Review of Scientific Instruments, 2002, V 73, N 11, November.


Space-based magnetometers Mario H. Acuna pp. 3717-3736

Design and implementation of a high-resolution, high-efficiency optical spectrometer S. B. Utter, J. R. Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, P. Beiersdorfer, and E. Trabert pp. 3737-3741 Double subtractive spectrometer as a tunable high-resolution broad-bandpass optical filter D. J. Dunstan and M. D. Frogley pp. 3742-3746 A calcium vapor cell for atomic spectroscopy Mao-Sheng Huang, Mao-Hong Lu, and Jow-Tsong Shy pp. 3747-3749 He discharge lamp for photoemission experiments with radioactive materials Tomasz Durakiewicz, Al Arko, John J. Joyce, David P. Moore, and Kevin Graham pp. 3750-3753 A fast position sensitive microstrip-gas-chamber detector at high count rate operation I. P. Dolbnya, H. Alberda, F. G. Hartjes, F. Udo, R. E. Bakker, M. Konijnenburg, E. Homan, I. Cerjak, P. Goedtkindt, and W. Bras pp. 3754-3758
On line multitarget selection device with multiple facilities Subir Roy, Avijit Das, N. Ibomcha, and R. K. Bhandari pp. 3759-3763 New type audio frequency ion source M. S. Ragheb and S. G. Zakhary pp. 3764-3767 Magnetic fluctuation probe design and capacitive pickup rejection Christian M. Franck, Olaf Grulke, and Thomas Klinger pp. 3768-3771 Deconvolving long-pulse electron-beam centroid data from resistive wall-current monitors Bruce E. Carlsten pp. 3772-3777 Performance of a Mott detector for undulator-based spin-resolved spectroscopy D. J. Huang, W. P. Wu, J. Chen, C. F. Chang, S. C. Chung, M. Yuri, H.-J. Lin, P. D. Johnson, and C. T. Chen pp. 3778-3783
The use of a Shack-Hartmann wave front sensor for electron density characterization of high density plasmas K. L. Baker, J. Brase, M. Kartz, S. S. Olivier, B. Sawvel, and J. Tucker pp. 3784-3788 Large field double Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope with nonperiodic multilayers for laser plasma imaging F. Bridou, R. Mercier, A. Raynal, J. Y Clotaire, C. Colas, P. Fournet, M. Idir, G. Soullie, C. Remond, and P. Troussel pp. 3789-3795 Wide-dynamic-range "neutron bang time" detector on OMEGA C. Stoeckl, V. Yu. Glebov, J. D. Zuegel, D. D. Meyerhofer, and R. A. Lerche pp. 3796-3800 A nearly real-time high temperature laser-plasma diagnostic using photonuclear reactions in tantalum I. Spencer, K. W. D. Ledingham, R. P. Singhal, T. McCanny, P. McKenna, E. L. Clark, K. Krushelnick, M. Zepf, F. N. Beg, M. Tatarakis, A. E. Dangor, R. D. Edwards, M. A. Sinclair, P. A. Norreys, R. J. Clarke et al. pp. 3801-3805 A gold film detector for radial profile measurement of plasma density by using a gold neutral beam probe K. Ishii, Y. Takemura, A. Fueki, K. Hagisawa, A. Kojima, A. Itakura, M. Yoshikawa, I. Katanuma, and K. Yatsu pp. 3806-3812 Cyclic plasma shearing interferometry for temporal characterization of a laser- produced plasma J. A. Cobble, R. P. Johnson, N. A. Kurnit, D. S. Montgomery, and J. C. Fernandez pp. 3813-3817 Ultrasonic frequency driven long plasma column M. S. Ragheb pp. 3818-3824
Scanning -superconduction quantum interference device force microscope C. Veauvy, K. Hasselbach, and D. Mailly pp. 3825-3830 Use of biaxially oriented polypropylene film for evaluating and cleaning contaminated atomic force microscopy probe tips: An application to blind tip reconstruction H.-Y. Nie, M. J. Walzak, and N. S. McIntyre pp. 3831-3836 High frequency-bandwidth optical technique to measure thermal elongation time responses of near-field scanning optical microscopy probes B. Biehler and A. H. La Rosa pp. 3837-3840
Reactive sputter deposition of alumina thin films using a hollow cathode sputtering source Anshu A. Pradhan, S. Ismat Shah, and Karl M. Unruh pp. 3841-3845 Hyperthermal ion beam system optimized for studying the effects of kinetic energy on thin-film growth J. M. Pomeroy, A. J. Couture, M. V. R. Murty, E. N. Butler, and B. H. Cooper pp. 3846-3852 An evaporation source for ion beam assisted deposition in ultrahigh vacuum J. Kirschner, H. Engelhard, and D. Hartung pp. 3853-3860 Electrostatic electron analyzer with 90 deflection angle L. Vattuone and M. Rocca pp. 3861-3866 Spin and energy analysis of electron beams: Coupling a polarimeter based on exchange