Review of Scientific Instruments, 1998, V 69, N 12.


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Time-correlated single photon counting imager for simultaneous magnetic resonance and near-infrared mammography Vasilis Ntziachristos, XuHui Ma, Britton Chance pp. 4221-4233 Fiber-optic coupled probe for scanning optically active materials Peter K. Trost pp. 4234-4237
Automatic compensation technique for alternating current metrology based on synchronous filtering Luca Callegaro, Vincenzo D'Elia pp. 4238-4241 Abstract Full Text: [ PDF (72 kB) PostScript ] Order On the recovery of a spark gap in a fast discharge circuit D. J. Biswas, J. P. Nilaya, U. K. Chatterjee pp. 4242-4244

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