 A video tracking system for measuring the position and body deformation of a swimming fish Hao Wang, Lijiang Zeng, and Chunyong Yin pp. 4381-4384 Micromachined droplet ejector arrays Go"khan Perc,in, Go"ksenin G. Yaralioglu, and Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub pp. 4385-4389

Nonscanning Brillouin spectroscopy applied to solid materials Jae-Hyeon Ko and Seiji Kojima pp. 4390-4392 Vacuum and cryogenic station for microelectromechanical systems probing and testing B. Legrand, E. Que'vy, B. Stefanelli, D. Collard, and L. Buchaillot pp. 4393-4395 Correcting off-axis effects in an on-chip resistive-pulse analyzer O. A. Saleh and L. L. Sohn pp. 4396-4398 Current-heating formation of small holes in thin gold or silver films Nestor Perea-Lo'pez, Nikifor Rakov, and Mufei Xiao pp. 4399-4401 Low-cost mechanical shutter for light beams Kilian Singer, Selim Jochim, Marcel Mudrich, Allard Mosk, and Matthias Weidemu"ller pp. 4402-4404