scattering to a hemispherical analyzer R. Bertacco, M. Marcon, G. Trezzi, L. Duo, and F. Ciccacci pp. 3867-3871 A differentially pumped electrostatic lens system for photoemission studies in the millibar range D. Frank Ogletree, Hendrik Bluhm, Gennadi Lebedev, Charles S. Fadley, Zahid Hussain, and Miquel Salmeron pp. 3872-3877 A Bragg scattering spectrometer for studying crystallization of colloidal suspensions P. S. Francis, S. Martin, G. Bryant, W. van Megen, and P. A. Wilksch pp. 3878-3884 Development of a four-element conical electron lens dedicated to high resolution Auger electron-ion(s) coincidence experiments K. Le Guen, D. Ceolin, R. Guillemin, C. Miron, N. Leclercq, M. Bougeard, M. Simon, P. Morin, A. Mocellin, F. Burmeister, A. Naves de Brito, and S. L. Sorensen pp. 3885-3894 A precision method for laser focusing on laser beam induced current experiments J. A. Poce-Fatou, J. Martin, R. Alcantara, and C. Fernandez-Lorenzo pp. 3895-3900
Ion and electron beam assisted growth of nanometric SimOn structures for near- field microscopy E. J. Sanchez, J. T. Krug II, and X. S. Xie pp. 3901-3907 The secondary response distortion in transient absorption spectroscopy Jason A. Cline, Charles D. Jonah, and David M. Bartels pp. 3908-3915 In situ laser annealing system for real-time surface kinetic analysis Q. Wang, Y.-M. Sun, W. Zhao, J. Campagna, and J. M. White pp. 3916-3919
Evaluation of a high-speed signal-averager for sensitivity enhancement in radio frequency Fourier transform electron paramagnetic resonance imaging N. Devasahayam, R. Murugesan, K. Yamada, K. Reijnders, J. B. Mitchell, S. Subramanian, M. C. Krishna, and J. A. Cook pp. 3920-3925 Instrumentation for the analysis of respiratory system disorders during sleep: Design and application Pedro Lopes de Melo and Lucas Neves de Andrade Lemes pp. 3926-3932 A reflectance spectrofluorimeter for real-time spectral diagnosis of disease Markus G. Muller, Adam Wax, Irene Georgakoudi, Ramachandra R. Dasari, and Michael S. Feld pp. 3933-3937 Flow cell for in situ optical microscopy in water at high temperatures and pressures up to supercritical state Shigeru Deguchi and Kaoru Tsujii pp. 3938-3941
Induced current damping for the suspension system of a gravitational-wave detector K. Somiya, H. Tariq, O. Miyakawa, G. Heinzel, N. Mio, and S. Kawamura pp. 3942-3945 Will the level of seismic noise at Livingston Observatory interfere with the detection of gravity waves from binary inspirals? Anthony Rizzi pp. 3946-3956 Three-axis superconducting gravity gradiometer for sensitive gravity experiments M. Vol Moody, Ho Jung Paik, and Edgar R. Canavan pp. 3957-3974 A detection system for three-dimensional visualization of cosmic muons trajectories P. R. B. Marinho and A. F. Barbosa pp. 3975-3981 Solar and Heliospheric Observatory/Solar Ultraviolet Measurements of Estimated Radiation ultraviolet array detector distortion correction Thomas G. Moran pp. 3982-3987 Instrument for studies of homogeneous and heterogeneous ice nucleation in free- falling supercooled water droplets Stephen E. Wood, Marcia B. Baker, and Brian D. Swanson pp. 3988-3996
Microwave measurement of the permittivity for high dielectric constant materials using an extra-cavity evanescent waveguide Erhu Ni and Xing Jiang pp. 3997-4002 Cavities with axially uniform fields for use in electron paramagnetic resonance. III. Re-entrant geometries James S. Hyde, Richard R. Mett, and James R. Anderson pp. 4003-4009 Multiple channel superconducting quantum interference device controller using a digital signal processor B. Limketkai, J. Granger, M. Weilert, and Inseob Hahn pp. 4010-4013 The effect of electrical parameters on the simulated spark gap discharge current Hossein Golnabi pp. 4014-4021
High precision, fast ultrasonic thermometer based on measurement of the speed of sound in air K. N. Huang, C. F. Huang, Y. C. Li, and M. S. Young pp. 4022-4027
Figuring with subnanometer-level accuracy by numerically controlled elastic emission machining Kazuto Yamauchi, Hidekazu Mimura, Kouji Inagaki, and Yuzo Mori pp. 4028-4033

Vibration isolation with magnet springs Ezio Puppin and Vincenzo Fratello pp. 4034-4036 High pressure circulating pump John Van Doorn and Alan E. Mather pp. 4037-4039